1. P

    Why are things squared in formulas about light, space etc.

    As a beginning math student I've wondered: why is the square prominent in math formulas about the natural world, instead of the circle? Circular light beams, elliptical solar systems and galaxies, Inverse Square Law, seem to me better defined in terms of the circle than squares, which don't...
  2. N

    Light Hard Drives Question how far do I have to place the holograms for optimal capacity?
  3. M

    Everyday we stray further from God's light

    So far from God's light, so close to sports stream spam.
  4. M

    What is the the clock frequency for a Traffic Light System?

    I'm simulating a Traffic Light System using different Logic Gates and Chips. Also, I gave a timing for every change. Applying this, what should be the equation for a clock timer?
  5. S

    A light elastic spring hanging vertically with a mass attached to its lower end.

    A light elastic spring has a natural length $a$ and modulus of elasticity $λ$. The energy stored in the spring when it is stretched is $$\frac{λx^2}{2a}$$ where $x$ is the extension. A light elastic spring of natural length $0.2m$ and modulus of elasticity $50N$ hangs vertically with one end...
  6. S

    A particle of mass m attached to a light inextensible string of the length a.

    One end of a light inextensible string of length $a$ is attached to a particle of mass $m$. The other end is attached to a fixed point $O$ which is at a height $\frac{5}{2} a$ above the horizontal ground. Initially the string is taut and horizontal. The particle is then projected vertically...
  7. idontknow

    Light as Wave

    If speed of light is constant \lambda v=\frac{E}{p}=\frac{\partial\phi/\partial t}{\partial\phi/\partial x} , \: \; \delta_t(\lambda v)=0=\delta_x(\lambda v) \: since \lambda v = c \phi_t ''\phi_x '-\phi_t '\frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial x \partial t} =0=\frac{\partial^2...
  8. A

    Light calculus I think

    Gas kept in cylinder changes height through piston. Volume of cylinder V= pie r^2 h The pressure of a gas is given by the formula - pV = 5430T Given T = 293 degree kelvin Radius cylinder 1 m Show how this can be written as p = 5.07 x 10^5 / h...
  9. L

    Light diffraction

    The mass is the allocation (buffer) of the energy (photons) that creates space-time distortion. When is the reference speed of light in vacuum without gravity in the unit length of the radius of a photon, the photon motion can be described by the equation of diffraction f (v) = arcsin...
  10. M

    Light bulb problem

    I have 1000 light bulbs. I need to put all of them into light fixtures that hold the following number of lights: 8 bulbs per fixture 4 bulbs per fixture 2 bulbs per fixture 1 bulb per fixture I need to know how to allot the lights to the fixtures when: 60% of the fixtures are 8-bulbs...
  11. B

    antimatter by superposition of light

    Positron emission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Positron emission happens when an up quark changes into a down quark Visual Integer Factor, a 2d grid where integer multiply (and unary counting and plus and factoring, if you know which path to move the puzzle pieces), is shaped...
  12. B

    Superconduct electron positron plasma convert light to push - ordinary balloon

    I was thinking about static electricity, why lightning keeps going after it starts, and why an ordinary balloon will smaller lightning if static electricity is spread around it. When such a balloon is saturated with electrons, the photoelectric property requires that any light absorbed must...
  13. Z

    Light inside the ocean exponential regression

    When light gets down through/inside the ocean, we will lose light itensity with I(x) with the depth x. When we measure the light intensity in % of the light intensity in surface waters and the depth in meters We get this table: X(m) = 0 10 20 30 60 80...
  14. C

    How I can solve this Q about the intensity of light

    hey there I am student I want help The question Suppose that diameter of a circular rod is given by f(x) mm, where x is the intensity of light on the circular rod. If f(x)= (160 x^(-0.4)+ 90)/(4 x^(-0.4) + 15), fine the diameter of circular rod with minimum light and maximum...
  15. B

    A faint light on FLT?

    The first case of FLT will be our concern again. All numbers are natural So Χ^Ν+Υ^Ν=Ζ^Ν , where odd prime N doesn’t divide XYZ. Then it is long known there are R,S,T,D,E and F that are not multiples of N satisfying: X+Y=R^N, Z-X=S^N, Z-Y=T^N...
  16. B

    Schrodingers Cat between 3 coins flipped but light hasn't reached the cat yet

    Far away in each of 3 corners of some triangle, 3 madmen each flip a coin and time it to land when their local clock ticks the next second, then immediately radio broadcast how it landed as something a machine could understand and act on instantly when hearing that. Closer to the center of the...
  17. B

    My theory predicts - 2 fresnel-rotation partial mirrors are a light engine

    Part of theory explained here (I'll organize it later) A laser works by 2 mirrors, 1 of them a partial mirror to let a little of the light out, bouncing light back and forth as it...
  18. B

    Any shape of glass that bends rainbow light into laser can also hologram in sky

    "AP Physics 2: Optics 5: Dispersion Prism and Rainbow" light bends in prisms at an angle that depends on the angle of the border it hits and difference in speed of light (in air or in the prism, or prism and air on its way out). A prism that...
  19. B

    Lightnut - like a metal nut which bolts go in - Threads are light's wavelength

    Here's an example of something similar in function but not in shape: TFT / LCD Monitor - How it works! (3D Animation) A lightnut is shaped like a normal nut, which metal bolts screw into. The only difference is its threads are much smaller and...
  20. G

    if light cannot bend then how refraction & reflection of light works?

    if light cannot bend then how refraction & reflection of light are working? is it still mystery or any other theory is there for this?