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    Calculate return on investment (excel formula)?

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit stumped on this one. Assuming I have the following cells: A1: original deposit A2: the interest rate (%) A3: the duration in days which the interest rates applied to A4: days invested How can I calculate the total return (including the original deposit)...
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    Help , Preparing accounting entries in excel ?

    There are books that teaches preparing Journal entries in Excel I am looking for a book that teaches about Excel sheets like these . Is there a book that teaches you to prepare account related Excel sheets like the above ?
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    The Excel Circle Challenge

    The following formula solution request will be used within a High School students Math class challenge problem. The general problem is to create one formula that combines the Unit-Circle (radius = 1) equation (x^2+y^2 = 1) and the Slope Intercept equation for a line segment (y = mx+b)...
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    Breadboard data in Excel Spreadsheet.

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadboard https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Excel Can we capture Breadboard data in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet? Breadboard data represented as in cells - columns/rows of Excel Spreadsheet. Examples : Resistor10Ohm in A1 cell A1 cell Data type - Text...
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    How to calculate interest % per year? (using POWER in EXCEL)

    I'm trying to calculate the interest per year in MS Excel using the POWER() function, but don't quite understand how to calculate it. Sorry the forum is formatting my writing strangely... Lets say I have So, that means the INTEREST (%) per YEAR should be 100% (as the profit is 100% what was...
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    How Does Microsoft Excel Convert Pictures Into Pixels?

    I attached three screen shots. How does Excel convert pictures into pixels and provide instructions for how to make the pictures with dominoes?
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    Statistics using Excel

    I have been working on a project and it's been several years since I've taken statistics and I've never really used excel for this sort of stuff so I am uncertain if my process is correct. I'm hoping someone will be able to provide some guidance. I am working on something with tornado data...
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    Excel Formula Help

    I am trying to create a formula in excel for the bonus structure below. I would like to get all set up so all I have to do is just track my sales and it will calculate it for me. 1.) Receive 3.5% of sales over $53,000. 2.) Receive $1 per order over 485 3.) Receive bonus for Average...
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    Periodic table data in Excel software.

    Do you feel it is useful to have Periodic table data of elements in Excel software? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    Excel formula help

    We need to work out what we can pay someone based on the following: I = Invoice rate (Supplied by the client at the beginning) Y = Fixed fee of £1.75 M = Margin % (Variable) which is a % of the total invoice Z = Company fee at a rate of 3% of the candidate rate C = Candidate Rate...
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    Excercise with inner product

    Hello, thank you for accepting me. I am studying mathematics, and I have a problem with an excercise which I don't even know if I have placed it in the correct board. Excercise We know that we can define the norm of a function f via the inner product as follows: ||f||=(f•f)^(1/2) If we...
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    Modeling an equation in excel

    Dear My Math Forum users, I'm currently working for an assignment for a course I am following. For this assignment we have to model two equations in excel and produce two timeseries graphs and one state space graph. I appear to have a brain that has trouble to understand math, or lack some...
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    Reverse compound interest excel formula?

    Hi, is there a way to find out the annual compound interest (A), from the interest (I) over (Y) number of years? For example: If interest over 5 years is 300%, so I=5, Y=3.0, how can I calculate A=? Thanks in advance.
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    Euler method and SIR model (Excel)

    Hey guys I have this assigment for tomorrow and its my final assigment combined with 2 classes and I'm almost done but I'm stuck at this spot. The question i have to answer is in another language but i will try to translate and explain it to english. "Describe the S-I-R model of the...
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    What is the best fit for this data

    Hi I have one data set and I am looking for a function that could fit my data well. Preferably I am looking for something I can reproduce in excel and solve with solver. The function can have multiple constants, but not too many. It can also have IF-s or whatever. I am looking for the best...
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    Excel Buy Down a Finance Rate - Subsidize

    Can someone help me? I am trying to build a calculator in excel which will help me know how much it would cost to buydown a finance rate? If I was a car company and the Finance Bill rate was 4.00% how would I calculate how much it would cost me to buy down the rate to offer my customer a...
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    Excel question

    Is there way to select bits of data quivkly and easily? For example I have bunch of dates with corresponding values in the colomn next to them. the dates range fromm 1800 to 2000, and want to sort the dates by the decade. So group 1 will be from 1800 to 1809 group 2 will be 1810 50 1819 and...
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    Calculating Hypergeometric Distribution in Excel

    I attempting to use the hypergeometric distribution calculator in excel for the start of a problem, and I am trying to figure out my issue. This problem should have a prob/result of > 0. The result is 0 Not sure if it makes a difference, but this is excel 2007 for Mac. for sample_s...
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    How to find x in a z-score using excel

    Hi anyone know how to find x in a z score in excel?
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    excel question

    I got a slope of a graph of 9E-05...Can anyone tell me what this means? thanks.