1. W

    Equation Representing Stock Growth Goal

    A stock trader starts with a sum of 2500 dollars. His goal is to make 300 the first month, 400 the second month, 500 the third month, and so on. What equation can model this growth to solve for the total amount made after x number of months?
  2. idontknow

    Equation , range of P

    For which values of $P$, does the equation \sin^{10}(x)+\cos^{10}(x)=P have no solutions?
  3. I

    An equation with moduli

    Hello all, A problem at the high school level: Solve the equation |x-2|+|x-1|+|x|=-m^2 where m is a some parameter. All the best, Integrator
  4. Z

    Find A B C D E in this equation

    Find A B C D E in this equation CX epx(ixa)-DX exp(-ixe)=EK exp(ika) Note by moderator: the above seems mistyped, and there is no A or B in the equation.
  5. idontknow

    Equation, method

    Is it true ? Given equation f(x)=x with solution x_0=x. Then \dfrac{d}{dt}[f(tx)]=\dfrac{d}{dt}[tx] has at least one solution x=x_0.
  6. N

    Basic math equation help.

    In the equation x = n / f n is 1 kg m^-2 and f is 1 kg m^-1 What is x? This is just confusing my poor brain, any help to understand would be much appreciated. I put what I thought the answer was as x = 1 kg m^2 but I'm told the numerical value is correct but the unit is incorrect...
  7. W

    Can anybody solve this equation?

    When Nabil's age was same as Shuvo's present age, at that time Nabil's age was twice as Shuvo's age. When Shuvo's age will be same as Nabil's present age, the sum of their ages will be 63. What is the present age of each of them?
  8. S

    Solve a trig equation

    Solve for x [(2tanx)/(2+sec^2(x))] - sin^2(x) = cos^2(x) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Also checking if the problem above may have been typed incorrectly on my worksheet. The rest of the answers on the page have been clear answers like 0,90, or 2/3 pi etc...
  9. idontknow

    Differential equation #2#

    y'-xy''-\frac{1}{y'' }=0.
  10. idontknow

    Differential equation

    y’=\frac{ay+bx}{cy+dx }.
  11. P

    functional equation

    If a function f satisfies the relation f(x)f''(x)-f(x)f'(x)=(f'(x))^2\,\forall x \in\mathbb{R} and f(0)=f'(0)=1, then value of f(x) is .
  12. idontknow

    Equation with factorial

    Solve the equation using inverse gamma-function . n!=6.
  13. N

    equation formula

    Hi. You guys know how to calculate (formula) these ones? I'm studying by myself, so I don't get any teacher help. (k-3) – (5-3k) = 2(k+1) should it continue like this... (answer is k = 5) k - 3 - 5 - 3k = 2k + 2 and how about this second one? (answer x = 6) x/2 – (x-1)/5 = 2 :p
  14. idontknow

    Solve equation

    \underbrace{\displaystyle x^{x^{x\dotsc}}}_{\infty} =\sqrt{2}.
  15. idontknow

    x=sinx equation

    t=x-\sin x=0 \; , \text{sgn}(t)=-1+2H=0. \frac{\partial}{\partial s}[-1+2H] =\frac{\partial }{\partial x}[-1+2H] . \frac{\partial}{\partial s} H = \frac{\partial}{\partial x}H. \frac{\partial}{\partial s}\lim_{s\rightarrow \infty} \frac{1}{1+e^{-2st}}=\frac{\partial}{\partial...
  16. N

    Can someone help me with this equation

    https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=502266857067 Every math solver says that it is not possible to simplify it. The answer is also given there, but I cannot figure out the steps that are needed. Could someone give me a hand?
  17. S

    How many solutions does the differential equation have?

    The Initial Value Problem y′=y^2/3, y(0)=0 has ? (a) No solution. (b) Unique solution. (c) Two solutions. (d) Infinitely many solutions. As I understood, one solution is y=0 itself and other solution comes on solving the differential equation as 3y^(1/3)= x+c, on putting the initial...
  18. S

    Smallest interval for existence of unique solution of differential equation

    The smallest interval on which a unique solution exist for the IVP y′=e^(2y), y(0)=0, is what? A)|x|<=1/2e B)|x|<=2e C)|x|<=2/e D)|x|<=1/e I am confused which one is correct. Please help.:confused:
  19. idontknow

    Number of solutions of transcendental equation

    Find how many solutions the equation has ? x^2 -2x =(-1)^x \; , x\in \mathbb{Z}.
  20. G

    Equation of a Line passes through.

    Hi all, I’m taking a Pre-Cal and I have totally forgotten this Algebra stuff:(. Have looked everywhere, but still my work is wrong:furious:. The question ask to look for the perpendicular line (in Slope-Intercept) that pass through (1,-9) with the equation y=(4-x)/3. The correct answer is...