1. R

    How to solve limits (factoring)

    Hi everyone, if anyone is interested, here is a lesson on how to solve limits by factoring. Please let me know if you have any comment. yIgOVnpBcV4
  2. Z

    Limits Observation

    Let {a_{n}} be a sequence. \lim_{n\rightarrow \infty}a_{n}=L if, given \epsilon, N exists st |a_{n}-L| < \epsilon for all n > N but there are an infinite number of sequences which satisfy this condition, NO MATTER WHAT \epsilon is, namely all sequences which are the same up to a_{N}, so...
  3. A

    please help with these questions on Limits

    Need help urgently
  4. A

    please help me with these questions on limits

    Hi Hi, hope to make new friends and improve on math
  5. fedeblaze

    GeoGebra and Limits at Infinity (Commands)

    Hi guys! Would you help me with all the commands on GeoGebra that you know to graph Limits at Infinity? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. :wink:
  6. fedeblaze

    Can you help me to demonstrate these limits? [It's URGENT!!!!]

    Hello! :wavespin: Thank you for bothering to help me with this.... I need you to please help me with these points of my calculus activity. ;) The subject is called Trigonometric Limits. The first one [A] has to be demonstrated using the sandwich theorem. And the second [F] has to be...
  7. L

    Limits to topology?

    What effect has replacing the spaces of each genus-one manifold with a genus-zero solid, and vice versa? Is a singularity -- solid or spatial -- allowed in topology? Can a topology invert universally from a solid or spatial singularity to approach infinity (while conserving their manifold...
  8. idontknow

    Basic limits

    1)\lim _{x\rightarrow 0} \frac{(x-\sin x )^n }{x^ 3} \; \; , n\in N 2) \lim _ {x\rightarrow 0} \frac{\cos x - \cos ^\sqrt{7} x}{x^2 }
  9. Z

    Closed Thread: Real Numbers and Limits.

    Why was subject thread only closed after I attempted to respond to a question? What I have to say was not said before, that an infinite decimal sequence, THE SEQUENCE, is the real number, not it's calculus limit. If someone was interested in what I had to say, why couldn't I respond without...
  10. Z

    Real Numbers and Limits

    REAL NUMBERs are defined uniquely by "infinite" (unending) sequences of natural numbers. The sequence IS the real number. LIMIT is a defined property of real numbers.
  11. L

    Limits' and reals' cardinality

    Does the limit function relate to a maximum cardinality? Does the set of real numbers, as they are an "absolute" continuum? Can one map the set of real numbers onto a finite surface? By bijection?
  12. D

    Calc Limits

    Please help with limits. Also, I would like to have an explanation so I can understand how to do this. Image: I understand limits in general, just not what this problem asks for; help is very appreciated, please, and thank you! :)
  13. S

    help with limits of sequences

    Hello I really troubled with the following questions u_n = \left(\frac{2n^3 - 4n^2 + 5}{10n^3 + 100}\right)\cdot2^{-n} w_n = \left(\frac{3n + 2}{4n^2 + 8n + 5}\right)\cdot\left(\frac{(1 - n)^3}{(14 - 5n)^2}\right) e_n = \frac{2^n + 3^{n - 1} + 5^{2n + 2}}{4^{n - 7} + 5^{2n}} b_n =...
  14. A

    Demonstration that the derivative of ln equals 1/x

    Hi! Nice to meet you all <333 I would be tremendously grateful if you could possibly give an answer to my questions and help me with this. I have two questions: first of all, what is the limit of an exponential function as x approaches 0? Is it 1? Second one: how exactly could I...
  15. L

    String twist limits

    Take a string initially of diameter D and length L, where L>>D. Twist the string until it forms a helix. Repeat until the limit near L~D. What is the resultant geometry? Take a string with the above starting L and D, connecting ends with itself to form a "torus" with N/2 string twists, where...
  16. A

    Converting limits to integral

    Hi all, I am lost trying to solve this limits question (see photo). Is there anything wrong with my method? I'm not very sure if I got the conversion right...
  17. C

    Statements True Or False (Limits)

    This is the question i can't solve. I graphed the functions here. But finding the statements is somehow not clear for me for example i don't know what will be the limit on x=2.
  18. C

    Limits questions help

    Hi i'm kinda having problems with these two questions. I wasn't at the lecture and i don't know how to solve them.
  19. L

    Solving limits with ln integral

    \lim _{n\to 1}\:\frac{1}{n-1}\int _1^n\:\left(lnx\right)^2dx Having trouble with this question in my assignment, any help is greatly appreciated! :D
  20. I

    Limits of Sequences

    Hello guys! Really need help with this problem. (I'm sorry, can't upload this photo)