1. J

    Arcs Doubt in a circle.

    Greetings, I'm having a discussion with my teacher, where we got to apply the theorems of the angle inscribed in the circumference. I don't know whether it's true that the following arc PE is equally to angle A, since we got the inscribed theorem where it should be the double of the angle A...
  2. Chemist116

    How can I relate the arc length to the acceleration of an object with rotation?

    The problem is as follows: A spheric strawberry candy is spinning inside a centrifuge in a confectionery. Find the magnitude of the acceleration in $\frac{m}{s^{2}}$ of the candy after $4\,s$ from the beginning of its rotation. It is known that the arc length follows the function $s(t)=1+t^3$...
  3. R

    Finding the route with the help of arc and total

    Hi! I have a car-network and by using PCPP I have gotten the number of times a road is crossed and the total cost of the optimal route. What is the easiest way to find the optimal route?
  4. D

    Finding Chord length given arc length and arc height?

    I'm not sure this is possible but I'm in the process of building a tent and am trying to get two curved surfaces to meet. How can I find the length of a Chord of a circle if I have the Arc length and Arc height? I'm not sure this is possible without the radius but maybe there is...
  5. S

    Need to calculate the length of an arc

    Hello, Need to make an arc that is 16' wide at the base, and rises 12" in the centre. It'll be a perfectly curved arc. I need to know what the length of the beam for the arc should be. I looked up formulas online, but they all want the degree of the arc, but I won't have that until I build...
  6. L

    How to translate survey curve information

    I am trying to take the curve information on a survey map, and translate it to information that can then be used in a C# program (if need be, I will take a C\C++ example). I can post the information images here if need be, but here is what I originally...
  7. V

    Extending arc

    Hi I have attached a jpeg to illustrate what I'm looking for. I need a equation to calculate the endpoint of an arc if it is extended past a given point by a given distance. Side(a) Side(b) and Side(c) are known In the example the given distance will be .06 along the arc...
  8. N

    Can anyone help me with a problem I'm having working out an arc

    Hi I'm having problems drawing an arc of drawn a bit of a basic sketch if worked out I need my arc to have a rad of 5646mm but can anyone tell me what the height of line A will be and even shown me a formula please David
  9. R

    Flattened Dimension of an Arc Segment?

    Hello, I am a graphic designer and have a problem. I am designing digitally printed artwork that will be applied to a panel that is already radiused. I need to create an equal border all around, but can not figure this out until I know the what the larger, flat dimension of the radiused panel...
  10. F

    Arc Length of Parametric curve

    x=t^2 , y=(1/3)t^3 I took both of the derivatives and plugged them into the arc length formula. The integral goes from 0 to 1. Under the square root i had 4t^2 +t^4. I tried factoring, but that didnt make the integral any easier. Im stuck on solving this integral.
  11. R

    Finding Radius of an arc given sections of diameter

    Hello I have colleagues sending me data 4-6 times a day and I'm trying to determine if there is a simpler method than the one I've been using (drawing in autocad and dimensioning the drawing) or mathematical formula possibly. It's been a long long time since I was in a math class, figured I'd...
  12. V

    Finding arc length

    I want to find the length of an arc with the following data: XYZ coordinates of start point XYZ coordinates of center point of the arc XYZ coordinates of end point arc direction Radius I can find the chord but there is 2 possible arcs with these values The arc is on a plane (XY,XZ,YZ) but...
  13. N

    Help needed with calculations on an arc

    Hey I know this is most probably a simple answer, I know the basics when it come to arc formulas but is it possible to calculate the height of an arc say for example the height 1/3 across the bass line then 90 degree's upto the arc if so how do you do it?
  14. M

    Arc length of parametric curve

    I have been given a parametric curve and want to find the length of the curve when 1<t<4 I want to differentiate each component, take the cube of these, then the square root and take the integral within the boundaries. I get it wrong inside the square root I get \sqrt{(8t+4t^2+1)/4t} edit...
  15. L

    Unit circle with subtended arc (line) of one radian

    Consider a radian arc on a unit circle. What is the length of the straight line joining its ends?
  16. H

    Arc length of a curve Integral Calculus

    -------------------b Arc length = Integral sign ---------ds -------------------a Rectangular -------------------square root ds = -------------1 + dy squared -------------------divide ------------dx -------------------dx What does the d stand for...
  17. X

    find arc length

    how to integrate the integral that I gt ? I'm asked to find the arc length of the curve
  18. X

    arc length

    i want to find the arc length of x= (y^4)/8 + 0.25/y^2 , the ans given is 0.609,but i gt 5/6
  19. S

    point on arc

    I have a centre point X from which an arc is drawn. With radius 1.09. I then have point A which is at the center point of the arc. The point (B) on the arc of the circle is at 65 degrees to point A. I now need to calculate the h and y distance of point B from center point X. Can anyone please...
  20. M

    Arc Length given Chord Length & Height

    I got a formula for arc length from this page s = Arcsin(c / (h + c^2 / 4h)) X (h + c^2 / 4h) given c = 163' & h = 7' I do s = Arcsin (163 / (7 + 163^2 / 4 X 7)) X (7 + 163^2 / 4 X 7) s = Arcsin (163 / 955.89) X (955.89) s = Arcsin...