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    Lotka-Volterra with periodic coefficients differential inequality

    I would like to ask which transformation should I use to recive from this Lotka-Volterra inequality x′=x(a−bx−cy)<x(a−bx), this differential form x(t)\leq \frac{x(T)e^{A(t)}}{1+x(T)\int \limits_{T}^{t}e^{A(s)}b(s)ds}, \text{where} A(t)=\int_T^t a(s)ds.
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    Lotka-volterra euler

    Hey guys I am working on oscillation and have been looking at the lotka-volterra equations. I may have misunderstood the question, but this is the equations: y'= Ax-Bxy y'=-Cy+Dxy Can read quick about it here:http://mathworld.wolfram.com/images/equations/Lotka-VolterraEquations/Inline11.gif...
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    Periodicity of Lotka-Volterra model

    Hello, Is there a possibility to disorder the periodicity in some predator-prey model? I'm looking for some example. What is the reason that could cause the disorder? What about the system's behaviour after disordering its periodicity? Thanks...