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    Deer Button Game Odds

    Deer Button is a game played by people of Woodland Nations. Players use eight two-colour counters. Players take turns throwing all eight deer buttons at the same time. They win beans according to this table: Number of Buttons of the same colour | Beans Awarded...
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    Hi everyone, I am a software engineer by profession, and a math geek by hobby. I have been working on a new game concept that combine my two passions in a fun way. The prototype for the game could be found at, The game is based on the sudoku puzzles, and...
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    Elements of game theory

    The federal government desires to inoculate its citizens against a certain flu virus. The virus has two strains, and the proportions in which the two strains occur in the virus population are not known. Two vaccines have been developed. Vaccine 1 is 85% effective against strain 1 and 70%...
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    Scrabble board game for 5,6,7 & 8 players. Can Scrabble board game be played between 5,6,7 & 8 players? Can Scrabble board game designed and constructed as Pentagon, Hexagon, Septagon & Octagon help in this regard? Note : This thread should be in Geometry section. Apologies for the same. Thanks...
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    Rare Even in Pinochle game

    I am not an extremely experienced Pinochle player, but I would estimate that I have played thousands of hands. WhatvI am asking about seems extremely unlikely, and the answer that I got for this question seems questionable so.... I'm trying to determine the odds of a seemingly ultra rare...
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    Rational Solutions of the tan function in the context of a video game

    First of all, I'd like to note that I believe I've already solved the problem I'm about to pose (it just comes down to there being just two rational solutions to the tan function) and as such, am not really in need of help with it. I'm only posting this as a log of a "real-world" application to...
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    Expected Amount of Rounds the Game 4 Corners Takes

    I watched video of the game 4 Corners. One person stands blindfolded in the middle. Everybody else picks a corner numbered from 1 to 4 to go to. The blindfolded person picks a corner, and anybody at that corner is out. In the second round, everybody who is left gets a chance to go to any...
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    Chess game variations.

    Can there be Chess game variations if the following is done given below? 1 Remove both the Knights of White and Black and play the game. 2 Remove both the Bishops of White and Black and play the game. 3 Remove one Bishop of White and Black and play the game. 4 Remove one Knight of White and...
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    Legal Ranking Game

    Real-life legal scenario: There is a list of 10 individuals from which one will be chosen to decide your case. There are two parties who each rank their top 6 choices in order and strike their bottom 4. How often is there a tie for the top position? (For example, if the parties rank...
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    Pure strategy in Game Theory

    Hello. One of the very basic questions I have in Game Theory is about Pure strategy. Based on the reading as I understand it, "Pure Strategy is the only strategy for the player which is also the winning strategy." Am I correct about this understanding? On the other hand, Mixed strategy...
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    Game score

    Devi and Weiming played a game. The ratio of Devi's score to Weiming's score was 2:1 a) What fraction of Devi's score was Weiming's score? Answer: 1/2 I'm guessing the reason why it's 1/2 and not 2 is because the the "was"? b) Ann played the same game and the ratio of her score to...
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    What is use of this game

    Hello What is use of this game
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    Betting game sum of two dice

    How to design betting game using sum of two dice where the expected value of a single play is $0.18 in favor of the player? i was thinking: if you roll the sum divisible by 3, you will get $2.54,otherwise,you loose $1?
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    A Rational Game

    This post is to set forth a little game that attempts to demonstrate something that I find to be intriguing about the real numbers. The game is one that takes place in a theoretical sense only. It starts by assuming we have two pieces of paper. On each is a line segment of length two: [0,2]...
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    Probability question about bridge game

    What is the probability of being dealt a bridge hand with exactly 4 honour cards and exactly 4 cards from the 5 through 10? Each hand is dealt 13 cards. Honour cards: 20 cards (A, K, Q, J, 10) From 5 through 10: 24 cards (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5) Others: 12 cards (4, 3, 2) I am thinking about 5...
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    Question about Game Theory Mathematics

    Hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this so I'll ask for guidance here. I'm looking to design a fairly simple board game. Although I suppose it's not really all that simple. It's a cooperation game where all the players work cooperatively to beat the game's evil forces. The game I...
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    Cournot / Bertrand / Game theory- Question

    Hello! I'm preparing for exam in industrial organization and the question in the textbook is this: Suppose, in a duopoly market with uncertainty, market demand is given by P = 140 - 2Q, and marginal cost equals 10 for both firms, which are Cournot competitors. The collusive agreement being...
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    How Many Outcomes Could This Game Have?

    A game has four players and three rounds. In each round, the last place player doesn't get any points. In Round 1, first place gets 3 points, second place gets 2 points, and third place gets 1 point. Round 2 has double the points of Round 1 and Round 3 has triple the points of Round 1. There...
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    Game theory..

    Please help... What is the difference between pure strategy and mixed strategy? I need (1) clear definitions and ( 2) a simple and illustrative example.. Information around the web is not really helpful (at least for me).
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    Balls and Bombs - Android Game

    Hi everyone, I've just released Balls and Bombs to Google Play and thought it might interest some of you. It's designed as a way to keep your arithmetic sharp but in a much more fun way than just bashing through a random list. It's got 6 difficulties so there's something suitable for...