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    Coordinate conversions (similar to polar coordinates)

    I use a coordinate system that is very similar to polar coordinates, but has a unified reference. Basically, a point's coordinates is an angle and a distance. At the moment I'm just doing 2d. The coordinates help me build things easier programmatically. I know this has programming but it...
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    An ideal gas in a 1.75 gallon a container is at a temperature of 145 degrees Celsius and pressure of 2.5 atmospheres. If the gas is oxygen (formula: Upper O$_2$, molecular weight equals 32 grams per mole), what is the amount of gas in the container in units of grams?
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    Conversions between intrinsic/extrinsic coordinates

    I noticed that in wiki there is the follows conversion: that is the conversion beetwen the cartesian coordinates and the intrinsic (arc length, curvature) "coordinate". In this case, the system is 2D. There is the 3D case too: However, is missing the (x, y, z) coordinates in terms...
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    Conversions between vectors

    Given a vector d\vec{r}=dx\hat{x}+dy\hat{y}+dz\hat{z} and another in its generalized form d\vec{q}=h_1dq_1\hat{q_1}+h_2dq_2\hat{q_2}+h_3dq_3\hat{q_3}, being that dr = dq. How I do for connect the informations of one with another? The coordinates I know how do...
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    Problem with Conversions between number bases

    Convert each of the following from decimal form to the given base. Show all work. A. 65 to base seven B. 2731 to base sixteen C. Covert C02sixteen to base seven.
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    Coordinates conversions

    Hi I have a problem and need some guidance; I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. If you don't mind, I'll spare you the details as I'd like to arrive at an answer through my own understanding... teach a man to fish and all that. Of course if we need more detail, you're...
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    help with some basic unit conversions

    so were instructed to use the unit conversions where you put them into a table so the right units cancel out and then you just multiply across the top / bottom and divide the last 2 (i think thats how everyone does it) first problem that is confusing me is this: solar flares rise to 120,000...