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    Solve Interest Rate Increasing Annuity

    The following formula gives the initial payment for an increasing annuity (see: P=V * (r-g)/(1-((1+g)/(1+r))^n) I need help solving for r. Can anybody help? Thanks
  2. G

    Where I am doing wrong in this simple interest problem?

    A certain sum of money at certain rate of interest becomes 2100 in 2 years at simple rate of interest and 2250 in 5 years. Find the rate of interest? 2250 corresponds to 5 2100 corresponds to 2 ---------------- (subtracting) 150 corresponds to 3 ?? >>> 2 100 corresponds to 2 then for...
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    Simple Interest Rate

    John receives an invoice for USD 1000 with payment due within 30 days. The terms of payment allow for a discount of 2.5% if the bill is paid within 7 days. He borrows USD 975 to take advantage of the discount. What is the largest simple interest rate that John would be willing to pay the loan?
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    Clarify three doubts in simple interest problem.

    A sum of Rs 400 amounts to Rs 480 in 4 years. What will it amount to if the rate of interest is increased by 2%? 400*8/100 = 32 480 + 32 = 512. What is 480? Is it SI or amount? How 8/100 came? What is 512? Is it SI or amount?
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    compound interest

    Hello please I need help understanding both questions use the compound interest formula a= p(1+i)^n to answer the following questions: 1). What type of equation is present if n is constant equal to 1, rather than a variable? 2). What type of equation is present if i, A, or P are constant...
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    How to calculate interest % per year? (using POWER in EXCEL)

    I'm trying to calculate the interest per year in MS Excel using the POWER() function, but don't quite understand how to calculate it. Sorry the forum is formatting my writing strangely... Lets say I have So, that means the INTEREST (%) per YEAR should be 100% (as the profit is 100% what was...
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    How to find compound interest

    Hello How to find compound interest if there is compound amount is Rs 5774 and time is 6 months principle amount is Rs5662 and interest is Rs112 how to find interest ? CI=P[(1+r)^n-1]
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    How to solve this confusing Simple interest problem?

    A sum of Rs 3,974 is lent to at SI at a rate which makes it 5 1/2 times of itself in 9 years. What will be the ratio of final amount. When the same amount is put at SI for 13 years and 17 years respectively? Ans: 15:19
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    Looking for ways to spark interest in math for 5-yr old daughter

    I recently I reunited with my 5 yr old daughter after overcoming long family feud and has been together for few months to develop bond. If everything goes well, I am looking for a brighter side and would really like to introduce her love for math. Her mom does not resist but also not much...
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    Average Weighted Interest Rate

    Dear, I've got a problem which I am unfortunately unable to solve. How can I compare the 3 loans below, to get an Average Weighted interest rate? Loan 1 Loan: 100.000 Residual Value: 0 Period: 60 months Nominal Interest Rate : 2% Loan 2 Loan: 50.000 Residual Value: 10.000 Period: 72 months...
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    Relationship between monthly and annually based interest rate?

    My question is quite simple like if I know that the interest I have got from a bank this month is x then can I say that the annual interest rate which I will get from the bank is 12 multiplied by x. I am asking this because sometimes you don't just add up the percentage and actually you do...
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    Complicated Compound Interest Problem

    I have a sheet that says contributing \$25 per month will make \$4,082 after ten years (120 months), but the interest rate is not specified. If a constant interest rate is applied to the principal and a new \$25 every month, does the \$4,082 after ten years provide enough information to solve...
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    a question about compound interest

    How long does it take to pay off 125000 dollars if the annual interest rate is 5.5% and compounded monthly with a monthly payment of $710? my attempted solution I use the formula: final amount = principal x (1 + interest rate)^time final amount=125000 dollars principal=710dollars/month...
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    Percentages and Interest Problems

    Whenever I see percentages and Bank Interest problems, my mind goes off and get confused like anything. I really do not understand which point to start and end. The same with ratios and proportions. Yes I agree that it is mostly dependent on problems. But can you please suggest me some good...
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    What is rate of interest if principal amount is double n time is 25/4 yr?
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    Need help with true interest rates

    Hi, im having trouble with a problem, and have no idea where to begin. The question is: The price of a certain new car is $8000. Suppose an individual makes a down payment of 25% towards the purchase of the car and secures financing for the balance over 4 years. If the monthly payment is...
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    Please help in a compound interest problem

    Mr. X took a loan of $10000 from his friend Mr. Y at 5% interest rate. Mr. X calculated the liability after 3 years. But Mr. Y compounded the loan account quarterly. How much extra money Mr. X needs to pay? Please help me solve this.
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    Is total of interest?

    Hello, What means ' Is total of interest' ?
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    Compound Interest

    I know the compound interest formula and how it works, but how would I go about finding how much an initial deposit should be? Jamal wants to save $54,000 for a down payment on a home. How much will he need to invest in an account with 8.9% APR, compounding daily, in order to reach his goal...
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    Factoring interest formula

    Hi, Trying to understand what I assume is a simple factoring problem from an interest rate formula which calculates the future value of an asset. After one period we have : 100+(0.1)*100 = 100+(1.01)^1 From an intuitive perspective, it makes sense but I don't see how it works out...