1. S

    high object and wind pressure

    Hello, For my work i have designed a decor piece. it is 5M high the top is 2 meters wide, and the bottom only 0.4m with a foot of 0.80. (everything is simatrical with 4 sides.) The foots weight is 360kg. now i was wondering how can i calculate with what wind pressure it will fall down? And if...
  2. J

    Help with High School Maths hard question

    Please help!
  3. M

    Very high exponent value

    Bit confused with these kind of problems. I have no clue how to approach. Any hints? Please help. Sorry i posted in geometry. Could you please move to Algebra section?
  4. M

    High School Probability Question

    Here's the question: I am going to babysit my nephew for five days. Each day, I will take him to get a kid's meal at a restaurant. The kid's meal comes packed randomly with 1 of 3 possible toys. I would like to know the probability that my nephew gets all 3 toys in 5 trips. How do you...
  5. A

    Curious about high school factoring

    When we have a quadratic polynomial of the form: ax^2 + bx + c WHY is it factored in such a way that the newly split b term MUST MULTIPLY to make ax^2*c? For example, if we have 4x^2+4x+1 , 4x^2 +2x+2x+1 =2x(2x+1)+ 1(2x+1) =(2x+1)^2
  6. I

    Relationships of independent high dimensional axes.

    Are there any relationships or patterns that can be created between two independent axes of a 4 dimensional object? or 5 dimensions?
  7. S

    College math courses to teach high school AP CALCULUS well?

    A very small private high school offers one period of AP Calculus and a handful of students enroll each year. The position pays around minimum wage, and so the private high school does not require a 4-year bachelor's math degree, teaching license, or even classroom teaching experience. In the...
  8. R

    Introducing Vector Method that can solve almost all high school geometry questions

    [Youtube Video] I don't want to add anything else :P
  9. L

    Best way to learn beyond Calculus in High School?

    I'm going into my Senior year of high school, and I have already taken the highest math class my school offers (AP Calculus BC). I thought I would be ok with this, but at the last minute my schedule changed so I can't take a math-based science class, either. I really love math, and it makes me...
  10. T

    Who can play MatGam with high score like me?

    Hi everybody! Who can play MatGam on Android phone with high score? I played and got 201 points for operator "+" with 2 digits. Therefore, I want to share to here so that everyone can play and increase your ability in calculated speed. Link MatGam...
  11. W

    Praxis 2 high school math calculator

    I am preparing to take the praxis 5161 exam and I am allowed to take a graphing calculator. I want to take my TI Nspire CX CAS but I am not sure if I can use it. Based on what the praxis website says for calculator use, I can use it but I am not 100% sure. Has anyone else used this calculator...
  12. K

    Academic Guidance Studying Math at University: How to catch up the high school basics?

    Hello everyone, I take like my 9000th approach to get into "scientific" math. After I found myself pretty succesful in lectures on logics and such, I still struggle with "true" mathematics at university level. I am not sure, whether I get the more complicated concepts the lectures are about...
  13. A

    High order polynomials

    Hello I am working on high order polynomials and I have two questions: 1. Is there a method other than the one based on the "synthetic division with testing the signs" for identifying the lower and upper limits of the real roots? 2. Is there a way for identifying the smallest interval...
  14. D

    High level facility with math, what do you need?

    I've decided to go back through at least the core undergrad math curriculum over the next year or two (single/multi variable calc, linear algebra, differential equations). The last time I was in a classroom, we made heavy use of the ti-83/89 but otherwise had to spend a lot of time on actual...
  15. 1

    What's the point of high school geometry?

    It seems that most of the stuff you learnt in high school will help you later in life. Even if it isn't related to my major, it may be related to someone else's. This includes most of the stuff in the maths curriculum: probability and statistics, algebra, set theory, etc. are all used in a wide...
  16. M

    Determining the surface area of a shadow cast by an object in high altitude flight

    If a square object is flying at 40,000ft of altitude, what is the area of its shadow cast on earth? Thank you for your help
  17. T

    IB High Level?

    Hey all, I'm currently in IB year one (11th grade) and am in Standard Level. My problem is, I'm bored. Simply fed up with the lack of depth presented in the Standard Level course. I love maths, I have an entire shelf of old textbooks, and I've read them all. I'm good at it too, I'm currently...
  18. L

    Hi! What would you recommend for someone trying catch up on high school maths?

    Hey, I did International Baccalaureate, and due to a mixture of severe illness and laziness I ended up getting a 3 at standard level. :/ I've always been an amateur autodidact and am currently learning to code, and I think coding and maths go hand in hand, complementing one another. I've...
  19. Monox D. I-Fly

    Academic Guidance High School Math Olympiad Questions

    Can anyone here give me some links to where I will be able to get High School math questions of Olympiad level? I need some of them (and they have to be applicative), mainly for Geometry and Trigonometry, as well as to a lesser extent, Calculus. Thanks for the help.
  20. X

    high school homework help??

    A stunt driver for a movie needs to make a 2545kg car skid on a large, flat, parking lot surface. The force of friction between the tires and the concrete surface is 1.75x10^4N and he is driving at a speed of 24m/s. As he turns more sharply, what radius of curvature will he reach when the car...