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    Economics equation

    Came across this economics equation in my studies: P = A+q X P+I Which was then rendered in terms of P as: P = A+I/ 1-q can anyone help me work out how the got from one to the other? Thanks
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    Macro economics equation

    Having some basic problems with economic equations: Y =0.5Y + 200 +I becomes: Y = (200+I)/0.5 Can anyone show me the steps to get from the first to the second? many thanks, Simon
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    Game Theory, Psychology and Economics

    I'm currently taking interest in analysing various aspects of society through math, i.e. using statistics, probability, game theory, economics and psychology to learn more about human behaviour. This is a two-part question: 1. What books would you suggest for the first three branches? I have...
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    Axiomatic Theory of Economics

    Simplified Exposition of Axiomatic Economics I have written a book titled Axiomatic Theory of Economics. This book is about a new economic theory. It is not a simplified version of mainstream economics. It does not predict the future, calling neither prosperity nor ruin in America. It is...
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    Axiomatic Economics

    I have a degree in mathematics. I wrote a book about economics (Axiomatic Theory of Economics, ISBN# 1-56072-296-7) in 1999 in which I propose a new theory of economics based on three axioms: 1) One's value scale is totally (linearly) ordered: i) Transitive; p <= q and q <= r imply p <= r...
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    Academic Guidance I am not good at maths can you help me

    Hello everybody, my name is May and I am 17 years old from Greece. I have a problem with mathematics; I find myself very troubled with them but I can understand the theory and the equations... it's just that I am learning really slow, I mean I need a very close and simple explanation so I can...
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    Calculus in Economics

    A company is planning to manufacture and market a new headphone set. After conducting extensive market surveys, the research department provides the following estimates: Marginal costs function: $c'(x)=20+0.2x$ where $x$ is the quantity sold. Fixed cost:500 Demand function is linear :At...
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    Something similar to Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics by Alpha C. Chaing

    Guys, I need something similar to Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics by Alpha C. Chaing & Kevin Wainwright. The problem with this book is that it doesn't offer a sufficient amount of problem exercises (to me at least). I need something in which the chapters are almost identical to...
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    Economics Assignment

    This is a 15-credit first year module intended primarily for those studying for a degree in Economics. Aims and Objectives: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to rigorous statistical data analysis and to lay foundations for further study. On successful completion of this...
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    Economics calculus problem

    There is a derivation in my economics textbook: Romer - advanced macroeconomics, that he doesn't explain and I can't see why it works: He says that: f(t) = \int_{y=0}^t r(y)dy And concludes that: \delta f(t)/\delta t = r(t) Could someone point me to the rule that allows you to do this, so...
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    Lots of economics help :(

    Hi guys, i understand this is a lot to ask but I really dont understand these questions or how to go through them. It would be great if you could help me out. cheers Consider a competitive economy with one type of consumer and one type of firm. There is one physical (perishable) good in...
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    Economics on software flaws

    Q] Suppose that a large software company, Software Monopoly, or SM, is about to release a new software product called Doors, affectionately known as SM-Doors. The software for Doors is estimated to have 1,000,000 security flaws. It is also estimated that each security flaw that remains in the...
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    Economics based on investment

    Hi I am in dia need of help on the following question can someone please help. A retired junk yard operator, Edsel Studebaker, recently died and left his entire fortune of $12,300,000toatrusttoestablishajunkcarmuseum. Thetrusteesmustdecidehowtospendit. Landcanbepurchasedfor$180,000now...
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    Poker Theory of Economics

    Poker Theory of Economics In a game of poker, the amount of the bets is based on two factors initially. The first is the number of players at the table. The second, the number of chips. 10 people and 10 chips will result in substantially different betting than 2 people and 2,000,000 in...
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    Managerial Economics please help!

    Hi, I just started Managerial Economics and I'm starting to wonder why I chose it! Weve gone through a lot of important topics but we got the following question for term break practice and I cant make head or tail of it, my brain is completely blank as I started drawing the tree. I would really...
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    Economics Function (unseen before)

    The demand function for a product is modeled by p ? 60 ? 0.04x, 0 ? x ?1500 where p is the price (in dollars) and x is the number of units. (a) Determine when the demand is elastic, inelastic, and of unit elasticity. (b) Use the result of part (a) to describe the behavior of the revenue function...
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    application of differentiation in economics

    A monopolist produces x units of a commodity at a total cost of ax^2+bx+c and the demand law for the same is given by p= Q-Rx, where Q and R constants. A tax of Rs.K per unit is levied by the government. The manufacturer adds the tax to his cost. (a) find the price and the output both before...
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    application of differentiation in economics

    How to solve this problem? If x be the labour, y be its charges and y=5x^2 -3x then how much charge will there be when we increase the labour by a small amount? Is the answer like this:- dy= 10x-3dx ?
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    application of differentiation in economics

    How to solve the following problem? A revenue maximizing monopolist requires profit of at least 1500. Its demand and cost functions are p=304-2q and c=500+4q+8q^2. Determine the output level and price. Please explain in detail.
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    Application Of Derivatives in Commerce and Economics

    I couldnt understand this problem. What do we exactly need to do here ? If anyone could help me out... Thanks : The marginal cost function of manufacturing x units of a commodity is 6 + 10x - 6x^2 . The total cost of producing one unit of the commodity is Rs. 12 . Find the total and average...