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    Idea for Recursive Algorithm

    I have a question and I knew you cannot give a complete solution and I need some tips. I should solve this problem with the recursion algorithm. For the last row: The first and second numbers add together then second and third numbers add together and finally third and fourth number add...
  2. C

    Idea to solve this integration

    I was trying to solve a differential equation that I defined to study the dynamics of a system. Meanwhile, I encounter integration. The integration is shown in the image below. I tried some solutions but I am failed to get a solution. In one solution, I took "x" common from the denominator terms...
  3. H

    Good idea?

    Is there already/should someone make a forum discussion/thread where simple math tricks and tips are shared. Please note if there already is one just link it for me. Thanks.
  4. G

    Cross Math Puzzle, no idea how to solve...

    If anyone has any idea how to solve it, please do...
  5. L

    essence and idea

    Essence: a property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or would be what it is. Idea: The term idea is used in two senses: as a synonym for concept or, in a broader sense, as an expression that implies a presence of intentionality. The word derives from the...
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    Just need an idea of how to do this.

    Resolved! Just figured it out!
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    An idea about alternate universes

    So I had an idea about a tennis ball spinning clockwise in one universe, counter clockwise in another universe, top spin in another universe bottom spin in another universe and there are enough universes, say 360, to take into account all the different angles and degrees of spin...
  8. R

    Collatz Conjecture Idea

    Writing from a phone, so please excuse any poor formatting. So obviously with the Collatz conjecture all odd numbers don't need to be checked. That being said would it be just as hard to prove that over time all numbers put through the function have a tendency to decrease in size? I mean...
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    NO idea how to do this Circle problem

    Could I get some help with this question? The question just asks for the length of RS, which I don't know how to calculate. Help with solving the question would be greatly appreciated!
  10. A

    A new idea in geometry

    Since it is impossible to prove, that the ratio of diameters of two circles = the ratio of the circumference of these two circles, A new geometric has been created...
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    No idea where to start

    (1)The tangent line to the graph of y = g(x) at the point (9, 3) passes through the point (6, 9). Find g(9) and g'(9). g(9) = g'(9) = (2)The limit represents f '(c) for a function f(x) and a number c. Find f(x) and c. lim (9(square root of x) - 45/(x-25)) x-->25 f(x) = c = These are...
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    Any idea how to solve this with induction?

    So how can I solve this with proof of induction? 9 | 4^n-3n+8
  13. C

    No idea how to solve this Problem Please if explanations are possible that would be great
  14. G

    Probability problem - no idea where to start

    Hello everyone, I have been working on this question for a few days and I am completely lost on how to solve it. Any suggestions, comments, hints are greatly appreciated. Again, thank you very much.
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    When is path-independent heat a useful idea?

    For Fourier's law \vec{J}=-k\nabla{T}, where \vec{J}= conductive heat flux in \frac{W}{m^2} k=thermal conductivity in W/m-K T=temperature, \frac{1}{k}\vec{J} certainly appears to be a conservative field with temperature as potential and for any path from position a to position b...
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    Wonderful idea!!

    Hi guys! I'd like to recommend you some program, which turned up very helpful for my daughter. She is bad at maths, but when she started play with learning multiplication facts? , she get on with this subject! Trust me, it's a miracle... Aztekium is totally free program for learning...
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    Hello friends +idea for online project

    Hello friends, my alias is Rudin which of course is the famous mathematician responsible for producing some of the highest quality analysis books, and a few topology books. I am 12 y.o and I am currently taking university math courses at the local university. I also have autism spectrum...
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    No idea how to solve this

    This actually really frustrated me. I'm probably a 'just below-average' math student. And this word problem is really difficult. If someone can solve this by showing there work, I'd seriously greatly appreciate it. This allows me to look at what you did and how you got your answer. Here's...
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    Does anyone have any idea how to integrate this?

    (x)/(((v^2)(c^4)(r^2)(x^2)-2(c^4)(x^2)gmr+2(c^4)(r^2)gmx-2(v^2)(c^2)(r^2)gmx+(g^2)(m^2)(c^2)(x^2)-(g^2)(m^2)(r^2)(c^2)+(g^2)(m^2)(r^2)(v^2))^(1/2)) Either a definite integral from 0 to r or an indefinite integral.
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    Just an Idea

    If I take a photo of the House from some distance (x1), and then I move back about distance "d" and take a new photo of the same House from distance "x2" x2=x1+d. Now I have photos and I can get sizes of the house from photos. I take first size "a" and second size "b" a>b because of perspective...