1. L

    I need guidance

    Hi all, I want to know the difficulty level of the attached paper and the way to prepare for it. I completed graduation in Mathematics in 2015 and have a gap of more then 4 years because of jobs. Please help me in anyway if you can. Thanks a ton in advance. I'm attaching the...
  2. A

    Complex analysis

    Anyone please help me Find the first and second derivatives of the following function at point 2 + i . h(z)=(z^2-9)/(z^2+1)
  3. OOOVincentOOO

    Audio Analysis Divisor Function

    Hello, The divisor function can be written as a summation of repeating pulses with a frequency. It can be represented with the functions below: $$1) \space \sigma_{0}(x)=\sum_{\mathbb{X}=2}^{\infty} 2^{(-N)} \sum_{k=0}^{N} \binom{N}{k} e^{-i\left( \frac{\pi}{\mathbb{X}}kx \right)} $$ $$2)...
  4. B

    Analysis of Time Domain signal

    Hello guys, for the last 27 years I ran my own business collecting and analysing vibration data from production machinery. If you want to understand more, you could look at my website - just google efftek and steve ferry, that's me and my company. I am now (sort of) retired to Cyprus but when...
  5. D

    Real analysis rudin theorem 1.21

    In thorem 1.21 of Rudin He has said that as t=X/(X+1) then t^n<t<1 then maximum value of t is 1. then in the next part he has given that t^n<t<x. as maximum value of t is less than 1 why has he given that t<x ? X is a real number and 0<X and And n Is a integer n>0 .
  6. L

    Another task, Complex Analysis

    Guys, I need your help with another task that I could not solve. :unsure:
  7. M

    Fermat Last Theorem Diophantine Analysis

    Analysis using Diopphantine Equations Diophantine Equations are used to remove as many variables as possible and write the remaining unknowns in terms of the other unknowns. By analyzing the remaining terms as whole numbers, we can decided whether there are infinite number of solutions or zero...
  8. Z

    Principal Components Analysis Question

    Consider the following set of three-dimensional points D = {(0,2,1), (0,4,3), (1,4,5), (1,8,6), (1,8,10), (4,8,14), (5,9,13)} (a) Find the least squares estimate for z taken as a function of x and y. (b) Find the least squares estimate for x taken as a function of y and z. (c) Find the best fit...
  9. N

    Structure analysis.

    Hi all, Can someone shed some light on a cantilevers reaction force formula at a certain point? i.e. Overall length is 2.3m. Load is applied at 0.500m with a load of 43N. from the above I think I can then work out the reaction moment? Thank you.
  10. S

    Need help for some Numerical Analysis questions.

    I having two problems and I have no idea where to start. Question 1) Consider the two skew lines in $R^3$ given by: \[ r_1(s) = (2,0,0) + s(1,-1,1); \quad\text{and}\quad r_2(t) = (2,3,1) + t(1,-2,1) \] To find the pair of points on the linear which minimize the distance, setup and solve the...
  11. H

    Complex Analysis - Help needed

    pls I need help, I have problem in complex analysis. especially complex integration and complex differentiation.
  12. X

    Analysis II Exam - Doubts

    Hi everyone, sorry to post a question right after registration but I have been having difficulty with this problem. I hope someone could help me. I had these two questions in an exam and I still am not sure about the answers. First one: Calculate the mass of the solid with vertices (1,1,0)...
  13. S

    Real Analysis

    Do the closed set consists of points other than limit points? :confused: If yes, then what are the examples?
  14. R

    Math analysis

    Can someone please help? Iam Brazil
  15. A

    Post-hoc analysis

    Hi, I'm doing a study into the factors which cause dogs to develop noise phobias. One of my factors is the breed of dog. I have seven groups of dog breeds and have a number of dogs which do and do not have noise phobia for each of these seven groups. I carried out a chi squared test...
  16. idontknow

    Equation from analysis

    lim_{y\rightarrow x} \frac{\sin y}{y}=1 Find x=?
  17. A

    Functional analysis

    in a normed space V can any proper W subspace be an open in V?
  18. H

    Complex Analysis - Show F(z) is not continuous

    I need help with the attached question.
  19. S

    principle components analysis

    Hi everyone. We are using Principle components analysis to build an index or Beta based on multiple economic variables. To do this we times the Z score of each of those variables against the eigenvectors for each month and then take the then take the z score of this output. Why is z score...
  20. S

    Analysis question

    Sum of two numbers is 10, what are they if they have the maximum multiplication? [I know the answer, but I need the way to solve it.]