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    Linear Algebra + three equations and two parameters

    Find the values of the parameters a and p for which the system x+5y=6 -6y+az=p x+ay+z=p+4 has infinitely many solutions I don't really know how i should find the value for the parameters. Should i do a gaussian elimination?
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    2nd order linear IVP

    Hi, I have been struggling with a second order homogeneous differential equation problem was hoping to get some help please. In a galvanometer, the deflection Ø satisfies the differential equation: d²Ø/dt² +4dØ/dt +4Ø = 8 Solve the equation for Ø given that when t = 0, Ø = dØ/dt = 2
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    Linear functional prove

    I succeed in proving that the right side is contained in the left side of the equation, but I didn't succeed to prove the opposite direction. I think I should do here something with bases for each of the spaces here, but I don't know how. Please help me here...
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    Linear algebra problem

    I appologize ahead of time that math isnt my strong suit, I understand most the basic concepts but lots of gaps. So forgive me if i miss use a concept. So I am working in a 3d engine intergrating a physics library. The physics library uses a world coordents which are located in the center of...
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    Linear Algebra problem

    Hi, Can anyone help me on this one? Find the values of the parameters a and p for which the system: x+5y=6 -6y+az=p x+ay+z=p+4 has infinitely many solutions. Is it necessarily true that a (non-homogeneous) system with as many unknowns as equations has infinitely many solutions, given that...
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    Linear Systems Problem

    Hi, this question was found in my calc 2 textbook and I'm not sure how to solve it. Laboratory mice are fed with a mixture of two foods that contain two essential nutrients. Food 1 contains 3 units of nutrient A and 2 units of nutrient B per ounce; food 2 contains 4 units of nutrient A and...
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    what can you conclude about the number of solutions of the linear system Ax = b?

    Let A be a 3×4 matrix. If b=a1+a2+a3+a4 then what can you conclude about the number of solutions of the linear system Ax=b? Explain. How to solve this? I am trying but did not get anywhere. Help please.
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    Linear Independence

    Are the matrices 1 1 1 1 0 -1 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 1 -1 -1 linearly independent? Can you show me how you obtain the answer?
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    2 Order Linear Nonhomogeneous ODE problem

    I have a problem working out the particular solution for this ODE: y''-y'=4cosh(x) yh = Ae^0x + Be^x = A + Be^x yp => cosh(x) = 0.5(e^x + e^-x) 4cosh(x) = 2(e^x + e^-x) yp = Cxe^x + Dxe^-x yp' = Cxe^x+Ce^x - Dxe^-x + De^-x yp'' = Cxe^x + Ce^x + Ce^x + Dxe^-x - De^-x - De^-x...
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    Linear Equations

    Hi I'm having a really hard time on these question and honestly don't know how to solve them. Find the equation (in the form y=mx+c) of the line a) passing through (1,5) with slope 6 c) passing through (3,-1 1over3) and having slope -1 e) vertical and passing through (6,-3) Equations of...
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    System of Linear Equation

    Hi, I'm trying to graph this Linear equation. The first equation in black is: 2x-5y=0 The second in blue is: 2x+3y=0 I have attached my work but I'm not sure if it is correct.I'll be greatfull if you can do it in other methods such the table or Let x=0, Let y=0
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    Equivalence proofs concerning matrices and systems of linear equations

    Let $\mathbf A$ be the augmented $m × (n + 1)$ matrix of a system of $m$ linear equations with $n$ unknowns. Let $\mathbf B$ be the $m × n$ matrix obtained from $\mathbf A$ by removing the last column. Let $\mathbf C$ be the matrix in row reduced form obtained from $\mathbf A$ by...
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    Singular Matrix and Linear Dependency

    I am asked to prove this: Matrix is singular<=>columns are linearly dependent<=>determinant is zero<=>matrix is singular I have proved everything except for the first implication, which I can't find anywhere. Can someone prove that if a matrix is singular, its columns are linearly dependent...
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    Linear program

    Hi everyone, Could you help me to model the following constraint in a LP z=1 if x!=y z=0 if x=y knowing that x,y and z are binary decision variables (0/1) we can also express it as: z=x+y case1 z=x-y case2 Thank you in advance
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    OpenOffice macro for solving linear system of equations

    Download OpenOffice macro for solving linear system of equation. Lotto Numbers Generator Based on Statistic and Customized Filters, Statistical Charts Display
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    Linear Functions, and Parallel planes

    The equation for a linear function is z=z0 + m(x-x0)+ n(y-y) I am supposed to write about "What can you say about m and n from the plane you found and the plane given, z = 1 + x + 6y. We were given that plane, and the point (1,1,1). Using my other two equations for a linear function, I...
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    Eigenvalues of piecewise linear systems

    Hi all, I am a theoretical ecology M.Sc student and I'm struggling with the calculation of the eigenvalues of a fairly simple system. I have a difference equations system where the following 3x3 state matrix: line 1:[0, 1-x, 1-x] line 2:[k1, 0, 0] line 3:[0, k2, k3] is valid over x...
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    Solving for a square

    Hi, I've thrown this equation up as part of some research I'm doing. y^2 = 1263465 + 144*x I was hoping there is a quick way to solve this without stepping through all the values. The value I'm interested in is x = 1579, but other x values satisfy for y as well, although I'm not...
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    Linear congruences application?

    Does anyone know what are some of its application? it can be in math or in real life.
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    linear algebra find abc that satisfy infinitely many solutions

    from this question i got up to reduced row echelon form of the linear system that is [1 0 1 a-c; 0 1 1 c; 0 0 0 b-a+c] but from here I can't figure out the way to solve are you meant to get exact numbers to a b c or just specify their ranges help me on this from here I know...