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    integration prob.
  2. BonaviaFx

    Integration Problem

    Problem: (x+1)/(2x+3) re-writing the problem to: 1/2 - 1/(2(2x+3)) can be solved quite easily, but my question is can this problem be solved without re-writing it? I attempted to solve it but my final answer doesn't match but is quite similar. Thanks
  3. B

    Complex numbers integration

    Hey guys, I'm taking my hardest math exam this Tuesday and I could use some help with an example. z=a+ib is a complex number in F(z)=integral e^(-zt)dt from 0 to infinity. Wolfram says: F(z)=integrate e^(-zt)dt from 0 to infinity where z=a+ib - Wolfram|Alpha Find the upper boundary for |F(z)|...
  4. H


    How is the integral of ((x/√1-x^2)DX) = - integral d(√1-x^2)
  5. L

    Integration by parts tricky problems

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to solve some integral by using the Integration By Parts Method, however I have not a clear idea how to proceed. I hope someone can show me the procedure and the answers: Thank you in advance
  6. R


    an integration problem i encountered: integration(0 to infinity) ( (x^3)/(e^(-x) - 1) )dx
  7. T

    Parametric Integration Problem

    Hi there, I have a parametric integration problem that I've been stuck on for the past few hours and can't seem to get through it. x=t^2-(pi/4)^2 y=4sin2t where pi/4 <= t <= pi/2 Find the area between x=0 and x=2pi So I tried to get those points in terms of t, but one that I was unsure about...
  8. J

    Integration of 1/sinx+cosx

    I'm given this $\int\frac{1}{\sin x+\cos x}dx$. My attempt, $\sin x+\cos x=R\cos (x-\alpha)$ $R\cos \alpha=1$ and $R\sin \alpha=1$ $R=\sqrt{1^2+1^2}=\sqrt{2}$, $\tan\alpha=1$ $\alpha=\frac{\pi}{4}$ So, $\sin x+\cos x=\sqrt{2}\cos (x-\frac{\pi}{4})$ $\int\frac{1}{\sin...
  9. szz

    Integration of three function product

    Hi all, I have an exercise where is asked to me to calculate this integral: \begin{aligned} F = \int_{-\infty}^{+\infty} f^2e^{-4f}(2 + 2\cos(\omega f))\,\text df\\ \end{aligned} But it's not asked to me to solve it analitically, and I can use symbolic calculus software to solve it . The...
  10. szz

    Doubt with impulse response integration

    Hi all, I started to study impulse response and Fourier Transforms, and I have a little doubt solving an exercise. I have to to calculate the impulse response function h(t) of the function: y(t) = x(t) + {1 \over 2}\int_{t-1}^t x(\tau)\,\text d\tau Where x(t) is a signal.. I know that...
  11. A

    Please help with integration

    The problem is: Use logarithmic integration to find the integral of the following (x(x^n+a^n))^-1. I cannot really see where to start Thank you
  12. G

    Integration problem

    Any help on this would be much appreciated. I tried asking my teacher how to do this and he just said he's forgotten. A particle moves along an s-axis. Use the given information to find the position of the function of the particle. v(t)=3t^2-2t; s(0)=1
  13. C

    Some help with integration?

    The original question (along with the suggested solution). I'm curious about the process behind the circled terms The written notes is of my own working. I'm pretty much stuck from the circled term onward (assuming I'm correct)
  14. R

    Where to begin with this RMS question.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction with this question that would be great. I've uploaded the question and the equations for mean value and RMS. Mean value should = 200/pi and RMS value should = 70.7
  15. W

    Finding the mean using integration

    So y=x^-1/2.Find the mean value of 1/y in the interval x is less than or equal to 4 and x is greater than or equal to 1?
  16. H

    Complex integration of hyperbolic cosine

    I am researching Electroosmotic flow for a research paper and the velocity distribution has a complex hyperbolic cosine which has to be integrated and I cannot find out how and why the solution is what it is. It has something to do with Gauss' hypergeometric function but I am a little lost...
  17. M


    Hi All, Can anyone tell me why this is a negative? Integrate 1/2cos(3x-pi) dx = -1/6sin3x + c and this is not Integrate 6cos(6x+5) dx = sin(6x+5) + c Thanks
  18. J

    Integration of Heaviside Function

    Hello, Can anyone give further explanation of this operation?? The autor changed integration limits and the Heaviside function became 1.
  19. O

    Derivative of integral with variables as limits of integration? Fundamental theorem o

    I need to find the derivative of the integral of a function as shown in the picture. But the limits of integration are variables and I don't know how to go about solving this. Please help me! Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  20. N

    Integration problem

    This is a problem I created myself, but I am surprised that the solution ended up being so simple, so I am wondering where I went wrong (assuming that I did). Consider a function $f(x)$ such that for every $n$, $\displaystyle\int_0^1 x^n f(x) dx = n$. Find $\displaystyle\int_0^1 x^{n+1} f'(x)...