1. S

    Help turning word problems into equations please...

    Hello, my class has just started exploring rational equations. I have no problem solving the equations on their own but when I need to convert information into these equations I can confuse myself. If anyone can help me with turning these two problems into rational equations, I'd be really...
  2. A

    Please help solve the equations

    Please help solve the equations
  3. idontknow

    3 variable equations

    Solve for positive integers : x+y+z=xyz .:cool: Method required !
  4. B

    How to solve an algebraic equation with fractions with an unknown in the denominator

    There must be something simple I'm missing here, but this just isn't working out for me. How do I solve: (3 / 5x) - (2 / 6x) = (2 / x) + (7 / 3x) I will probably kick myself when I see the solution... Thanks in advance!
  5. G

    Intersection of three lines - aka a system of three equations with three variables

    So I'm supposed to find the value of m for which these three lines intersect at the same point: mx+2y-1=0 2x+my+3=0 x-y-3=0 One of the many things I tried was to write all three in slope-intercept form like this: y=(1-mx)/2 y=(-3-2x)/m y=x-3 Then I thought, I can just equate the second and...
  6. A

    can anyone help me with this understanding of quintic equations?

    this is the context: I don't get this part: Can anyone help me with understanding this part of the sentence? I really need it. I don't get the writer's intention. what is it mean that solutions for every single coefficient? can you rewrite this in another word so I can understand it? I...
  7. B

    Solve for x

    What is 5x=25 Help me please. 3x=15 Solve for x please. Thanks in advance. x=15 Thanks. In class, we started doing expressions like this: 3x=15 I don't really understand it. Can someone give me a hand please? I don't have an idea where to start. Thanks to anyone who will reply.
  8. C

    Trigonometric equations

    I am preparing for my math exam and I need your help solving these trigonometric equations: $\sin^6x + \cos^6x = \frac{7}{16}$ $\sin^2 x + \sin^2 2x = 1$ $\sin 3x + \sin 2x = \sin x$
  9. P

    Theory Of Equations

    A thread dedicated to discussing equation solving with special emphasis on the theory of polynomial equations
  10. S

    Projective methods for stiff differential equations

    Hello, please, I would like to have an example on the projective method. because I really find nothing. Thanks for your help
  11. S

    Projective methods for stiff differential equations

    Bonjour, s'ils vous plait, j aimerais avoir un exemple sur la mthéode projectives. car je trouve vraiment rien . merci pour votre aide
  12. P

    Simultaneous equations variant

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_of_equations Can we have decimal points for the variables in Simultaneous equations? Example: 3.2x + 2.3y=5.1 4.1x - 3.2y=7.2 Calculate the value of x & y. Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  13. B

    How can I solve Logarithmic equations with multiple depented terms?

    I know how to solve this: log_2(x) + log_2(x+2) = 2 But how do I solve this: 8n^2 - 64nlog_2(n) = 0 If I try to get rid of the log: 64nlog_2(n) = 8n^2 \Leftrightarrow 2^{64nlog_2(n)} = 2^{8n^2} \Leftrightarrow 2^{log_2(n^{64n})} = 2^{8n^2} \Leftrightarrow n^{64n} = 2^{8n^2} Dead end...
  14. B

    Solving a system of equations

    I have the following equations: c_0 = \frac{T^2b_1 + 2Q_RR_0T + 2Q_RRT + 4Q_RR_0RC + 2b_1RCT}{2Q_RT + 4Q_RRC} c_1 = \frac{T^2b_1 - 4Q_RR_0RC}{Q_RT + 2Q_RRC} c_2 = \frac{T^2b_1 - 2Q_RR_0T - 2Q_RRT + 4Q_RR_0RC - 2b_1RCT}{2Q_RT + 4Q_RRC} a_1 = \frac{-8Q_RRC}{2Q_RT + 4Q_RRC} a_2 = \frac{-2Q_RT...
  15. SenatorArmstrong

    Academic Guidance Taking a class in partial differential equations

    I love math, but deep down physics is my true love in this life, but you can't do physics without math so my love for mathematics is definitely up there... I digress... I am wrapping up my undergraduate BS in physics, and getting ready for graduate school. I feel pretty good with basic...
  16. NineDivines

    Parametric equations!

    Let's be honest, equations of curves don't become interesting until you start to throw parameters in there. Nothing satisfies me more than a point travelling along a curve in some defined manner. But... I run into problems of my own with what the equations of motion should be. For...
  17. S

    Equations with Roots and Exponents

    I'm struggling with the equation below. I've tried putting it into quadratics form to use the quadratics formula, but it has been too computationally arduous for me. I'm not sure where else to start. $x^2+m^2=2mx+(nx)^2$ Since I'm posting making this post, I may as well ask for help on...
  18. S

    Solving roots equation neatly

    I am to find all real solutions for this problem. $2\sqrt[3]{x^2}-\sqrt[3]{x}=1$ According to my textbook, the solutions are {-$\frac{1}{8}$, 1}. However, I keep getting {-$\frac{1}{2}$, 1} when I try to solve it more practically. I went on Symbolab to see how they do it and I learned if I...
  19. S

    I would like some help with factoring quadratic equations with leading coefficients.

    Hello. I seem to have some problems factoring quadratic equations when the leading term has a coefficient. Here is an example 3w -7 = sqr(8w -7) (3w -7)^2 = (sqr(8w -7))^2 9w^2 -42w +49 = 8w -7 9w^2 -50w +56 = 0 Ok so here we have a standard form quadratic equation with a leading...
  20. N

    Check, for constructing nice set of linear equations

    Hi Well, I was struggling with solving these linear equations for days. more accurately, It solved but the answers do not check with what I have, so want to find where I have mistaken. It would be appreciated if you can check with me that my understanding is correct for the problem. (do not...