1. Chemist116

    Is it possible to find when two cars will meet given this graph?

    The problem is as follows: The figure from below shows the speed against time of two cars, one blue and the other orange. It is known that both depart from the same spot. Find the instant on seconds when one catches the other. The given alternatives are: $\begin{array}{ll}...
  2. Chemist116

    How can I find the speed and the displacement of an object from acceleration graph?

    The problem is as follows: An object is moving along the $\textrm{x-axis}$ with an initial speed of $+4\hat{i}\,\frac{m}{s}$, its acceleration against time is given in the graph from below. Find the speed on $\frac{m}{s}$ of the object for $t=9\,s$ and its displacement (on $m$) during the...
  3. Chemist116

    How do I find the instant when two moving objects are together using a graph?

    The problem is as follows: The graph from below describes the motion of an electric car and a diesel truck. It is known that they pass through the same point at $t=0$. Find the instant when they are together again. The alternatives in my book are as follows: $\begin{array}{ll}...
  4. B

    Find the limit of f(t) using its graph.

    Exercise: In question c, the answer is does not exist because "As t approaches 0 from the left, f(t) approaches -1 and as t approaches 0 from the right, f(t) approaches 1". The solution above is from Thomas-Calculus 13th edition. I can not understand the order... Why f(t) approaches -1 from...
  5. H

    Graph half-life

    A radioisotope of Krypton has a half-life of 3.0s. A sample of krypton contains 1024x1024 undecayed atoms. Calculate how many undecayed atoms will remain after half a minute My solution → Firstly, I will change 3.0s to a minute 0.05 Then I figure out how many half-lives have been 0.5...
  6. L

    graph coloring

    How many ways I can color these graphs using 3, 4 and 5 palette of colors?
  7. G

    How to represent this statement in graph form?

    How to represent this statement in a diagram? Statement: My friend represented this sentence "Two forces have magnitude of 3N and 5N, and have an angle of 60 between them" into this diagram: But why didn't he represent like this?:
  8. L

    graph coloring

    Any idea how I can do combinatorial proof for graph coloring in the question?
  9. R

    Looking for something like Penner's Easing Functions, but for larger sets of data

    Hey all, I work in CG, I'm a technical director (I help build tools that facilitate the work of animators in 3D animated productions, VFX and the like). We work with keyframes a lot, where we store the transforms of certain objects and parts of characters over time. These keys are represented...
  10. L

    Equation for square root function graph

    Hi, I'm trying to determine the equation for the square root function. Starting point of the graph is at (3,5) pointing down and left and is a square root function. Second point is on (2,4). There seems to be a typo in the explanation in the answer. How...
  11. E

    Graph of a function

    The graph of the function f(x) = a(x– 2)^2(x+ b) is shown in the figure.Find a and b. I solved this question by plugging f(2)=0 then I get b=-2 Then I plugged f(0)=3 and i found a but answer is not true according to my book why is this so??
  12. idontknow

    Graph of a function

    Let y=f(x) How can I know whether the graph of f(x) is a closed curve or not? Example: the circle is a closed curve, y^2 +x^2 =R^2 Without using the graph.
  13. M

    Can't figure this out

    Specifically need to know the answer for A.
  14. M

    Graph help needed ASAP

    Hello people, I need your help as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to everyone engaged in my math problem: We have an end undirected graph (not infinite) and every vertex in that graph has odd degree. Prove that every edge is in even number Hamiltonian cycles (including 0).
  15. I

    What do these equations in graph mean?

    Hello Can anybody let me know what are the variables and formulas below the plot called? Can you point me to some simple examples and do you think it would be necessary to include the formulas in the graph? Thanks!
  16. shadow dancer


    any one can help with this problem: everything is okay until my book says---->T=5-1 I really thought about it but didn't came up with anything :furious: of course I know a=2 ---> a+sin(0)=3 , a=1
  17. C

    Let G be a simple graph with c connected components

    I need help solving the following problem: Let G be a simple graph with c connected components, which have a1, . . . , ak vertices, respectively. Determine the number of ways to add c − 1 edges to G to form a connected graph, in terms of the numbers ai .
  18. H

    Function and graph (2)

    How can I calculate if g(x+1)=2x+3, find g(x) Please help, with details, thank you!!
  19. H

    Function and graph

    Q: Given that the minimum value of the function y=(x+1)(x-3)+k is 8, find the value of k. My answer is 12, however, the model answer is 16. Welcome any idea on this with details calculation, thank you!!
  20. U

    Algorithm that may solve coloring problem

    I have a sudo code that is supposed to try to solve a minimum coloring on a graph. And the question is: Does this code solve this minimum coloring problem to any given graph? Code: for (v = v0; v < vn; v++) v >color = 1; k = 0; do { flag = 0; k++; for...