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    Correcting Dots

    Who can solve this?
  2. 7

    [Help] The number of possible k-sided polygons in an m by n grid of dots

    Hello. :spin: This is my first post, so sorry for the potential mistakes below. A grid of dots has the dimensions m by n, where m is greater than or equal to n. Pick k dots from this grid in such a way that they form a polygon with k sides. In other words, no three dots can be collinear...
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    Solver gets an imaginary cookie

    What is the length of "c"? Please post the explanation
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    Nine dots

    The goal is to connect all nine circles using exactly 3 straight lines by the shortest route, without lifting the pen. Each straight line must pass through the center of one circle. Start of the path should be on the edge of the circle and path should end on the edge of the circle. Each circle...
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    Two Rectangles, Two dots, Proportion and Relation

    So lets say I have 2 rectanlges. 1st is width:800. Length:600. The second is variables (F,H). I have a dot within the first rectangle at position (x,y). If I stretch the 800 to the size of F and the 600 to the size of H, what will be the new position of the (x,y). I believe this has to do with...