1. F

    Solve Interest Rate Increasing Annuity

    The following formula gives the initial payment for an increasing annuity (see: P=V * (r-g)/(1-((1+g)/(1+r))^n) I need help solving for r. Can anybody help? Thanks
  2. Monox D. I-Fly

    Ask About Annuity

    Mr. Budi borrows 2,000,000IDR which will be amortized with 10 annuities. The first annuity will be paid in 1 year with 10% per year interest. Make the installment plan! For the annuity I got A = M\times\frac1{\sum_{n=1}^p(1+i)^{-n}} = 2,000,000\times\frac1{\sum_{n=1}^{10}(1+0,1)^{-n}} =...
  3. D

    Li'l annuity escapade!

    Devised by yours truly, for your enjoyment! 12 annual payments of same amount are deposited (at year-end) in an account, resulting in $30,000 at end of 12th year. 4 different annual interest rates are used, as following: years 1 to 3: 6% years 4 to 6: 8% years 7 to 9: 10% years 10 to...
  4. D

    Short Annuity

    Abe opens a savings account, which generously pays interest of 1% monthly. Abe makes 12 monthly deposits, the first being d dollars; these increase by 10% monthly, i.e. the 2nd deposit being 1.10d, the 12th being (1.10^11)d. During the following year, beginning 1 month after his last...
  5. A

    Present Value Annuity Problem

    Please could someone help me on this one? Consider an annuity with maturity after 8 years that is continuous with semestral density a=50 euros in the first 2 years and discrete with annual payments of 100 euros in the following period. Compute the present value of the annuity. (compound...
  6. Y

    Double annuity

    Hi! I have this problem: A car is purchased by 12 million by paying 48 monthly fee due to x each quarterly fee due and 400 000 each for four years. If a rate of 44 % annual effective, determine the value of x . Answer is $353 137.09 Usually, in problems I've seen, annuity is...
  7. S

    Annuity, calculate N

    Leased equipment valued at 23000, the terms of the lease require 1800/month. If the first payment is due in nine months after the lease was signed and interest is 11% compounded monthly, what is the term? The answer is 13.61927598. PY = 12 and according to the book is one year and 3 months. I...
  8. F


    i have a qs regarding annuity? a bank offers a car loan for car above Rs.3000000 tax free.a man likes a car worth 110% more than the lower limit.he keep some of the money in the bank and lease the car from the bank using the left over money.he keeps 70% in the bank,gives the car initial payment...
  9. K

    Finance mathematic&engineering -annuity question

    Hello, I need your help.. Thank you Present values amounts are equal of 2 infinite series. The payments are "end of period annuites". First serie: the payments are 100 USD for the first 2 years, for the the following two years are 200 USD, for the following 2 years are 300 USD, and it continues...
  10. B

    Increasing Annuity

    Hi!! I need help with these textbook problems... 1. Kirsten sets up an investment plan based on variable interest rates with her bank. She contributes $50 every month for 10 years. Interest rates are compounded monthly. During the first 4 years the bank pays 4% interest per annum, while for the...
  11. F

    How to find the amount of the ordinary annuity

    Find the amount of the ordinary annuity based on the information given. R=12,000, 5% interest compounded semi-annually for 6 years. -------- R= 12,000 n= 2*6 = 12 i= 0.025 s= 12,000[(1+0.025)^(12*1)/0.025] The answer, s= 165,547. How did we get that answer, please explain how do i calculate...
  12. B

    Annuity loan

    Hello, I've to make the following function: Find the monthly payment for a 30-year loan of $30.000 with an annual interest rate of 5,5%. The function should start with: Function monthlypayment = annuity (presentvalue, annual interest, years) Keep those the following things in mind: - the...
  13. U

    Compound interest and annuity

    Mr. Paul borrows Rs. 20000 on condition to repay it with C.I. at 5% p.a in annual installments of Rs. 2000 each. The number of years for the debt to be paid off is?
  14. P

    increasing/decreasing annuity

    I have a minor question...When would I use increasing annuity and when would i use decreasing annuity? are there particular questions where i use each one? I have tried searching google but I had no luck. Just looking for a simple explanation. Thanks!!
  15. B

    Value of an annuity in any given month

    I have an annuity where $2,000 is being invested at the beginning of every year for 20 years and the interest is compounded monthly. I want to find out for any given month what the balance of the annuity is. Is there a formula that will allow this? Example: I invest $2,000 at the start of every...
  16. D

    Increasing annuity question

    I am doing practice problems and for some reason don't seem to get the correct final answer. If anyone could help me see my mistake , I would really appreciate it! so the questions is: Kristen sets up an investment plan based on variable interest rates with her bank. She contributes 50$ every...
  17. S

    Annuity and serial loan, capable to pay for it after n years

    Hi there! I'm preparing myself for my examination and have a case I'm pretty sure will be given at it - but we don't have a specific formula for this case, and we are five guys trying to find a simpler way to solve this. Let's assume that you take a loan, 50.000 USD, which you are to pay yearly...
  18. J

    Annuity question with odd withdrawal period.

    Hi guys, I'm working through an annuity problem for one of my classes and am having an extremely difficult time formulating an equation to represent the accumulation in this scenario. Starting January 1, 2011 you deposit 100 into an accounter earning 10% nominal annual interest with interest...
  19. I

    Annuity problem! I'm having a little trouble filling in these blanks... I figured out the first half but not the second. Help anyone? :cry: (Images are large, so I've posted the...
  20. D

    increasing annuity

    I usually have an idea what a question is asking but this one I don't even understand it... So first of all, anyone know what it's asking? Second, how do we approach it?