1. B

    Doing calculations with the least possible error?

    I'm an Electrical And Computer Engineer and currently solving simultaneous equations using matrices. I've noticed that if I keep fraction numbers all the way until the final calculation and then use the calculator to calculate the final answer, I have the least possible error in my...
  2. ISP

    Point Out An Error

    The following thread got closed before I could edit the last post. There is an obvious error in the last post that I would have edited out, so I would like it stated for the record that I never got the chance.
  3. J

    squared error minimization formula semplification

    Hello, it's my first post here. I am studying some Computer Vision and I found myself back in linear algebra. I gave this exam something like 10 years ago and I find some difficulties. Probably something basic. In the following video (exact second) the guy is explaining that he wants to...
  4. M

    Finding approximately the greatest possible percentage error

    A swamp interferes with the direct measurement of a surveyline AB. Hence, an auxiliary point C is established and the distance AC is measured with an accuracy of 1 part in 1000. Then the angles BAC and ABC are found to be 45 and 30 degrees respectively, with a possible error of 2 minutes in...
  5. D

    percentage error related to differentials

    I am a math tutor. One of my students asked me to help him with a few problems. There was a question I could not get the right answer for. (ex) The length x of the side of a square is measured less than 1% error. By approximately what percentage will the calculated area A=x^2 of the square be...
  6. R

    Error in entrance exam?

    Hi everyone. I was going through some entrance exam problems and found the following possible error in one of the questions: The size of the shaded area is being asked. The triangles are (I think) supposed to be similar, and this should be a very simple calculation...
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    Factor Trinomials Of The Form Ax2 + Bx + C Using Trial And Error.

    In the OpenStax Elementary Algebra book in the section on factoring using Trial and Error, there is the following paragraph. "When we factor an expression, we always look for a greatest common factor first. If the expression does not have a greatest common factor, there cannot be one in its...
  8. H

    stance Error Caused by GPS Receiver Error

    Not sure how to categorize this, and I feel like this should be pretty simple but I'm a little confused. GPS uses satellites to find the position of a receiver. Now the satellite clocks all have synchronized atomic time; however, the receiver clock is fast by 0.05 microseconds. How much error...
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    Std error calculations for estimated parameters

    Hi everyone, I am finance student from Italy and I need help for computing std errors for parameters I estimated by means of MLE. Following this paper , I...
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    Computing the error of a function of the fit parameters

    Hi, I'm using the Finite Center of Rotation method described at the end of this thread to estimate the center of rotation and angle between two vectors A, B of corresponding points in the plane. Effectively, it is just a least-squares method with complex numbers to find the x which best...
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    what is error in this code

    hello what is error in this mplab hi tech c compiler #include <htc.h> #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 void main() { TRISB=0x00; PORTB=0x00; while(1) { PORTB=0xFF; __delay_ms(1000); PORTB=0x00; __delay_ms(1000); } }Error [499] ; . undefined symbol...
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    Estimating trials to reduce error

    Let's start by rolling 2d6 and testing for the outcome of a sum of 7, which we know beforehand has a probability of 6/36 chances = 1/6 chance/outcome. As we continue to run the experiment, the number of successes/try approaches the ideal of 1/6, and thus gains the merit of predictive power...
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    what is error in this code?

    import java.util.*; class library { private String name; private int price; private int day; private double fine; Scanner sc=new Scanner(; public void input() { System.out.println("Enter name of book, price of book"); name =...
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    Uncertainity Calculation

    Hi everyone.. What is the relative error/uncertainity of B ? B = (1-x)*A Where: x is a percentage (i.e ranged from 0 to 1)
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    Unbiased Estimator of the Standard Error of another Estimator

    Suppose that $Y_1,...,Y_n$ is an IID sample from a uniform $U(\theta, 1)$ distribution. The method of moments estimator for $\theta$ is $\tilde \theta=2\bar Y-1$. The standard error of $\tilde \theta$ is $$\sigma_{\tilde \theta}=\frac{1-\theta}{\sqrt{3n}}$$ Find an unbiased estimator of...
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    error: linear inequality (absolute function)

    hello, I tried to solve the following inequality: abs(-2x+1)>2/3x+1 but get wrong results: -2x+1>-2/3x-1 I add 1 then +2x then multiply with 3 and divide by 4 I get: x<3/2 and -2x+1>2/3x+1 cancel out 1 then +2x 0>8/3x so I get x<0 surely this inequality is true for some x>0 - do...
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    What is the Standard Error Significance?

    Hi, I'm having a hard time really understanding what Standard Error is, why it's important and perhaps more importantly how to interpret the result. Or "Ok I have the result, what is it telling me about the data?"
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    Maximum absolute error when calculating a difference using two rounded down values.

    I have a maths question from an old text book where I disagree with the answer given. You have 2 pins. One is measured as 12mm and the other is 14mm. The values measured are rounded down to the nearest mm. That means the true length of each pin "l1" and "l2" by my calculation would be:- 12...
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    What Do You Think of Trial and Error?

    This does not have to do with Geometry, but the general forums don't get many posts, so I'm posting it here. What do you think of these instructions given by New York? "Trial and error is a valid method for solving an equation or a problem. However, you must clearly write the equation you...
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    Calculation error?

    Is my calculation accurate? cc mpg Diesel price per liter (EUR) Peugeot 407 Hdi 1997 35.8 1.36 1.3 km 1 3.7854 miles per liter US Gallons 9.46 0.143802905027933 2.6 km € 0.37 price per liter miles per liter