1. L

    Close powers of integers

    Do there exist powers of integer pairs, both greater than three, whose differences are greater than two and singly sequential? For differences zero to two: 1^N-1^N=0...3^2-2^3=1...3^3-5^2=2... ?
  2. H

    Can you close your own threads?

    Can you close your own threads? so no further discussions go on?
  3. S

    How close are we to full immersion/deep dive VR?

    Will it happen within our lifetime (in 30-70 years)? By using Elon Musk's Neuralink (Neural Lace 2039???) ,NerveGear, exo-skeletons, Haptic suits maybe? And if we were to achieve this, would anyone still want to live in the real world apart from people who are maintaining the system and...
  4. P


    Echo - Reflection of sound. Do you feel echo will be always more in a closed area than a open area? Examples : Open Area - Valley. Closed Area - Well. Can we deduce laws of echo ? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  5. E

    How Close To The Normal Distribution Is My Data?

    I have 351 numbers. About half are on each side of the mean. 169 are higher than the mean and 182 are lower than the mean. Here is how my data compares to the normal distribution in terms of what percent of the numbers are within 0.5, 1, and 2 standard deviations of the mean: Within 0.5...
  6. I

    Close loop Bézier

    Is this article saying that all I need to do to close my curve is overlap 3 of the nodes? B-spline Curves: Closed Curves This is the code I am writing for a random Bézier curve. I want to loop my curve in 3Dimensions. I just need to understand the math to loop...
  7. M

    Closed form formula required

    Is there a closed form formula for calculating the number of partially ordered sets of integers that sum up to N? Let N be 10, then the question is in how many ways can this number be reached, given that if one starts with 3 the numbers in the ordered set cannot be larger than 3. so 3+3+3+1...
  8. T

    Connectedness - Relatively Close

    I don't understand why is it that since [0, 1] = (-1/2, 3/2) ∩ A, [0, 1] is a relatively open subset of A. Isn't it that the intersection of (-1/2, 3/2) and A is again [0, 1] is a closed subset of A? Wonder if someone could help point that out to me. Thank you!!
  9. W

    for all x close to c

    What is the precise mathematical meaning of the phrase "for all x close to c"? Does it mean that for all x that satisfy the inequality |x-c|<\epsilon, where \epsilon is a small positive number? This phrase is not only used in the informal definition of limit but also used in the definition of...
  10. B

    I bet not even one of you can get even close to solving this problem. Will you try?

    The problem refers to "only" the mathematical context of the situation and nothing else whatsoever. Here's the mathematical problem: Part 1: Statistically, a computer generated single coin toss gives a 50% chance of heads and a 50% chance of tails. Over 20,000 tosses the 50% statistics remain...
  11. P

    'Close to' and 'Near' - synonyms of position?

    In the UK revised National Curriculum there are global references to 'near' and 'close' as separate positional vocabulary to be taught; yet, there is no substantiating info or contextual examples provided. What do members think: are these synonyms or is there a subtle difference in meaning...
  12. C

    (2+sqrt(3))^50 close to being an integer

    Q:Explain this phenomenon by finding a sequence of integers a_i, defined by a recursion relation similar to the Fibonacci sequence, such that a_n = (2 + √ 3)^n + (2 −√3)^n. Make sure to explain why constructing such a sequence proves (2 + √3)^50 is close to an integer, though you...
  13. F

    Why X/Y=Exp(2(X-Y)/(X+Y)) almost holds for X close to Y?

    I stumbled upon this formula when I was trying to create a mathematical programming model. It seems that for positive values of X and Y, the following equation almost holds: X/Y=Exp(2(X-Y)/(X+Y)) This is a very useful formulation. Note that it is making a simple relationship between...
  14. N

    Calculate number farmers "close" to make a profit

    I have a math question that I am struggling with: Background: In my model, I have 50 farmers who plant and sell cotton. Each farmer while running their farm have costs (operations, debt, labor etc...​) and they generate revenues from selling cotton. All farmers have different land size...
  15. M

    Stock Close Price Relationship to High or Low of the day

    Hi and Thanks! I need to accurately gauge how close the closing price of the day was to the low of the day in one formula. How close the closing price is to the High of the day in a second formula. I am only looking for and counting those instances where the close is very close to one of...
  16. X

    (0,1)^c open close quesiton

    (0,1)^c is open or close question ? ================================= this is my work if you want to fix something please do (0,1)^c = (-inf,0] U [1,inf) this is not open because if you choose 0 point neighbor of 0 is not an interior and (0,1) is open so its closed so i guess its not...
  17. S

    Got close, then got stuck.

    \lim_{t\to\0}\frac{1}{t\sqrt{1+t}} - \frac{1}{t} I got the common denominator & got 1 - \sqrt{1+t} / t\sqrt{1 + t. And now I'm lost because plugging in a 0 won't do anything for me, would still be indeterminate & i can't factor anything out. Multiply by the conjuagte? Idk what to do.
  18. T

    open and close set

    if the union of open and close set is open? And the intesection is closed? How?
  19. zaidalyafey

    Close form interpretation of a series

    Can we find a function F(x) such that ? F(x)=\sum^{\infty}_{n=2}x^{n^2-2n}\text{ where : }0<|x|<1
  20. A

    Please find an integer most close to S

    S=\sum_{a=10}^{2021}\sqrt{1+\frac{1}{a^2}+\frac{1}{(a+1)^2} please find an integer most close to the value of S Ans:2012 :o