1. M

    Compound annual growth for sales volumes

    I'm trying to calculate the difference in sales growth over time. Basically I want to understand by how much have our sales increased since 2012, compared to now, on an average yearly basis. Meaning, sales have increased by an average of X% every year over the seven year period. According to...
  2. E

    Compound proportion

    If 8 workers work 6 hour a day and dig 6 holes of 18 meter depth in 27 days then how many holes of 24 meter depth can 12 workers that work 8 hour a day dig in 12 days? Please explain step by step
  3. Y

    compound interest

    Hello please I need help understanding both questions use the compound interest formula a= p(1+i)^n to answer the following questions: 1). What type of equation is present if n is constant equal to 1, rather than a variable? 2). What type of equation is present if i, A, or P are constant...
  4. L

    Compound tangents questions

    I was looking to solve this geometrical problem. I have a line which is subdivided so that the when it is intersected it creates tangents of equal lengths that are stacked upon each other. I'm looking to find a way to calculate the length of tangents (in red) that would divide n number of times...
  5. N

    How to find compound interest

    Hello How to find compound interest if there is compound amount is Rs 5774 and time is 6 months principle amount is Rs5662 and interest is Rs112 how to find interest ? CI=P[(1+r)^n-1]
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    Complicated Compound Interest Problem

    I have a sheet that says contributing \$25 per month will make \$4,082 after ten years (120 months), but the interest rate is not specified. If a constant interest rate is applied to the principal and a new \$25 every month, does the \$4,082 after ten years provide enough information to solve...
  7. D

    a question about compound interest

    How long does it take to pay off 125000 dollars if the annual interest rate is 5.5% and compounded monthly with a monthly payment of $710? my attempted solution I use the formula: final amount = principal x (1 + interest rate)^time final amount=125000 dollars principal=710dollars/month...
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    Long Compound Gear Train ratio

    Greetings. I am building a board game that utilizes time travel by means of a compound gear train. Each gear will represent a different unit of time, and I would like an idler gear in between so the time gears all move clockwise/counterclockwise at the same time. The units I am using are day...
  9. K

    Compound domain function

    Determine the domain of the following compound function. Hello everyone, I started to solve this question, but I could not evolve from this point. How is the domain of this composite function? How can I simplify or finalize this function? Thank you very much in advance
  10. C

    Compound Probability

    Alicia writes the number $1$ to $45$ on separate cards. She then randomly chooses three of the cards. What is the probability that the $2nd$ and $3rd$ cards will include the digit $9$ in the number. Using a permutation solution method, I find the total number of possible outcomes ($ _{45}P_3$...
  11. V

    Please help in a compound interest problem

    Mr. X took a loan of $10000 from his friend Mr. Y at 5% interest rate. Mr. X calculated the liability after 3 years. But Mr. Y compounded the loan account quarterly. How much extra money Mr. X needs to pay? Please help me solve this.
  12. G

    Reduce the Compound Proposition to a Conjunctive Normal Form

    I would like to know how to reduce the following compound proposition to a Conjunctive Normal Form please? (P∨Q)→(R∧(S∧T))
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    Compound Interest

    I know the compound interest formula and how it works, but how would I go about finding how much an initial deposit should be? Jamal wants to save $54,000 for a down payment on a home. How much will he need to invest in an account with 8.9% APR, compounding daily, in order to reach his goal...
  14. B

    Annual Compound Interest Caculating Projected Earnings

    I am trying to generate a formula that accurately projects annual earnings on a retirement fund with the following details: Beginning Balance: x Period Contribution: y Annual Contributions: 26 Years: 5 Annual Interest: 4% (compounded monthly) *You can not earn interest on contributions...
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    Compound interest

    Janet is purchasing a membership in a fitness centre. She can pay either option 1: $350 now or option 2: pay $130 now, $150 in twelve months, and $170 in fifteen months. Which option is better if money is worth 7.5% compounded monthly? Show your calculations. Use the PV methodology. I am...
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    Compound interest problem

    Can anybody help me with this? I'm stuck When will a payment of 300,000 galleons cancel Mr. Weasley’s liabilities to Gringott’s Bank of 100,000 galleons due after 2 years and 150,000 galleons due after 5 years if money is worth at an effective rate of 12%?
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    Compound interest problem

    Can anybody help me answer this? When will a payment of 300,000 galleons cancel Mr. Weasley’s liabilities to Gringott’s Bank of 100,000 galleons due after 2 years and 150,000 galleons due after 5 years if money is worth at an effective rate of 12%?
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    Compound Interest

    Hello, I was reading this.. how in 1st year interest was $512??
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    Tricky compound interest problem

    Beer soaked ramblings follow. Got stumped by the following problem for about a day. I be sure my friends Sir Denis and Sir Jeff will appreciate it even more than I did. Hated it. Not that it's a bad problem but simply because I couldn't solve it sober. No solution needed. Just for...
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    Compound interest & depreciation

    How would you solve these problems? - please see attachment Thanks