1. L

    Presentations of Imaginary Axis for different types of coordinates and dimensions.

    Could you explain and depict geometrically imaginary axis for different types of real coordinates? I need it on order to understand their meanings both for physical applications IRL and further studying on pure mathematics. P.S. Are there any connections between imaginary axis on...
  2. T

    Real and Imaginary Numbers

    Good morning, I am working on a problem where I am finding the 4th Coefficient in a sample of 4 discrete time Fourier Series coefficients. I got the sum but now I have to solve for a_3 which consists of a real and imaginary part. Any assitance on how to solve for the a_3? Thank you. a_k...
  3. A

    imaginary golden ratio

    The post on the imaginary golden ration looks interesting, but the formulas do not display on my Chrome browser. Is there anything I should do to display the formulas?
  4. T

    So I got this imaginary number...

    I don't think I did this question correctly but anyways what am I suppose to do with this number? Did I make a critical mistake and caused it to be imaginary? Is there more I can do?
  5. R

    Equate Real and Imaginary Parts of Expression

    Let h = s + it, then (e^h) - 1 - h = (e^s *cos(t) -1 -s)+ i(e^s*sin(t) -t) =(e^s*cos(t-1) + e^s -s) + i(e^s*sin(t-t) +t(e^s -1)) This means that (e^s cos(t) -1 -s) =(e^s cos(t-1) + e^s -1 -s) , and (e^s sin(t) -t)= (e^s sin(t-t) +t(e^s-1)) But why? How can we see this?
  6. H

    imaginary numbers! need help!

    Can somebody kindly assist me with this problem: Find all non-‘real complex numbers z such that z^2 = 2z- . Also please note that the dash is over the unknown variable z.
  7. H

    Real and Imaginary parts

    Hi guys, I'm really stuck on this question; if you could help, it would be really great, thanks.
  8. E

    Hi how can I solve this problem with complex numbers?

    A complex number z with imaginary part 164i has the property that z/(z+n) = 4i, where n is a positive integer. Find n
  9. Abisha100

    Axis of Imaginary Numbers: Constructions?

    If I can make an axis across which imaginary numbers have some gradient of positive and negative values, I can hypothetically create an axis that is somehow altered (not unlike using different base systems other than the standard base-10 system). The idea is to use imaginary numbers to create...
  10. M

    Angle of the Imaginary Plane

    Hello all, If I imagine the imaginary axis and the real axis, it makes me wonder what angle the imaginary plane is? I always think the the real axis as the number line, so if I look at it end on, it becomes a point and the imaginary axis can be at any angle normal to the line. The only...
  11. A

    Imaginary unit...Real question

    from if anyone uses, maple, their facility for checking that a number 'x' is algebraic is called by: type(x, algnum) and if you do so for x=-i you will note that this Boolean returns false, where as if you check the Euler–Mascheroni...
  12. H

    Questions about imaginary number i

    As we all know, i = square root of -1 i squared = -1 i is an argument of half pi Here are my questions If i was cubed would it equal 1? Is i squared an argument of pi? If i cubed does equal 1 would it be an argument of tau? My Laptop can't handle latex :(. I want this...
  13. idontknow

    imaginary part

    Is there any imaginary part of Z ? Z=i+\sqrt{i}
  14. H

    Is the sine or cosine inverse of improper fractions imaginary?

    Greetings. I am Hariharan, a class 9 student. Of late, I've been working with Rene Descartes' method of geometric square root extraction (See SquareSquareRootConstruction). I tried to deduce an algebraic equation to find the square root of any number from this. Working further, I got some...
  15. L

    Solver gets an imaginary cookie

    What is the length of "c"? Please post the explanation
  16. E

    Find imaginary time

    I don't know what the math is to convert this to readable time. 1509949440 = 9 minutes and 0 seconds 16777215 = 0 seconds/minutes 2868903936 = 17 minutes and 12 seconds 2801795072 = 16 minutes and 42 seconds
  17. S

    How are imaginary numbers not closed under subtraction?

    I was looking at the MTEL practice test, and according to one of their questions, imaginary numbers are *not* closed under subtraction. Did they make a mistake? It's clearly obvious that when you subtract two imaginary numbers, it's still imaginary! I feel extremely bothered. The only...
  18. P

    Power series - proof for substituting an imaginary number for x

    Hi guys, I saw this forum and I thought you could help. I'm currently trying to prove Euler's formula in depth. I am wondering, is there any proof for the theorem you would use to substitute "iy" for "x" in the Maclaurin series expansion of e^x? I know it is possible, but i have no idea...
  19. G

    What are imaginary numbers?

    At school I really struggled to understand the concept of imaginary numbers. My teacher told us that an imaginary number is a number which has something to do with the square root of -1. When I tried to calculate the square root of -1 on my calculator, it gave me an error. To this day I do not...
  20. X

    real vs imaginary

    Hope I have the right forum section for this question. For a complex variable z=x+iy i = -1^1/2 What are the real and imaginary parts of g(z)=e^sin(z) This question confuses me, since i is a negative radical it is imaginary therefore this would make z imaginairy correct? the rest of e^sin(z)...