1. P

    Converting angle in inches to degrees

    Hi forum, my window air conditioner instructions indicate that the unit must be tilted back 1/4" for proper drainage. I'd like to figure this out in degrees, since I took a college trig a few years ago and feel like I should know how to solve something so basic. My initial attempt has me drawing...
  2. A

    Converting limits to integral

    Hi all, I am lost trying to solve this limits question (see photo). Is there anything wrong with my method? I'm not very sure if I got the conversion right...
  3. S

    Converting formula to linear relationship

    I am struggling with converting formulae to the linear form Y = mX +C For example if I have the relationship ay=b^x and I need to express this in linear form using logs, I get: logy+ loga = xlogb not sure how to get this to the form Y=mX+C because if I move the loga onto the other side I...
  4. Z

    requesting help for converting from Cylindrical to Spherical

    \int_{0}^{2pi} \int_{0}^{sqrt(a^2-b^2)} \int_{b}^{sqrt(a^2-r^2)} r dz dr d \theta I find it difficult to imagine the spherical coordinates with the above scenario.. Ant tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. F

    A question about converting cylindrical coordinates to rectangular coordinates

    I have a problem figuring something out when it comes to converting cylindrical to 3D rectangular coordinates. the formulas for converting are as follows: x = r cos theta y = r sin theta z = z If we're just using basic trigonometry to figure out the sides of the triangle of which the angle...
  6. D

    Solve double integral by converting to polar coordinates
  7. D

    Converting to mathematical language.

    Hi, I have a question about converting logic into mathematical language. I am sorry before hand if I'm posting in the wrong section. The logic is as follow; Ryan have a believe system. Andy have a believe system. Ryan's believe system or a certain part of it will only be applicable to...
  8. C

    Converting Degrees minutes to decimal

    Hi, When converting from Degree minutes etc to decimal and visa versa, I need to borrow but don't know how to do it. (I've realised that I don't know how to ask the question so here's an example) 50.5Deg so (.5) /.6 +the 50= 50.8 (Now the other way) 50.8 .8x.6 + the 50= 50.6 Now if...
  9. hyperbola

    C Programming - converting entire file contents to lowercase

    I have a txt document and I wish to convert it's entire contents to lower case. How should I go about this? Below is the orginal 'no-case conversion' code: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> FILE *infile; int main() { int count; char filename[50]...
  10. A

    Help converting standard form of quadratic function to vertex form

    Hello everyone, New here. Anyways, I am trying to convert the following function from standard to vertex form. f(x)=x^2+3x+1/4 Besides that, does anybody have a very good explanation for noobs like me :D to understand. I'm really confused and need some help here. Thanks.
  11. C

    A little confused about converting from base 10- to base 2(new to binary)?

    The question is stated in multiple parts, but for example: "Perform the following base conversions using subtraction or division-remainder" 588 (base 10) to ____ base (3) using this as an example, i got 210210(base 3), however, my professor wants me to " in addition, perform base 2...
  12. M

    Why do we divide or multiply by 2 when converting binary?

    Trying to understand the fundamentals of binary rather than just following steps, I wanted to know why do we multiply by 2 to convert a decimal (0.5, 0.25) to a binary and why do we divide by 2 when we want to convert a whole number (200) by 2? Obviously, it works but how ? Take the...
  13. N

    Converting Polar to Cartesian Coordinates

    Hi there, I'm currently stuck on a problem, and have no idea where to start on it. I've tried converting it to rectangle form, then trying to solve it from there, but I'm still confused. r=\frac{4}{2\cos( \theta )-3\sin( \theta )}
  14. M

    Converting degrees to radians and finding an area of a sector of a circle

    Hi guys, Ok so 52 degrees in radians is 0.91 (to 2 s.f.) but what does it mean to leave my answer in terms of pi? And then to use my answer from above to find the area of a sector of a circle of radius 16cm and angle 52 degrees?! Now I'm really out of my depth, lol.. :eek:
  15. C

    Converting between 1 base and another base

    I can most of the time successfully convert between base 10 and another base or another base and base 10 or between 2 bases where one of them is a power of the other(like base 2 and base 4 or base 3 and base 9). With negative bases I sometimes don't get what I want in that negative base and...
  16. J

    Need help with converting 2 nonlinear equations to linear

    Hi, I am looking for help with converting the following two nonlinear equations to linear (y=ax+b) 1) P/S= 1/c + d/c p (c and d are constant parameters) 2) E = 3.2 + kU^m (k and m are constant parameters) Thanks
  17. 3

    Converting between polar and cartesian coordinates (No calculator)...

    I have been reading a book and one of the exercises involves converting between polar and Cartesian coordinates but without a calculator so when x = 4 and y = 3 then the answer is r=5 and θ = tan^-1 (3/4) which is fine but then for some of the answers you know what the values are so when x = -1...
  18. C

    Converting a fraction to a natural number for simplicity using the LCD?

    Hello. I'm new here and have a question. First I am currently enrolled at a local college for electronics engineering. Right now I'm doing a little bit of catching up before I start my actual college courses. I just got done with a very short summer bridge class for Algebra that literally made...
  19. A

    Converting sun angle

    Dear all. Here I am attaching some image file for reference, I am trying to calculate sun elevation angle.For solar tracker Azimuth angle used as sun position angle here. Here sun position will be 0 @ NORTH [email protected] east 180 @ south 270 @ West. Since tracking should be from east to west, so my...
  20. J

    Converting kg/acre to g/m3?

    Apologies if this is the wrong thread feel free to move into more suitable one. I need to convert a fertiliser amount use on an acre to a ratio to put into a plant pot? 200kg/acre of fertiliser and I'm using a thickness of soil as 250mm (common thickness of farmland) is what I'm using and I'm...