1. Chemist116

    Is there a way to simplify finding the minimum distance between two objects approach?

    The problem is as follows: Two buggies one orange and the other blue are passing through an intersection with constants speeds of $v_{orange}=6\,\frac{m}{s}$ and $v_{blue}=6\sqrt{3}\,\frac{m}{s}$ respectively. Find the minimum approach in meters between the orange and blue buggies. The...
  2. J

    Finding The Equation For An Unusual Sine Wave

    Hello everyone. I made a post in another group trying to find the answer to a question about a particular sine wave, see link: Sadly despite offering a 'bounty' for it, I've not gotten very far...
  3. R

    Need help finding a few values.

    I need help in finding a few values in the example picture. I have plugged in some generic values, I am looking for the math to solve ?? values. How do I find the green h? How do I find the green r? How do i find the blue h? The shape is technically isosceles trapezoid, it is cone...
  4. D

    Finding the Zeros of This Function

    Hi, Any ideas on how to algebraically find the zeros of this function? f(x) = 0.0002x^3 - 0.08x^2 - 5,000 I can graph the function and see that it has a zero at x = 500, however, how can I analytically solve for that value? Is there a trick to factoring a polynomial like this?
  5. G

    What is the use of finding time ratio in this problem?

    Dipak goes to his office, covering half of the distance by auto & rest by metro; total time taken by him to cover complete distance is 50 min. If he covers complete distance by metro, it would take 35 mins to reach the office. On a particular day, he goes to his office & returns by auto; find...
  6. M

    Finding approximately the greatest possible percentage error

    A swamp interferes with the direct measurement of a surveyline AB. Hence, an auxiliary point C is established and the distance AC is measured with an accuracy of 1 part in 1000. Then the angles BAC and ABC are found to be 45 and 30 degrees respectively, with a possible error of 2 minutes in...
  7. R

    Finding the route with the help of arc and total

    Hi! I have a car-network and by using PCPP I have gotten the number of times a road is crossed and the total cost of the optimal route. What is the easiest way to find the optimal route?
  8. D

    Finding Chord length given arc length and arc height?

    I'm not sure this is possible but I'm in the process of building a tent and am trying to get two curved surfaces to meet. How can I find the length of a Chord of a circle if I have the Arc length and Arc height? I'm not sure this is possible without the radius but maybe there is...
  9. R

    Expression for finding common elements in two series

    Hello, First of, I am sorry if I am posting it in a wrong section. If so, can someone please move this thread to the appropriate section? Now, my problem: I have a series of the form S1=x(x+1) and another series S1/k, for any k∈N. Now I want to find the values where the elements of two series...
  10. E

    Finding volume of solid formation using disck method

    find the volume of the solid figure generated by rotating the area of the region bounded y=1/x the x axis x=1 and x=3 about y_axis How to solve this question using ring methode? I've added my way of solving the question but I am not sure if its true if it's not can you please say where I did...
  11. A

    Finding square root of matrix without eigenvector

    A is a 2x2 matrix. (0 -2) (2 0) Find the square root of this matrix. I managed to find one of the square root, because I know A is a 90-degree anti-clockwise rotation stretched by a factor of 2. So I just have to "half" that operation and I get (1 -1) (1 1) However, there...
  12. B

    Finding Values of the Mean using Static Values with only Means - What is the formula?

    Hey, So I have a question about finding values that make up an average. In the example below each number is an average of three values. in the example below I will explain how the averages are made up. As you can see each A - M is a given mean of three values. The last two values in the mean...
  13. MikeAndIke

    Finding the absolute extrema problem

    So, this one is more challenging for me to do, since I normally work with equations/functions without sin or pi involved. The problem:y =2sin^(2)x over [-pi/6,pi/3]. How am I suppose to find the absolute extrema with sin and pi involved? Please show steps on how to do so.
  14. E

    Finding local extrema

    Find the local extrema of the following function F(x)=Sin^2(x)+sinx
  15. B

    Finding local maxima and minima

    question: I solved this, but I'm not sure. It would be really appreciated if you help me. I found (0,0) and (√3/2,√3/2) points. Is it true?
  16. B

    Finding Convexivity or Convavity With 3X3 matrix

    Question: Can u help me pls? :)
  17. Z

    Finding the roots of a 6-degree polynomial

    Hello, I am having trouble finding the roots of a 6-degree polynomial equation in expression form. I hope anyone can help reduce it to a form where the expression for each root can be determine. Thanks, ZeroKool
  18. M

    Finding polynomial of a given degree with given zeros: complext zeros

    I am stuck on this topic in pre-calculas class. I have practiced and read, watched videos and still stuck. Find polynomial f(x) of degree 4 with real coefficients and the follosing zeros -1,2,-3+i Thanks
  19. L

    Finding exact value of the sum of two inverses

    Hi, From my textbook, I have an example saying: cos(arcsec(3) + arctan(2)) = (√5 − 4√10)/15 :unsure: Why is it so? If anyone would want to explain, I would be very grateful. If this had been angles, I could recognize, ex: cos(arcsec(2) + arctan(1)) I would have used the sum identity...
  20. K

    finding angle

    What is the angle alpha in the attached? The angle near alpha at A is 50°, but other than that I can not do it.