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    challenge for the physics community

    I have yet to see a valid picture of warped spacetime; left to right, top to bottom, back to front, before and after; uniformly distributed toward the earth. Then explain in layman's terms how you achieve an orbit with that.
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    Just got back into Community College math. I'm in MTE 2 now. Help where I can study

    I really struggle with math and wanted a leg up to pass MTE-2. MTE-2 Operations with Positive Decimals and Percents Is there a recommendation or site I should focus on to learn how to ace the upcoming class? One of my friends explained it deals with MTE 1- Operations with Positive...
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    Hello My Math Forum community!

    Hello everybody, I already have been in this community couple of years ago, asking questions about number theory :) I am very glad to be back here. Currently I am into physics. I am learning new stuff and having fun asking/answering questions on Q&A websites and forums. Also I write physics...
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    Sheaf Theory vs Human Memory. Community Participation!

    Hello Physics Forum, The following is my research on sheaves and human memory. It is based on essay by Lovering. I have been extracting important points and generalizing his ideas. Here is a snippet of my introduction. Memory...
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    How revered is B Russell in the math community

    As a logician/philosopher it is difficult to find out how revered B Russell is in the math community. As a philosopher in my opinion he's the best. And on the philosophical encyclopedia, he is the 4th most cited philosopher, but it's difficult to find out how seriously...
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    Agrison newbie in this community...

    hello everybody...agrison is here newbie in this community.. best regrads, agrison
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    Indefinite Integration Challenge to the MMF Community

    Here are some challenging problems which you may enjoy. Problem 1 Evaluate \int \frac{1-x}{(1+x)\sqrt{x+x^2+x^3}}dx Problem 2 Evaluate \int\frac{2-x^2}{(1+x)\sqrt{1-x^2}}dx Problem 3 Evaluate \int \frac{x^7-24x^4-4x^2+8x-8}{x^8+6x^6+12x^4+8x^2}dx I can provide hints if required. Have Fun!
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    Alan Zavacky Community

    Howday all!!!!! im new here.. Regards: Alan Zavacky
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    Community probability

    A community organization consists of 20 families, of which 4 have one child, 8 have two children, 5 have three children, 2 have four children, and 1 has five children. a. If one of these families is chosen at random, what is the probability it has 1 child? 5? b. If one of the children is...
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    math team needed for programming community

    Hi, I have developed a site similar to at However, I need a team to come upwith original problems and to promote the website please contact [email protected] if you are interested.