1. F

    Please help me solve this problem

    The question is in the picture.
  2. R

    Sets functions and iterations

    I am new to algebra and help would be more than welcome to tell me if the process I have built is OK, and if my attempt to apply formula on two sets to create a new one is also OK. Context I have a database containing species records (e.g. 10 different species, with 100 rows by species ; in...
  3. J

    What does this function mathematically do?

    On the website: There is the following explanation: wherein classes are automatically weighted inversely proportional to how frequently they appear in the data. Specifically $w_j =...
  4. G

    Function Composition with Three Function

    Help me. I’m stuck. I’ve tried countless times, but still no good results:furious: I keep having a domain of zero to infinity. I need help with this composition and below is my work with my last step as sqrt zero.
  5. M

    Area enclosed by a function containing two power towers

    Area enclosed by a function containing two power towers: ()=(−ln(↑↑(2)))↑↑(2+1)−-lnx↑↑2k↑↑ Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  6. M

    What will be the minimum value of the function f(x)=arcsin(x)↑↑(2k) as k→∞? Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  7. I

    The inverse of a function

    Hello all, A high school problem: Which is the inverse of the function f(x)=-x+\log_3 x , where x>0? All the best, Integrator
  8. P

    functions, relations, injective,...

    Hello there, I'm new to the kind of math you have to prove, so be patient ^^ Are there any improvements I could make here? In the following, I will talk about $Z$ as a ring. More specifically I consider $(Z,+,\times)$ a commutative and unitary ring, where $Z = \{...,-2,-1,0,1,2,...\}$. I...
  9. idontknow

    Function's range

    Find the range of the function. z(t_1 , t_2 )=\frac{1}{t_1 t_2 } + \frac{1}{t_{1}^{2}}.
  10. O

    Function Existence

    Let a function 𝑓: R → R and some set 𝐴 ⊆ R be given. Denote by 𝑓 (A) the set of all images that will be obtained by applying the function 𝑓 to the elements of the set 𝐴. We define a sequence of sets 𝐺𝑖 as follows: a certain subset of real numbers G0 is chosen, and sets...
  11. OOOVincentOOO

    Audio Analysis Divisor Function

    Hello, The divisor function can be written as a summation of repeating pulses with a frequency. It can be represented with the functions below: $$1) \space \sigma_{0}(x)=\sum_{\mathbb{X}=2}^{\infty} 2^{(-N)} \sum_{k=0}^{N} \binom{N}{k} e^{-i\left( \frac{\pi}{\mathbb{X}}kx \right)} $$ $$2)...
  12. N

    Function Notation to Express a Question

    Part B of the following problem seems to be fairly straightforward, but I can't seem to complete it properly. I might be overthinking the problem entirely. Would anyone be willing to help?
  13. T

    Real-Word function example

    1. Write down the mathematical definition of a function. 2. Go out in the "real world" and find some relationship that illustrates the concept of a function. Write a description of this relationship explaining why you think this fits the mathematical definition of a function. 3...
  14. D

    Limit of postive function with bounded derivative and convergent improper integral

    Is it true that for a continuous function X(t) where X(t)≥0 and \int_{-\infty}^{-T}X(s)ds<\infty and X(t) is bounded together with its derivative: \lim \limits_{t→−\infty} X(t)=0? If so, why?
  15. D

    Finding the Zeros of This Function

    Hi, Any ideas on how to algebraically find the zeros of this function? f(x) = 0.0002x^3 - 0.08x^2 - 5,000 I can graph the function and see that it has a zero at x = 500, however, how can I analytically solve for that value? Is there a trick to factoring a polynomial like this?
  16. A

    n-multilinear alternating function

    I have no idea how to do this problem. Appreciate the help. Thanks!
  17. idontknow

    Limit with zeta function

    Evaluate \lim_{s\rightarrow \infty } \zeta(s)\cdot \zeta(2s)\cdot \zeta(3s)\cdot ...\cdot \zeta(s^2 ) .
  18. A

    Definite integral of box function

    Evaluate integral if [ t + 1]^3 dt from t = 0 to t=x where [.] denotes the box function Please let me know how to proceed
  19. idontknow

    Gamma function

    \Gamma (x+1) =\sqrt{\pi} e^{-x}x^{x} (8x^{3} +4x^{2} +x +1/30)^{1/6} \cdot e^{\lambda (x) }. Where can i find a pdf about this expression of gamma-function.
  20. S

    A function out of the matrix?

    Hi everyone. I have a table of relations between various foods (each with each). Maybe that could be defined as a matrix. Here is a small 4 x 4 example: Rice Soup Ice cream Salad Rice 0 1 2 1 Soup 1 0 2 2 Ice cream 2 2 0 2 Salad 1 2 2 0 (The higher the...