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    Differential equation assignment

    Problem 2: Consider the following Initial Value Problem (IVP) where (𝑡) is the dependent function: 𝑦 ′ = 𝑦 − 𝑦 2 + 1.14 cos(𝑒 𝑡/2 ) with 𝑦(0) = 𝑦0 and 𝑡 ≥ 0 Approximate the solution to the IVP using the RK4 method with the following conditions: Initial...
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    Vector assignment

    I'm pretty sure this example is easy to do, but I'm not that good with vectors. You were given square ABCD with side a = 3cm. Point S is center of diagonals. You need to find vectors AD, CA and BS.
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    Assignment due tomorrow please help with solutions

    A ladder AB, which is set up with B on the horizontal ground and A against a vertical wall, makes an angle of 71° with the ground. It is prevented from slipping by a tight rope PQ of length 1.68 meters, fixed at P to the foot of the wall and at Q to the ladder, |AB|. Calculate, in centimetres...
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    How Can You Get Affordable Online Assignment Help?

    Getting Online Assignment Help these days is a tough task. With so many academic help businesses trying to lure customers in, telling apart the good from the bad is relatively hard. How then can you get good academic help services? Crazy For Study! Being one of the best academic help services...
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    Help with assignment

    Can anyone help with these assignment questions? I don’t know where to start and need a push in the right direction.
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    **Need Help for this Assignment**

    Hello Sir/Madam, I have been given this question as an assignment to complete and have no clue on how to complete this question at all. Please try help as it's due in tomorrow so much help as possible will be greatly appreciated. :( I have attached the assignment question with this post...
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    I've got solved assignment, but don't understand something

    Assignment says: For which k is equation (k-2)x²+2(k-2)x+2=0 doesn't have real solutions? Solution: D<0 D=(2(k-2))²-4*2(k-2) =4(k²-4k+4)-8(k-2) =4k²-16k+16-8k+16 =4k²-24k+32<0 /:4 =k²-6k+8 k1,2= 6±√4 / 2 k1 = 4 and k2 = 2 and solution is that k∈[2,4) Now I don't...
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    Help Me Kin Assignment

    I need help with question 3...I have no idea how to solve it..
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    A 15 year old's math assignment has me stumped... any help?

    Hi All my kid wants my help here, but I am stumped too.:cold: The function(pl. see image) given has p & q as variables. - the graph has the horizontal asymptote line y = -3 -the graph intersects at (-1,5) find P and q. Thanks in advance !
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    10 year olds math assignment challenge!

    The task: Using all the digits of the year 1492 only once and in the exact order that they appear in the year 1492, construct all numbers from 1 to 100! You can use any of the following operations: square root, factorials, exponents, decimals, parentheses, negative numbers, addition...
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    Help me guys. I have this assignment that I can't solve and it's going to be in my...

    Solve the system: (1 + i)x + (2 - i)y = 2 + 3i 2x + (i - 2i)y = 3 + 2i THANK YOU in advance :o
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    A 10 year old's math assignment has me stumped... any help?

    The task: Using the digits of the year 1492 once and in the order that they appear in the year, and any of the following operations: square root, factorials, exponents, decimals, parentheses, negative numbers, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, construct all numbers from 1 to 100...
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    Room Assignment

    Problem: A hotel has 5 single rooms, for which 6 men and 3 women apply. What is the probability that the rooms will be rented to 3 men and 2 women, assuming that each applicant has an equal chance of getting a room? I know the solution which is: [(# of ways men can be selected) × (# of ways...
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    Help with an assignment

    I need to solve 13 exercises. This is my first assignment, so it's not too hard. Here are few that I need help with, I hope some of you guys can solve these: Any help will do.
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    Problem with Differential eq. assignment

    3000 ppm (0.3%). Each student produces (and breathes out) 1/4 liter carbon dioxide each/minute, When the ventilation is on replace it every minute, 30 m³ of air in the room with fresh air - with 0.03% carbon dioxide. a) Make a model over how the amount carbon dioxide in the room vary with...
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    kindly help for my assignment

    Q1. (a) The formula C=23.95d+0.15(m-780) is used to compute the cost of renting a car. Compute the value of C when d=7 and m=956. (b) The formula A=P (1+r/n) r is used in investment computation. Compute the value of A when P=8000, r=0.08, n=4, and t=15. Q2. Show that the following...
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    Trig Identities Assignment

    Hey guys! I got these questions for homework and they're stressing me out. 1. sinx*tanx=secx-cosx 2. [(tanx)+(tany)]/[(cotx)+(coty)]=tanx*tany 3. cos(x+y)*cosy+sin(x+y)*siny=cosx 4. [csc(pi-x)*cos(-x)]/[sec(pi+x)*cos(pi/2+x)]= cot^2(x) 5. [1-cos2x+sin2x]/[1+cos2x+sin2x]= tanx * When solving...
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    Economics Assignment

    This is a 15-credit first year module intended primarily for those studying for a degree in Economics. Aims and Objectives: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to rigorous statistical data analysis and to lay foundations for further study. On successful completion of this...
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    Assignment help for new member

    I am new here and I have been here as part of my assignment work. I have an essay assignment to write on mathematics. While searching for the information I got this forum. So I though it would be helpful to pst here to get more information. Not much time is there for me. So I also been searching...
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    Polynomial Help please ... for assignment. TOMORROW!!A

    Hi there, I am having trouble with questions 12 and 13 of the image I uploaded. I have tried it numerous times and can't get the correct answer. Can anyone pease help me with it. Thanks, David