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    How to solve this BODMAS question

    Hello, (45% of 770 + 36% of 550) divide 1.5? i have done like this Bracket 0.45*770 + 0.36*550 /1.5 ,,,,,, not reaching to correct option 1. 326 2. 217 3. 363 4. 108 5 none of these
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    Hi, I fully understand the order of BODMAS - It's the order of operations in maths equations. So lately this little puzzle/riddle has been going around on social media - Solve carefully - 9GAG . I understand that it's a play on grammar because they actually mean 5! as in the factorial...
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    BODMAS question

    In the rule of BODMAS we have the DM rule now which should I do first... is it Division or Multiplication? Is it a "which comes first from the problem" starting on left?
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    BODMAS Rule application

    Today I want to share what Is BODMAS Rule & How to use it? BODMAS rule decides the order of operations for add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc as below shown B-Brackets (do all operations contained in the brackets first) O-Orders (powers and square roots etc) D-Division...