1. A

    Missing wheel

    Who can solve this?
  2. A

    Charlie's Birthday

    It's a 5th grader's problem. Can you solve it?
  3. A


    Can anyone solve this?
  4. H

    Can anyone solve this and show me how?

    Can someone solve this for me and tell me how to solve it also? pleease C(q)=q^3 =9q^2 + 50q+200 ; q ≥ 0 a) Find the inflection point (there is only one) and determine the intervals where the graph of C is concave up and concave down. b) Calculate the marginal cost at the inflection point. c)...
  5. M

    Calculate a determinant of specific a matrix

    k, l, m, a0, a1, a2 are real numbers and sequence $\{W_n\}_{n=0}^\infty$ is determined in this way: W0 = a0, W1 = a1, W2 = a2, Wn = k*W(n-1) + l*W(n-2) + m*W(n-3) for n > 2. For n > 1, how to calculate: \[ \begin{vmatrix} \begin{pmatrix} W_{n+2} & W_{n+1} &W_{n}\\ W_{n+1}...
  6. Y

    Help , question in a

    I can't understand the last three line in a) ?
  7. N

    Basic math equation help.

    In the equation x = n / f n is 1 kg m^-2 and f is 1 kg m^-1 What is x? This is just confusing my poor brain, any help to understand would be much appreciated. I put what I thought the answer was as x = 1 kg m^2 but I'm told the numerical value is correct but the unit is incorrect...
  8. M


    Hey! For those who are interested in GCSE and iGCSE MATH, Welcome to my new educational channel MATH SCIENCE You can search me in Youtube as Math Science by Daniel Dallas or go to the link below: This...
  9. S

    Looking for someone smarter than me :(

    Hello. So I have this weird task given to me (at least for me, it's not understandable) and as far as I know, all of my classmates were struggling with it too. Could someone please explain how do I do this kind of a task? My example is here...
  10. C

    Learn Math in English

    How can I learn Math by English? I have learned English 1 month ago.
  11. J

    Gradient and it's effect in math and statistics?

    I have a very basic understanding of what a gradient is, but what is it's effect in math and statistics? (I know this question is maybe to broad)
  12. tahirimanov19

    Old Soviet Time Math Literature

    I found web-site about soviet times, where you can download soviet time literature. Here is Link for math books:
  13. Y

    I did all the math... this is Pi. I can see it.

    We set the circle to an Area, but only because we suspect the Area to be an equal Area. Since two shapes relevant have different sized arcs of the same radius, we know after doing the pi math using the new Pi that it's perfect, because it shows us... but we have to look...
  14. J

    Math saves the day!

    Hey everyone! I wanted to share a math experience I had that both saved my family financially AND probably saved the job of a store worker. Here is what happened. My families finances were VERY tight. My mother came to me and asked if I could use my math skills while she was shopping to...
  15. B

    a simple system with an impossible answer...

    first post here... currently an applied math student attending Stonybrook university. The question seems so simple. But I am unable to find an answer. jack can do 3 chemistry problems and 6 math problems an hour. Jill can do 4 chemistry problems and 7 math problems an hour. How long must...
  16. V

    Hello!!! Is this problem transformable into math equation?

    Hello to all, First, thank you for any help you could provide me with. My name is Vedouze and I have tomorrow a university business degree presentation. I am panicking... I am bumping into how to solve the following problem. I feel there must be an equation to get the exact / optimum team...
  17. F

    Help with Math needed? no problem!

    Hello dear friends! I started a Youtube channel a day ago and I am uploading videos daily. I am currently doing a playlist on Logic Abstract algebra. If you guys need help, check out some of my videos. I try to make them as detailed as possible since I myself am a student and find some of the...
  18. M

    Simplify Surds

    Hi I have to simplify this square root fraction: 10/√5 + √20 The answer is 4√5, but I do not get to that answer. Please help.
  19. J

    Math Debate

    Hello, So, me and my older brother are in a math debate. The debate is about an article we saw. The article states that many people are being stumped by simple math problem. The math problem is the following: 6÷2(1+2) My brother did it this way: 6÷2(3) 6÷6 1 I did it this...
  20. M

    For what natural n is the number (5^(2*n+1))*(2^(n+2))+(3^(n+2))+(2^(2*n+1)) divisibl

    For what natural n is the number (5^(2*n+1))*(2^(n+2))+(3^(n+2))+(2^(2*n+1)) divisible by 19? I get that (19*(50^n + 12^n) + (50-19)(50^n +....+19^n). So it means that n can be any natural number? Or I did some mistake there?