1. A

    Having Sum Fun Counting Ordinals

    This is a draft. Knowing me, it is probably nonsensical and filled with errors. I'm trying to enumerate some very large countable ordinal assuming of course that math isn't broken and I can't enumerate $\omega_1$ itself. ... And no, jic, I don't think math is broken. Why? Do you? :spin...
  2. N

    Help with a tough math question for calculus - are you up for the challenge?

    Mike needs help for his anxiety. His doctor gives him an RX is for Xanax (please don't lecture on me on safety, I am already aware. PLEASE don't say I need help or mock me, I have heard it all and it's not for me, its for a friend/family member ). The scenario/question is: " Mike received a...
  3. J

    Calculating Pi for fun.

    Hello, So, I was doing the following equation for fun: (5/2)r^2sin(72) A thought came to my mind I wanted to share. The more sides a regular polygon has, and the smaller the angles, the closer the answer gets to Pi if r=1. I thought this because, the more sides and the smaller...
  4. A

    Today's Fun

    Sometimes I like to think of a little question in the morning and ponder it here and there throughout the day. I'm sure there is probably a fairly easy answer to the following and I'll come up with it later, but until then I thought I would share 'today's fun' with the forum if anyone cares to...
  5. D

    Fun algebra?

    Jack, John and CWS's ============== Canadian Wild Strawberries (CWS) are tiny but tasty. A and B each have a jar containing 400 CWS; they decide to have a CWS eating race; A wins, swallowing his last CWS when B still has 23 left. Took A 13.2 seconds; burp! Next, B takes on C, each with a...
  6. jks

    Fun with World Cup Group Play

    Attached are the point totals of this year's World Cup group (round robin) play. Just for fun, and looking only at the number of points for each team, in which groups may: 1) The outcomes of all 6 matches be determined? 2) The outcomes of 2 matches be determined? 3) The outcome of 1...
  7. H

    I just found out this fun.
  8. R

    Math for Fun, Area of a circle

    If anyone is interested I came across an old and simple method to get the area of a circle and made a lesson out of it. Do you know that you can easily get the formula of the area of a circle from very basic math, without using calculus? In this lesson I will show you how. Please subscribe if...
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    academy17 - a free, fun and competitive learning platform for maths students.

    Hi, My name's Jack. I've recently created It's a not-for-profit and allows GCSE maths students to watch tutorials, solve problems and rank against friends. Feel free to check it out. If you'd like to have a look around, use the email: [email protected] and the...
  10. D

    A fun result on integral

    Hi, n \in \mathbb N, n>1, \{f\in C^0([0.1],\mathbb R) | \int_0^1 f^{2n}\text{ d}x=(\int_0^1 f\text{ d}x)^{2n}\}=\{f|\exists c\in \mathbb R, f=c\} ? Cordially.
  11. M

    Set of problems for fun

    Hi, Let p and q be prime numbers >=2 (q>p) Is there a way other than some program to solve : (1/p)^x + (1/q)^x=1 More generally is there a way to solve : sum((1/(p(i))^x(i))=1 with varying from 1 to n where p(i) is the ith prime x(i) is the ith variable solving the equation...
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    Some Fun and Simple Questions About the Rationals

    This is meant to be a bit of a fun brain teaser. It sure has me stumped. 1- Let w, x be any two rational numbers in $\mathbb{Q} \cap$(0, 1). 2- Where r is any irrational number > 0, let y, z be any two rational numbers in $\mathbb{Q} \cap$(r, 1+r). Question: Is it possible for there...
  13. M

    Maths puzzle - simple, fun and addictive

    Hi guys, I had created this game to improve my calculation skills and now want to share with all of you guys. HOW TO PLAY: You have to arrange numbers in proper order to satisfy the equation. 382 Easy Puzzles 300 Medium Puzzles 259 Hard Puzzles Get the puzzle at Google...
  14. P

    Have fun & solve math problems at the same time - zeus vs. Monsters

    Introduce yourself to great fun and Greek mythology – play Zeus vs. Monsters. Math is not boring and hard, math is FUN! Turn your superior addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills into raging thunder and defend Mount Olympus from Hades and his evil creatures. Start your math...
  15. S

    Fun Math Practice For Elementary School Kids: Zeus vs Monsters - Math Game for Window

    Hi all, Zeus vs Monsters – Math Game for Kids is a new educational game for children on Windows Phone Store. Why am I posting it here? Learning through fun is a teaching method applied widely nowadays. It is hard sometimes, especially for math teachers, to come up with ideas to make math...
  16. D

    Fun statistics puzzle: Girl I used to date probability

    So this is a bit funny, but my buddies and I have been talking about this for the past hour, and we need some help. I didn't actually think it was this interesting, but my friends think it's absolutely incredibly low probability. We would love someone to help calculate the probability of...
  17. E

    Fun with the limit definition of the derivative!

    So I have been using the limit definition of the derivative that involves h, and I have to find the derivative 1/(x+3) So I set the top to have common denominators, and then simplify a bit. I end up with -3/((x+h)(x+h+3), all of which is over h. I know this isn't correct. I'd go into greater...
  18. E

    Fun with Implicit Differentiation!

    So the problem has me implicitly differentiate something, and I got this: y'= (8xy-y)/(6y^2 - 4x^2 +x) and the problem then tells me to find " dy/dx|x=1 " but what does that mean? Just plug in 1 as x? Because then my dy/dx equals a complex fraction with y's in it which doesn't seem right.
  19. D

    Right fun!

    All is integers: (a^2 + b^2) * (c^2 + d^2) = u^2 + c^2 Taking the 2 smallest primitive Pythagorean triangles (3-4-5 and 5-12-13) and using the legs: (3^2 + 4^2) * (5^2 + 12^2) = 25 * 169 = 4225 4 solutions: u....v..sqrt(4225) 16,63,65 25,60,65 33,56,65 39,52,65 From 2 li'l...
  20. V

    Fun Question

    I just came across quite a fun question that, to do properly, requires a simple but effective proof. Can you produce both an answer and the proof?