dy or dx

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    solving (x+a)^2 d2y/dx2 -4(x+a) dy/dx + 6y = x

    Hi, my question is that can we find the particular integral of this kind of equation by variation of parameters? If yes, then what mistake did I make in my solution in the provided link? If this is not the method to adopt, what other method can we use?
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    what is dx/dy when d is written in strange font?
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    Differential (Find dy/dx)

    Someone give me links about examples of something like this(uses Differentiation Formulas). Or maybe give me examples with solution. Thank you ^^
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    Value of y while dy/dx is 1 pls help :(

    This is the function 2x^4+x^2 y^3-y^5=2x+1
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    Value of dy/dx

    If $\frac{\delta x}{\delta y}=\frac{2-3\delta x}{x+(\delta x)^2}$,how to find the value of $\frac{dy}{dx}$ ?
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    y=x+x^2+x^3+.......................x^n find dy/dx
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    (x^3) * dy/dx + 3 * (x^2) * y = d/dx * (yx^3) ????

    Hi, Why is: (x^3) * dy/dx + 3 * (x^2) * y = d/dx * (yx^3) ???? Why is that? How is it calculated? Thank you for help. Best J
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    Find dy/dx

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation of Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation of y^3 + 2?(xy) = 3xy^2 + y Use a differential to approximate 3^?27.01+(1/3^?27.01)
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    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. xe^y = x - y \frac{dy}{dx} = xe^y - x - y = 0 \frac{dy}{dx} = e^y + xe^y \frac{dy}{dx} - 1 - \frac{dy}{dx} = 0 \frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{dy}{dx} (xe^y - y) = -e^y + 1 \frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{-e^y + 1}{xe^y - y} Is this correct?
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    the purpose of the "dy/dx" expression

    all, can someone clarify this? for instance, all of the following expressions represent the same concept and depends on the variable representations (independent and dependent) that are found in any given equation: => dy/dx (for equations like "y = f(x)") => dd/dt (for equations like "d =...
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    If ln(x+y)=tan^-1(y) then find dy/dx Any clues?
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    what is dy/dx

    Hi If we have : du/dx = -3y^-4 dy/dx what is dy/dx ..? my answer dy/dx = (du/dx) / ( -3y^-4)
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    values of X at which Dy/Dx = 0

    If y = 2x^3 - 11X^2 + 12X -5 Find the Values of X for which Dy/Dx = 0
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    using implicit differentiation find dy/dx

    Hi using implicit differentiation find dy/dx
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    calculus dy/dx

    if x = 2 sin ? and y = 1 – 4 cos ? then dy/dx is equal to a. 2cot ? b. 2csc ? c. 2tan ? d. 2sec ?
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    dy/dx of Ln

    hello, my question asks me to find dy/dx of (ln xy-x=5) 1. I wrote the expression as (dy/dx)ln + (dy/dx)x+ (dx/dy)y - (dy/dx)= (dy/dx)5 2. expression came to be: (1/x)+ 1= 0 3. I then concluded the problem to read as: y= (e^(x+5))/(x) 4. However this isn't any of my answer choices, but I felt as...
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    Finding DY/DX

    The question asks to determine the value of dy/dt at x=2, when dx/dt=2? Once doing the work, i find that (dy/dt) when x=2 is 2.....I think this is the answer, but part of me says the answer may be 4 Can someone let me know if I'm on the right track as far as the steps/answer
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    Finding Dy/Dx of LN

    I need help with finding dy/dx when (yln x + y^(2)= 4x I know it isn't (4+y)/(ln x+ 2y), and I only have one chance left to answer, help would be great guys!
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    Dy/dx question

    Hey guys. Need some help. find dy/dx of y +e^y = x-e^(2x)^2 And y(x) = sqrt(x) ln x + e^x tan x If you can give working as well that would be amazing so I can understand what's going on as well. Thank you in advance!
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    Find dy/dx for y

    So I need your guys help. The equation is y= 3x-8/3x^2+2 I am thinking that the final answer is going to be as a fraction. Would (3x^2+2)^2 be at the bottom?