1. X

    Scaling among nonequal values.

    1) Start with two constants (k = 200 & h = 200). Then introduce two new variables, (a = 10.5 & b = 8.9). What I'm doing is scaling k and h equally, inversely and relative to the variables. So in this example, my equation would be c = (10.5-8.9)/(10.5+8.9). Then k = k*(1+c) and h = h*(1-c)...
  2. I

    The inverse of a function

    Hello all, A high school problem: Which is the inverse of the function f(x)=-x+\log_3 x , where x>0? All the best, Integrator
  3. L

    The countless inverse of x-->0

    As x-->0 does 1/x pass through numbers of cardinality approaching infinity?
  4. Y

    Tan inverse

    1)- if tanC= -0.6687 find C to the nearest degree C? MY ANSWER -33.77064668 OR SHOULD IT BE -33.80 2)- COS 59 = X/36 X = (COS 59)* (36) = 18.5713707 CORRECT?? 3)- sin 25= 34/x x= (sin 25) * (34) = 14.3690209 correct ??? thanks
  5. A

    Hard Inverse function f(x) problem

    So I have this problem f(x)=x^3+x+1 and I need to find the inverse of this function.I know that you have to use differentiation but the problem is I see this solution (f^-1)(3)=1 but I don't understand the steps to reach that conclusion.There was another one (f^-1)(3)=5 and this looked the same...
  6. S

    The unique multiplicative inverse

    How can prove that the multiplicative inverse is unqiue?
  7. A

    Inverse of a matrix of decimal or floating numbers.

    Can we find the Inverse of a 3*3 matrix having the following decimal number elements? 1.2 2.3 4.5 6.1 4.2 2.9 7.4 3.5 8.7 Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  8. T

    Inverse of function with 3 variables

    So, I do have a formula that generates a point, to do so, it will compute with 3 variables (u, v, a) and I want to find out what the variables are for a given point. Here's the function: \binom{u}{v}+\frac{u*\sin(e)-v*\cos(e)}{sin(a)}*\binom{\cos(a+e)}{\sin(a+e)} +...
  9. happy21

    Solving inverse trigonometric equation

    Hello, If \left [ \textrm{arccot} x \right ]+\left [ \cos^{-1}x \right ]=0. where x is a non-negative real no. and [.] denotes the greatest integer function, then what will be complete set of values of x satisfying this equation? Thx.
  10. happy21

    Series sum of inverse sin

    Hi, How can we evaluate \sum_{i=1}^{2n}x_{i} given, \sum_{i=1}^{2n}\sin^{-1} (x_{i})=n\pi Thx.
  11. idontknow

    Inverse Logic

    From A we solve B or A\rightarrow B By inverse we get B\rightarrow A \rightarrow A\equiv B Let's use it to solve equations below: Given equation a(x)=b(x)we transform to a(x)-b(x)=0 or z(t)=0 From \frac{dz}{dt} =0 we find extremum of z(t) (if it exist ofc) Now by inverse theory we find value...
  12. T

    Need solve of integration.

    What is the integral of ∫ cos inverse(√x/√(x+a)) dx?
  13. Z

    Left Inverse Matrix question

    Let Y1 and Y2 be two left inverses of a matrix A. a) Show that if b + c = 1 then Y = bY1 + cY2 is also a left inverse of A. b) If we remove the condition that b + c = 1 is Y still a left inverse of A? I am not sure I did it correctly. Would anyone confirm my answers?? Thanks.:D My Answer(a)...
  14. J

    Burr Distribution Derivation from Inverse Weibull

    A Weibull distribution, with shape parameter alpha and Am I supposed to find the MGFs of both distributions and then use the iterated rule/smoothing technique/law of total expectation followed by uniqueness theorem to find the PDF of the Burr distribution? Or am I supposed to use the...
  15. J

    Inverse laplace transform, formula help me a little ;)

    I have to find y, but I don't have a formula to solve that one, if anyone have an idea... y=L−1[(e−2πs*s−2)/(s2+4)]
  16. M

    inverse of e^(-x) * sqrt(x-1)

    Hi, first time posting here. :) I need help with solving inverse of this function: I searched the internet for some answers but couldn't find anything. I would be really thankful if you could help me.
  17. Z

    Finding matrix A inverse...

    If A is an n x n matrix and it satisfies the equation: A^3 - 4A^2 + 3A - 5I_n = 0 then A is non-singular and its inverse is ??????
  18. P

    Inverse Matrix Problem Help

    Bond Investment: An investment company recommends that a client invest in AAA, AA, and A rated bonds. The average annual yield on AAA bonds is 6%, on AA bonds 7%, and on A bonds 10%. The client tells the company she wants to invest twice as much in AAA bonds as in A bonds. How much should be...
  19. R

    Inverse Function question

    I'm retired and write computer programs as a hobby. I'm not up on calculus, only had algebra & trig years ago. But I've written a computer program to calc the sin of an angle using the (I think) Taylor series. Anyhow it works as I checked my answers with online calcs. Now I want to write a...
  20. D

    Inverse trigonometric function

    I would appreciate if anyone could help me with this task about the following function: f(x) = \frac {sin x}{x^2 - arctan(x)} for x \neq 0 f (x) = -1 for x=0 a) Decide if f is continuous in 0. b) Decide if f is differentiable in 0 by using the definition of the derivative...