1. S

    Algorithm for convert binary search tree to max heap

    Hello, I have BST in a custom size and I want to convert it to max-heap. What algorithm do we have for this? Thanks
  2. T

    WolframAlpha syntax to convert cartesian equation to parametric form

    Does anyone know how to do that? I tried it with Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Intelligence but it just won't show x=5cos t & y=4sin t
  3. E

    How Does Microsoft Excel Convert Pictures Into Pixels?

    I attached three screen shots. How does Excel convert pictures into pixels and provide instructions for how to make the pictures with dominoes?
  4. F

    Convert vertex form to standard form

    Hi, I have a parabola with the following vertex info, I am trying to convert this to standard form (ax2 + bx + c), however I cannot seem to get the conversion correct. I have plots for the parabola and have created a trend line with equation in excel so I can compare and be confident my...
  5. KaiL

    How to convert Exponential form to complex number

    [/url][/IMG] The one in yellow. How do I convert it so that it will become the one in yellow?
  6. M

    how do I convert binary to hexadecimal?

    hi i wanted to know how to convert a binary(base 2) number to hexadecimal (base 16). i can do it by converting binary to decimal and decimal to hexadecimal but i want to know how i can do this conversion in one step. let's take 01100001 for example which equals to 97 in decimal and 61 in...
  7. KaiL

    How to convert this into Difference equation?

    Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. V

    Convert LaTeX to Standard Online Notation

    Does anyone know of a software or preferably an online tool that can convert LaTeX into standard online mathematical notation? \left(-\frac{\left(x^2-\pi x-\pi ^2\right)^3}{3\pi ^5}\right)-\frac{\pi }{3} I would like to find some sort of online tool that can convert this into something...
  9. G

    Convert complex number to polar form.

    Hello! I am glad that there is such a big maths forum. I don't know what the community expects from questions yet, so bear with me if the problems are not interesting. where $\varphi$ should be between 0 and $\pi$. I have a problem with handling the cotangents. How do I represent them to get...
  10. K

    Convert y=sin x to Polar form

    Hey guys, first post so please forgive if it is in the wrong section or formatted poorly. Currently studying Specialist Mathematics in Secondary College and I am stuck on this problem Convert to polar coordinates from cartesian coordinates the following equation y=sin x? Due to the fact it...
  11. M

    How to convert volume to Liter

    Hello, How to convert volume to Liter
  12. M

    Any software to convert math expressions to simple text format

    I am looking for a software to convert mathematical expressions from a neat math like representation to a simple text representation. Example: . 2 .. 2 x + y -------- should be converted to (x^2 + y^2) / 2*x 2x Please ignore the dots here. It is x...
  13. M

    How to convert polar to rectangular

    Hello, How to convert polar form to rectangular with drawing axis. Xc =31,847ohm/ 90 degree
  14. G

    The speed of sound is 1 , 088 1,088 feet per second. Convert the speed of sound to m

    can someone help me with this conversion? thanks
  15. W

    Convert to form Rcos(x-alpha)

    I have -2cosx - 3sinx and I'm asked to write this in the form Rcos(x-A). From trig identities, this is of the form cosAcosx - sinAsinx = cos(A+x) or RcosAcosx - RsinAsinx = Rcos(A+x) So -2 = RcosA and 3 = RsinA (-2)^2 + 3^2 = (R^2)cos^2A + (R^2)sin^2A as cos^2A + sin^2A = 1 then R =...
  16. J

    How to convert tex document to pdf? texlive and pdflatex

    Hello, I'm sorry to burden you with this question it's probably been asked a thousand times, but no matter where I look on the net I can't find a solution. I have texlive, I wrote the tex document, and saved it, I tried running the tex command line and using pdflatex command but it keeps...
  17. J

    How to convert a hyperbolic system to cartesian?

    I want to convert this system of corrdinates (see image beloow) to cartesian system. How make this?
  18. B

    Superconduct electron positron plasma convert light to push - ordinary balloon

    I was thinking about static electricity, why lightning keeps going after it starts, and why an ordinary balloon will smaller lightning if static electricity is spread around it. When such a balloon is saturated with electrons, the photoelectric property requires that any light absorbed must...
  19. B

    Convert curved area to area on the x-axis

    Hello friends, I am making some software and I have an abstract problem for my math knowledge and I need a help. My question is: What is the best way to convert curved area to the area on the x-axis (unroll area by the x-axis). Both of areas need to be approximately equal. I am sorry if my...
  20. E

    How to convert a series of sums to a function

    Is there a link or topic that explains how to convert something like (1 + x^2 + x^4 + ....) = (1/1-x^2)? I'm not sure what this is called.