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    Calculation of electric flux through a face of a cube.

    A charge q sits at the back corner of a cube, as shown in the attachment. What is the flux of \mathbf{E} through the yellow shaded side? The way I thought fro proceeding was that should take differential area element d\mathbf{A} in the yellow face, now the direction of this element will...
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    Calculation of Fourier Transform Derivative d/dw (F{x(t)})=d/dw(X(w))

    Hello to my Math Fellows, Problem: I am looking for a way to calculate w-derivative of Fourier transform, d/dw (F{x(t)}), in terms of regular Fourier transform, X(w)=F{x(t)}. Definition Based Solution (not good enough): from I can find that w-derivative of Fourier transform for x(t) is...
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    A calculation

    Hello all, Calculate [\cos{(x^2)}+i\sin{(x^2)}]^x. All the best, Integrator
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    Combinatorial calculation

    I posted this question in the wrong section, so I post it again here, sorry guys! I'm trying to solve a combinatorial problem, more precisely I have the following data: 1) the Italian car number plates are given starting from 1993 in succession according to this criterion, the first plate...
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    A calculation

    Hello all, Calculate |x^i|+|i^x| where x\in \mathbb R and i^2=-1. All the best, Integrator
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    Help me to solve a calculation

    Hello, I need help to solve this calculation. 2 people have a company together. The total revenue is 6250, which should be divided between them. So we need to figure out how much profit both parties have after each of their costs is deducted. However, they both have different costs...
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    Limit Calculation

    Hi, I am trying to solve the following limit \lim_{x\to\infty}\cos\left(\!\frac{\pi\sqrt{x^4 + 7}}{6x^2 + 5}\right) Any help is welcome!!
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    A vectorial calculation

    Hello all, Knowing \overrightarrow{z}=\overrightarrow{x}+ \overrightarrow{y} to calculate \overrightarrow{z}^n where the three vectors are not collinear , n\in \mathbb N and n\geq 2 . All the best, Integrator
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    Calculation for Geothermometer

    I am currently trying to work out a formula for a Sphalerite Geothermometer. The formula is attached as an image. The resulting number from that formula then goes into the formula: T(°C) = −(54.4 ± 7.3) × PC 1* + (208 ± 10) I was just wondering how i could type the first equation...
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    Is this calculation correct (Double Integration)?

    w = \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}} \int_{x_{1}}^{x_{2}} [-m \cdot g + T \cdot \frac{-x + (h - y)}{h}] \cdot dxdy = \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}} \int_{x_{1}}^{x_{2}}-m \cdot g \cdot dxdy + \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}} \int_{x_{1}}^{x_{2}} T \cdot \frac{-x + (h - y)}{h} \cdot dxdy = -m \cdot g \cdot \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}}...
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    Wood roofing calculation

    What could be the calculation of roofing building with wood as follows Width is 34 feets Length is 55 feets The side gutter is 4fts width by 16fts length The front gutter is 7fts width by 16 fts length The key post is 12 feets height Thank you
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    what is this calculation?

    hello what is this No. of ICTs x MVA capacity example 1*315 + 1*240 2*160
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    % Calculation

    Amsterdam Hedge Fund invests \$3 trillion and gets \$750 billion in return in the first year. If Amsterdam Hedge Fund can maintain that performance (Return on Investment), how much return (dollar value) will they get during the five years after they invest \$5 trillion? Assume that the rate of...
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    Complex volume calculation.

    Sorry for the massive amount of text, but I've never seen anything quite like this before in 12 years of construction. I work as a residential contractor, and currently have a project building an addition on a house for a hot tub. The homeowner insisted on doing the concrete pad himself...
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    Pi calculation by using Machin's formula for dummy.

    Hi Friends, first of all I do apologize for my questions, but PI number calculations is beyond of my brain's possibilities. I should start from explanation of the roots of my question: - I'm writing small application(well to be honest I'm even not writing it but just copy&paste code and...
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    Uncertainity Calculation

    Hi everyone.. What is the relative error/uncertainity of B ? B = (1-x)*A Where: x is a percentage (i.e ranged from 0 to 1)
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    Ellipsoid problem...c axis calculation

    Hi all, i'm new on this forum. First of all sorry for my written english. I'm a PhD student in Earth Science and i need help with a geometry problem. I'm trying to determine the c axis of some ellipsoid-shape objects. With the microscope I've measured the two axis in the xy plane and...
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    Complex Numbers Calculation Help!!!

    Can you tell me what I did wrong? I really can't find the mistake! Here is my problem Also if you can't see it Ohms * Amperts = Volts The result should be: 144,3kv * angle(4,93)
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    Missing Side Calculation

    I'm trying to find the lengths of A and B in the photo. Any help?
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    TI-84 calculator VS. hand calculation: why different answers to same problem?

    If you have a TI-84 model calculator, then maybe you can figure out or explain what is causing the difference in answer when solving it by hand VS. calculator. I am finding the standard deviation of five numbers: 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 The mean of these five numbers is (120/5) = 24 Using the...