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    Calculating pH and poH of acidic solutions

    Calculate the pH when 1 molar of HCl acid dissociates in water? In this question, most books solve it by taking the concentration of H as 1 molar and the PH will come out to be 0 and the POH is 14, but we know that water also ionizes itself giving out H+ and OH- So there isn't only 1 molar of H...
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    Weak Acids, Bases, and Salts, check my work.

    My work is in red, thanks very much! 1.) write an aqueous dissociation reaction for nitric acid HNO3 + HOH --> H3O+ + NO3- 2.) write an aqueous equilibrium equation for ammonium NH4+ + HOH <-- --> H3O+ + NH3 3.) Write the hydrolysis equilibrium equation for ammonium chloride NH4Cl + HOH -->...
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    acids and bases theory!

    Hi ive two questions regarding acids and bases, really would appreciate this! For a weak acid dissociation, eg CH3COOH reversible arrow H+ + CH3COO- aaccording to the stoichiometry of the equation, am I right to say that 1 mole of CH3COOH will dissociate to form 1 mole of H+ ions and 1 mole of...