differential equations

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    Differential Equations - Finite difference method

    Hi, I am new here and I hope to be posting my doubts in the right place! I am taking a PhD in mechanical engineering and I have a work to do applying the finite difference method to a differential equation. The problem itself consists in a heat transfer with a moving heat source at a constant...
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    solving (x+a)^2 d2y/dx2 -4(x+a) dy/dx + 6y = x

    Hi, my question is that can we find the particular integral of this kind of equation by variation of parameters? If yes, then what mistake did I make in my solution in the provided link? If this is not the method to adopt, what other method can we use?
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    Geometric control theory

    What actually the difference between classical control theory and geometric control theory? Are there any problems which cannot be solved by classical theory? Thank you!
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    Steady States

    For an example problem to solve in an engineering class I was given the following systems and told to find the steady states of each and the eigenvalues for each steady state. 1) dx/dt = x(1-2y-x) dy/dt = y-x 2) x' = x(10-x-y) y' = y(30-2x-y) I know that for steady states I need to...