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    Economics Derivative Question

    Suppose household preferences are described by the utility function U(C,L) = 2sqrt(C)+ (constant)L Note: Constant is basically the Greek symbol that looks like an a where C stands for consumption of market goods and L stands for leisure. (a) Assuming...
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    First order conditions - Economics

    1. Imagine that there is a representative importer whose profits (in the absence of fees for biosecurity clearance at customs) are R(Q), where Q is quantity imported. There is also a representative farmer, whose output is q and profits (in the absence of fees or an incursion of an animal or...
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    Economics Opportunity Cost

    I feel like I would be able to solve this problem if the wording did not confuse me so much. Can anyone try and put this in simpler terms? A dairy farmer has a production possibilities frontier showing the combinations of milk and a rare and costly cheese that she can produce. At her current...
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    a bit of economics but mostly maths, please help!

    Hi all, I need help solving a problem. I have a risk premium of 2 % for a city called K. I also have the market size for that city (in number of people) and the number of days it takes to finish a deal. I have 30 other cities. I have to find the risk premium for all these cities based on the...
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    Lebesgue Spaces in economics

    So I am reading a quantifiable finance text book for fun (my other hobbies include basketball and running) and I have come across L spaces. Now I realize this book is over my head but its enjoyable so I will continue reading. It seems to me Lebesgue profitability spaces set of points...
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    Economics - Consumer expenditure/demand curve problem

    Hello everyone! Having trouble with this math-exercise, and I hoped someone could be of assistance: Suppose the demand curve is given by x(p) = 1 – p. The consumer’s expenditure is px(p) = p(1 – p). Graph the expenditure. What price maximizes the consumer’s expenditure? Thanks in advance...
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    Principles of Economics 5th edition, Mankiw

    Here the useful Mankiw's ebook about economic: (wait 10 s and click skip ads)
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    Competitive fringe Economics Calculus question Please Help?

    Could someone please help me solve an Economics Calculus problem Given Total Cost of fringe TC= 50 + 10q + 3q^2 MC = 10 + 6q Total Cost of Dominant firm TC = 12,000 + 3q + 5q^2 MC = 3 + 10Q P = 5000 - Q Find Quantity for fringe Find Quantity for dominant firm Find Profit for fringe Find...
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    economics question Help!

    [attachment=0:hmketxch]viewer.png[/attachment:hmketxch]hey guys i have no idea of how to do this help can anyone explain to me how to do it? cheers
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    Marginal function economics

    Given tht TR=-6q*2+1400q,TC=80q+1500 i)profit function (pf) ii)the critical value when PF is at relative extremum iii)calculate the max profit at this point.
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    Economics question about total cost and market price etc...

    I got stumped by what should be a simple econ question but I cannot figure it out. It goes like this: Suppose the total cost for various levels of output for a competitive firm are given in the table below: (Quantity)(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)**(TotalCost)(10,12 ,15,19,24,30,37,46,55,65) How many...
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    Marginal Function in Economics

    Hey, can someone help me out, im stumped on a few questions. A local bike company manufactures and sells tricycles. The company has found that the demand equation is p = -2q + 192, and that the cost function is given by C(q) = 92q + 50. Here p is the price in dollars and q the number of...
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    Question for economics wizards

    Hello, I'm creating a web game, and I'd like there to be a semi-realistic economy. I'd like it to be setup where users can harvest resources, and then sell those resources for gold. Those resources will then be taken and automatically created into items. Right now, I'm having trouble figuring...
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    HELP w/ Applying Derivative to Economics prob??

    A CFO is trying to sell a new CXT pickup truck. Surveys conducted of potential consumers show that there is a substantial amount of "buzz" and interest in the new CXT, although many customers were less likely to buy one when they discovered it has poor gas mileage and runs on diesel. This "buzz...
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    Academic Guidance Need advice for studying Mathmatics for Economics.

    Hello friends, I have never been quite a good student of Maths at school-not least concerning Calculus, Linear Algebra or any higher maths, but since I decided to start my master in economics, i have seriously attemted to learn maths skill because economics demands a great deal of maths skill...
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    Mathematics and Economics

    Consider a European call option on a non-dividend paying stock where the strike price is $40. Assume the stock price moves according to a multiplicative binomial tree with u = 1.1 and d = 0.85. The risk-free rate is 4% per annum and the time to maturity is six months. What current value of the...
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    Mathematics and Economics

    I am returning back to college to take a Bachelor's and a Masters in Economics. Which of the following math classes should I take to excel in Economics especially at the upper and graduate level? Calculus 2 Calculus 3 Linear Algebra
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    Economics maximization problem;133 ... einfo.html Basically, the total benefit has to be as large as possible. I've sat here for hours trying to come up with a formula but I'm beginning to trash that idea and start randomly crunching numbers