1. A

    Trailing Zeros

    Who can solve this problem?
  2. idontknow

    Equation with factorial

    Solve the equation using inverse gamma-function . n!=6.
  3. idontknow

    Explanation for factorial !

    Why gamma(1/2) is 1/2 \cdot sqrt(\pi) ? Does (1/2)! make sense or applied in physics? If so , then is (1/2)! the product of all real numbers in interval (0,1]?
  4. Y

    largest number using 0 to 9 digits without using two consecutive factorial

    is it the largest number? (0!+12)^3!^4!^5!^6!^7!^8!^9!
  5. idontknow

    Equation with factorial

    a(n!) =[a(n)]! \; \; , n\in \mathbb{N} . a(n)=? By plugging values: n=1 , a(1)=a(1)! , a(1)=1 . Continuing like this, it gives only the solution a(n) equals constant. The other solution is a(n)=n, how to find it?
  6. A

    Reverse Factorial number series.

    To Find Factorial Of A Number Using C Program | Basic , medium ,expert programs example in c,java,c/++ Can we write a computer program which will print the factorials in reverse order? Programming languages could be C,C++,Java,C#, Python etc. Output of the program : 120,24,6,2,1...
  7. M

    Factorial problem

    Could someone please help me ?
  8. M

    Permutations problem

    This is a problem that has come up in my math test recently and I'm unsure whether the teacher's solution is correct: There are 12 people and 3 cars. Each car can fit 4 people. If the owner of the car drives their car, in how many ways could the rest 9 people be distributed in the cars? This...
  9. C

    The number of a number in the prime factorization of a factorial

    How do we find, for example, how many '5's there are in the prime factorization of n! ? I've read that it's floor(n/5), but why is that? Thanks a lot.
  10. idontknow

    Factorial equations

    How to solve without inspection , for n -natural 1) n!=1 2) n!=2 3) n!=6
  11. idontknow

    Another factorial inequality

    Prove that n!^2 \geq n^n for n\in N
  12. A

    Equation with fractional powers

    Hi, I'm a bit scratchy with one of the last part as you can see underlined in purple with W^2/3 = 6 & W^2/3 = -1 ... not sure whether to cube root it somehow... am just stuck. The answer is in red at the bottom. Need clarification on the steps I took, and why I got stuck, and why the answer is...
  13. P

    Solve x! = 2^x + 8

    Hi there, I have no idea how to solve this equation: x! = 2^x + 8 Cheers! Luis P.
  14. B

    Relating Pascal's Triangle and Compound Interest

    I hope that this is the right forum to post this question. In exploring the relationship between compound interest and Pascal's Triangle, I've become stuck at trying to explain why I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain the intermediary steps taken to come to this conclusion.
  15. D

    Factorial relating Pi

    Been working on this problem lately. I realized that ((k!)^2)/(2k)! is equal to 1/[(2n)_C_(n)]. I found its answer contains pi. How to solve this? Should I use the gamma function?
  16. D

    Factorial Summation

    Can someone tell me how to simplify the L.H.S form to R.H.S form?
  17. D


    I don't know where to start.
  18. Rishabh

    Proof regarding divisibility of factorial by composite numbers.

    If N is a composite number greater than 4, prove that: $(N - 1)! \equiv 0(mod N)$
  19. S

    factorial meaning

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is a good Critical thinking question but here goes What is the mathematical meaning of factorial? (besides its mathematical definition, n! = nx(n-1)x(n-2)....x2x1) Thanks,
  20. hyperbola

    Factorial of a decimal?

    Doing my assignment, I'm asked to differentiate: f(x) = 2x^{\frac{5}{6}} Through the mechanical process of differentiation, f'(x) = \frac{5}{6}\cdot 2x^{\frac{5}{6}-1} f'(x) = \frac{10}{6}\cdot x^{\frac{-1}{6}} f'(x) = \frac{10}{6}\cdot\frac{1}{x^6} f'(x) = \frac{10}{6x^\frac{1}{6}} =...