1. P

    challenge for the physics community

    I have yet to see a valid picture of warped spacetime; left to right, top to bottom, back to front, before and after; uniformly distributed toward the earth. Then explain in layman's terms how you achieve an orbit with that.
  2. N

    Math Challenge

    How do you add up 27 and 48 in your head? My method 20 + 40=60, 60 +7=67, 67+8=75. What is your method?
  3. S

    The Excel Circle Challenge

    The following formula solution request will be used within a High School students Math class challenge problem. The general problem is to create one formula that combines the Unit-Circle (radius = 1) equation (x^2+y^2 = 1) and the Slope Intercept equation for a line segment (y = mx+b)...
  4. N

    Help with a tough math question for calculus - are you up for the challenge?

    Mike needs help for his anxiety. His doctor gives him an RX is for Xanax (please don't lecture on me on safety, I am already aware. PLEASE don't say I need help or mock me, I have heard it all and it's not for me, its for a friend/family member ). The scenario/question is: " Mike received a...
  5. greg1313

    Challenge: integral

    Challenge: $$\int\frac{x-1}{x+x^2\log(x)}\,dx$$
  6. L

    Trig ratio challenge

    Kindly assist with this trig equation challenge: Given that √5 tanA=-2 and CosB=8/17 in ∆ABC State why we may assume that angle C is acute and determine the value of Sin C Attempt made: tanA=-2/√5 CosB=8/17 A is obtuse angle of 138° or reflex angle 318.19° B is an acute...
  7. M

    Math Challenge

    Hey y’all, See if you can solve this problem: Find all $(a,b)$ of positive integers such that $a^3 - 6b^2 =2018$ and $b^3 - 6a^2 = 155$ hold simultaneously. Also don’t just post an answer, justify them with solutions.
  8. A

    Oh Boy, A Crazy Challenge to Cantor's Argument

    Let g(1) = 0 and g(0) = 1. For any infinite binary string $x = x_1x_2x_3\dots$, let $f( \,x) \, = g(x_1)g(x_2)g(x_3)\dots$. If for each element $x$ of a countable set $X$ of infinite binary strings, $f( \,x) \,$ is also in $X$, then let $X$ be considered ‘balanced.’ Let V be a...
  9. S

    Challenge: Open problems

    I have a challange: write as much as you can open problems, if it possible by cronological time. Let me see who is faster and smarter[smarter=I supposed]... So let go
  10. M

    10 year olds math assignment challenge!

    The task: Using all the digits of the year 1492 only once and in the exact order that they appear in the year 1492, construct all numbers from 1 to 100! You can use any of the following operations: square root, factorials, exponents, decimals, parentheses, negative numbers, addition...
  11. Z

    Spherical Challenge....

    An object occupies the region in the first octant bounded by the cones \phi = \frac { \pi }{4} and \phi = arctan 2 , and the sphere \rho = \sqrt {6} , and has density proportional to the distance from the origin. Find the mass. is the following correct? \int_{0}^{ \frac { \pi } {2} }...
  12. greg1313

    Geometry Challenge

    Prove that the three altitudes of a triangle intersect at a single point.
  13. greg1313

    Trigonometric Product Challenge

    Prove for $m=2,3,...$ $$\sin\frac{\pi}{m}\sin\frac{2\pi}{m}\sin\frac{3 \pi}{m}\cdots\,\sin\frac{(m-1)\pi}{m}=\frac{m}{2^{m-1}}$$
  14. R

    Is this formula even possible? Challenge

    Hi, I have spent quite some time trying to work out whether there is a formula based on results I already have. It is based on the 2 variables, the Rank (R) and the Number (N) to calculate the Value (V). The results I have are as follows: R N =V 1 2 =2 2 2 =1 1 3 =3 2 3 =2 3 3 =1 1 4 =4 2...
  15. M

    Challenge question - Use integral calculus.

    . This was posted under "Arithmetic." Use integral calculus. What is $\lfloor x \rfloor$ if $$x=\frac1{\sqrt2} \ + \ \sqrt1 \ + \ \frac1{\sqrt4} \ + \ \sqrt3 \ + \ \ldots \ + \ \frac1{\sqrt{2016}} \ + \ \sqrt{2015} \ ?$$
  16. R

    Academic Guidance facing a challenge to find good place at Scotland

    A very good morning to you, How you are doing? This is me, rsoy. I am about to leave Oman heading to Scotland. I am facing a challenge to find good place to stay in and be close to the university. I want a small flat of one bed to stay in during my study. I checked online but either they are...
  17. M

    Indeterminate Form 0^(0) CHALLENGE PROBLEM

    I need to find an example of a limit that starts in the indeterminate form 0^0 and then after L'Hopital's Rule, it reduces to anything other than the value of 1. I've been trying for hours now and can't find anything of this form that doesn't reduce to 1. Either I can't see outside the box or it...
  18. S

    Challenge Question

    This question is hard. Beginner can walk away:ninja: I doubt anyone can solve this Show that if |x-a|<1 and p(x)=c0+c1x+...+cnx^n is a polynomial of degree n then |p(x)|<=C(n+1)(|a|+1)^n where C=max({|c0|,|c1|,..., |cn|})
  19. A

    Puzzle Challenge. I really really need the answer of this. Please help

    In the market, each item has a cost that can be expressed as a positive integer in euros. Trousers are more expensive than Shirts. Thomas buys one pair of trousers and one shirt. He notices that to write both prices, he needs to use 4 distinct digits. Sadly, upon paying, the cashier makes a...
  20. M

    Clues for Geometric Puzzle Challenge

    Please let me know if anyone is trying to solve the Geometric puzzle challenge. Let me know if you want a clue. At some point I do want to give the answer if no one can solve this puzzle due to the answers amazing mathematical correlations. Please let me know what you have tried. This is a...