1. idontknow

    Differential equation #2#

    y'-xy''-\frac{1}{y'' }=0.
  2. idontknow

    Differential equation

    y’=\frac{ay+bx}{cy+dx }.
  3. S

    How many solutions does the differential equation have?

    The Initial Value Problem y′=y^2/3, y(0)=0 has ? (a) No solution. (b) Unique solution. (c) Two solutions. (d) Infinitely many solutions. As I understood, one solution is y=0 itself and other solution comes on solving the differential equation as 3y^(1/3)= x+c, on putting the initial...
  4. S

    Smallest interval for existence of unique solution of differential equation

    The smallest interval on which a unique solution exist for the IVP y′=e^(2y), y(0)=0, is what? A)|x|<=1/2e B)|x|<=2e C)|x|<=2/e D)|x|<=1/e I am confused which one is correct. Please help.:confused:
  5. idontknow

    Differential equation

    s^{2}+(\frac{ds}{dt}\cdot s)^{2}=1 . s=?
  6. D

    Lotka-Volterra with periodic coefficients differential inequality

    I would like to ask which transformation should I use to recive from this Lotka-Volterra inequality x′=x(a−bx−cy)<x(a−bx), this differential form x(t)\leq \frac{x(T)e^{A(t)}}{1+x(T)\int \limits_{T}^{t}e^{A(s)}b(s)ds}, \text{where} A(t)=\int_T^t a(s)ds.
  7. K

    Differential equation assignment

    Problem 2: Consider the following Initial Value Problem (IVP) where (𝑡) is the dependent function: 𝑦 ′ = 𝑦 − 𝑦 2 + 1.14 cos(𝑒 𝑡/2 ) with 𝑦(0) = 𝑦0 and 𝑡 ≥ 0 Approximate the solution to the IVP using the RK4 method with the following conditions: Initial...
  8. P

    Solution of partial differential function.

    Dear all, I have the following Partial Differential Function. It's a Second-order variable coefficient homogeneous linear differential equation. (A.Y')+CY=0 in which A and Y are functions of x, C is a non-zero constant. A is not an elementary function. So is it possible to represent Y in...
  9. S

    manipulating differential operator

    How does the top of part B become the bottom of part B?
  10. idontknow

    Differential equation

    \frac{d^4 z}{dt^4 }=z+C \; , C-constant . To get at least one solution , apply derivatives to equallity : z^{(5)}=z' , How to get the general solution ?
  11. S

    Partial Differential Equation

    I am unable to solve the partial differential equation in the attached file. Please help me with the steps involved in solving this differential equation. It seems tough to me when applying the steps and procedures and I am unable to get the correct answer. :(:confused:
  12. S

    Projective methods for stiff differential equations

    Hello, please, I would like to have an example on the projective method. because I really find nothing. Thanks for your help
  13. S

    Projective methods for stiff differential equations

    Bonjour, s'ils vous plait, j aimerais avoir un exemple sur la mthéode projectives. car je trouve vraiment rien . merci pour votre aide
  14. SenatorArmstrong

    Differential equation I am stuck on

    I am working on a problem to model something in physics and I ran into a differential equation that I am stuck on. The derivatives are with respect to time. $ mx'' + m\gamma x' = E_0 \cos(\omega t)$ I was thinking perhaps Euler's notation would make my life easier? Any help would be greatly...
  15. D

    Partial Differential Equation

    Help please, I need to solve this differential equation x\frac{\partial^2 U}{\partial x^2}+y\frac{\partial^2 U}{\partial y^2}=aU in Matlab (where "a" is a constant parameter, it can be taken by any), I wanted to use the Partial Differential Equation Toolbox, but I ran into a problem, the...
  16. S

    Help with differential equation

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Found this forum searching for help with a Math question. I need some help with a differential equation that I can't solve. I hope you guys can help me. The equation...
  17. SenatorArmstrong

    Academic Guidance Taking a class in partial differential equations

    I love math, but deep down physics is my true love in this life, but you can't do physics without math so my love for mathematics is definitely up there... I digress... I am wrapping up my undergraduate BS in physics, and getting ready for graduate school. I feel pretty good with basic...
  18. S

    A good differential equation problem

    Ques7 , math forum https://imgur.com/gallery/MVN7HR5 \left(2xy + x^2y + \frac{y^3}{3}\right)dx + \left(x^2 + y^2\right)dy = 0 I've been trying to solve this differential equation from 2 days and now I seek help.
  19. W

    second order nonlinear differential erquation

    How may I solve the following (d^2 φ)/(dz^2 )+A〖(B+dφ/dz)〗^(n-1)-D dφ/dz=-λ φ: the dependent variable z: the independent variable A, B, D, Lambda are constants n: Unknown constant to remain n during the solution
  20. M

    Differential Geometry question

    I am looking for a rigorous proof of the following theorem (which I qoute from Schaum Differential Geometry book): "If K\ne0 at a point P on a surface, show that there is a neighborhood of P in which the points can be put into a 1-1 correspondence with the spherical image of the neighborhood...