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    Broken Area

    There was a problem in the previous Broken Area problem. Here is the rectified one
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    Advice on mathematical and physical sources & dictionaries with th indexes (filters)

    Could you recommend some resources or dictionaries on mathematics and physics with thematic indexing of words, such as the Compendium of Chemistry Terminology (a.k.a. the IUPAC Gold Book)?
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    Mathematics in Cribbage

    Hello, So, I'm not sure which part of the Forum to post this on, so I'm posting it here. I recently did a math experiment involving the card game cribbage. For those of you who don't know, cribbage is a card game where, depending on how you play your cards, and what combination of cards you...
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    Advanced mathematics already exists and admitted to make mistakes

    Hello everyone, Everyone is looking for the perfect math that can solve all the real problems. Mathematics is a strict reasoning or one has no right to the error in this reasoning and time does not exist and many real problem are not calculable to see any sense with a classical mathematics...
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    Ask about some branch of mathematics, if exists, research about a class of problems?

    Does there exists a brach of mathematics, if exists, perhaps in computational mathematics, researches the properties of multiple nesting functions where every nested function is somewhat simple, such as piecewise linear function?
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    Website for the dissemination of Mathematics

    Hi, I am a Mathematics teacher and an author of textbooks. I have a website for the dissemination of Mathematics, Maths Challenges. You can follow it on Facebook and Twitter.
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    Double Integral Mathematics

    Let S=[0,1]×[0,1]⊂R². What is the value of the following double integral? ∬max(x,y)dxdy over S will be equal to what? Option given are: a)1/3 b)2/3 c)4/3 d)5/3 I am unable to determine the function to be integrated. Please help with the solution.
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    mathematics help

    If a function $f$ is inverse of another function $g$, then domain and codomain of $f$ are codomain and domain of $g$ respectively. My book has written that exponential function $a^x$ has codomain $R$, but since logarithmic function is its inverse then why logarithmic function's domain doesn't...
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    Who first introduced the symbol $x^{-1}$ for reciprocal of a number x? Kindly provide some website link to support your answer.
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    mathematics help

    Problem 2.2 Find all functions $f$ : $\mathbb{N}\to \mathbb{N}$ which satisfy (a) $f(2) = 2$; (b) $f(mn) = f(m)f(n)$ for all $m,n$ in $\mathbb{N}$ satisfying the condition $\gcd(m,n) = 1$; (c) $f(m) < f(n)$ whenever $m < n$. This is a question from my book. I attempted it as and The book...
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    Axiomatic set theory ZFC is inconsistent thus mathematics ends in contradiction

    Axiomatic set theory ZFC is inconsistent, thus mathematics ends in contradiction: Axiomatic set theory ZFC was in part developed to rid mathematics of its paradoxes, such as Russell's paradox. The axiom in ZFC developed...
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    A 1 unit by 1 unit triangle is impossible

    If you have none maths you will have been taught about a triangle that has sides equal to 1 unit long, the diagonal of the triangle is equal to root 2. Root 2 never terminates-it does not stop but A 1 unit by 1 unit triangle is impossible- thus maths ends in meaninglessness...
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    Mathematics ends in contradiction - an integer = a non-integer

    Hi. You might find this paper interesting and controversial. It proves 1) Mathematics/science end in contradiction - an integer = a non-integer. When mathematics/science end in contradiction, it is proven in...
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    Where can I find the previous year’s IIT JAM mathematics papers with solutions?

    Hello If you are preparing for IIT JAM Mathematics, you should solve previous year question papers. It will help you to prepare better. The benefit of solving the exam papers are: After solving the previous year papers, you have an idea about paper level. You will know the weightage...
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    This seems impossible. Can mathematics solve it?

    Here's a very simple scenario: There is a 1 person foot race of 10 yards length. Therefore there can be only 1 winner. A bookmaker then takes one bet on the outcome, a \$1 bet & if the bet wins (which it must) the bookmaker payout dividend is 90 cents. These odds are agreed upon by the...
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    Immediate Help Required in discrete mathematics

    Hi Friends, I am new to this forum and my son is awfully struck in some discrete mathematics question. Your help is highly solicited. The questions are posted below: 1. Prove that if H, K are subgroups of a group G and H Ų K = G. Then either H=G or K=G 2. Let G be a group and a, b...
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    Forex trading from engineer with good background in mathematics and neural networks

    Hi all. I am engineer with a good mathematical and neural networks background: In Mathematics I know very well all the aspects of Mathematical Analysis (including Lebesgue Measure and Integration), Numerical Analysis (including numerical methods of Differential Equations), Linear and non...
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    Relative Mathematics

    In every R there exists an integer zero element ( -0 ) ( -0 ) =/= 0 |0| = |(-0)| ( -0 ) : possesses the additive identity property ( -0 ) : does not possess the multiplication property of 0 ( -0 ) : possesses the multiplicative identity property of 1 The zero elements ( 0 ) and ( -0 ) in...
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    A New Relative Mathematics

    Relative Mathematics In every R there exists an integer zero element ( -0 ) ( -0 ) = 0 ( -0 ) : possesses the additive identity property ( -0 ) : does not possess the multiplication property of 0 ( -0 ) : possesses the multiplicative identity property of 1 The zero elements...
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    Question about Game Theory Mathematics

    Hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this so I'll ask for guidance here. I'm looking to design a fairly simple board game. Although I suppose it's not really all that simple. It's a cooperation game where all the players work cooperatively to beat the game's evil forces. The game I...