1. tahirimanov19


    Hello people. I need all none-negative integers $(a_1,a_2,b_1,b_2)$ where $$a_1+a_2=b_1+b_2 \; \\ \\ \\ a_1a_2 =b_1b_2 \; $$ $a_i \ne b_j, \; \; i,j=1,2$
  2. S

    Help with fencing question... ASAP

    This question from my assignment is giving me some trouble. I feel like I'm really close but my end results still end up screwed up. If anyone can help me solve this so I can hand it in tomorrow afternoon I'd definitely appreciate it :)! A farmer has 120m of fencing and plans to use it to...
  3. M

    in need of a formula asap

    Hi, I am for all intents and purposes New here, I have an issue where I am designing and making a full scale guillotine prop. My question is taking gravity as the driving force of one object in motion, how far from a dead switch would the second moveable object have to be to fall at the same...
  4. M

    Graph help needed ASAP

    Hello people, I need your help as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to everyone engaged in my math problem: We have an end undirected graph (not infinite) and every vertex in that graph has odd degree. Prove that every edge is in even number Hamiltonian cycles (including 0).
  5. S

    Math help ASAP

    I have been having trouble with htis problem for a while, nad my teacher won't give me any feedback on the problem. This is a huge part of my grade so it is important, and I wondering if I could receive help? Here is the problem: Imagine that you live on an infinitely long and straight street...
  6. NiiNjAPanda

    HELP! ASAP!! A rally car in cross country race is travelling at night.

    A rally car in cross country race is travelling, at night, along a section of the track that is in the shape of a parabola. The function can be modelled by y = ax^2, where a = 0.14. The car starts at a point 100m west and 100m north of the apex of the corner; it travels in an easterly...
  7. K

    Need Help ASAP

    Hey guys, I have tried doing this question, but simply cannot do it. If I can get help, it would be awesome. question 1: The following table summarizes the calculation of the slope of a series of secants of the function y = Æ’(x). Write an expression that can be used to generalize the...
  8. L

    algebra 2 questions! Need help ASAP!

    1. Explain why we can have a converging infinite series when 0 < r < 1. Hint: Use "sum of a finite geometric series" as a basis for your explanation...
  9. N

    Trig Identities (ASAP)

    Question: Starting with sin$^2$x + cos$^2$x = 1 and using your knowledge of the quotient and reciprocal identities, derive an equivalent identity in term of cot x and csc x. (show all work) Thank you very much!
  10. J

    Hey, I need help on this, I'm lost. Please take a look if you can help. Thanks. :)

    Hey I am stuck on some math problems. I am reviewing for a math exam I'm taking in a couple of months. If you could show the steps and explain how you got to the answer, I would appreciate it so I can learn to tackle these problems in the future. Thanks.
  11. N

    Java hw asap

    Hi, I would really appreciate if someone could help me with my homework. I need the answers ASAP. Q) Write declarations for storing the following quantities. Choose between integers and a floating-point numbers. Declare constant when appropriate. a) the number of days per week b) the...
  12. S

    Plz help asap need help now (function transformations)

    What happens to the points (12, -6) in the functions: Y=√f(x) + 2 (f and (x) are both square rooted) y=-1/3f(3(x+2))-4?
  13. B

    NEED HELP ASAP (integrals)

    I have no clue what to do I dont even understand what to do with the 7 ??
  14. A

    How to solve this math question?Reply asap

    How to solve this math question about circles?
  15. A

    My example. Need help cuz having dispute with friends ASAP.

    So here is my example. In some class we have four students: Jack, Charly and two Annas. One of them stole the candy. We tell what happen to some stranger and that there are two Annas, and one out of 4 students is a thief. He has to say a random name out of three names. So here's the question...
  16. S

    Need help with homework ASAP

    I have some problems from Assignment 5-8 but mostly partial questions I can't figure out how to do except Assignment 7, that I completely have no idea how to do. My answers are handwritten, so I will try to type out parts I have done.
  17. U

    I really need help with this question ASAP

    Please i need this ASAP
  18. N

    Need help asap

    A(0,0) B(0,5) C(4,0) D(-5,5) E(-5,0) F(4,-4) G(0,-4). I have to find the point of intersection, which is H. After, I have to prove that AH is perpendicular to BC. My teacher said I have to use the elimination method. Thanks. I am unable to draw the figure here, but I'll give you the points. I...
  19. Z

    Need help asap!

    Hey guys! I'm having trouble with the question is listed below. Any help would be appreciated. 4x^3-144x^2-1280x=2016, what's the correct value for x?
  20. S

    help (number of planks needed to build a fence)

    Andy mann is building a garden fence out of planks. The planks are 15cm wide to the nearest cm. He needs to make 70m of fencing altogether, correct to the nearest metre. How many planks does he need to order to make sure he has enough to complete the fence?