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    Calculate a determinant of specific a matrix

    k, l, m, a0, a1, a2 are real numbers and sequence $\{W_n\}_{n=0}^\infty$ is determined in this way: W0 = a0, W1 = a1, W2 = a2, Wn = k*W(n-1) + l*W(n-2) + m*W(n-3) for n > 2. For n > 1, how to calculate: \[ \begin{vmatrix} \begin{pmatrix} W_{n+2} & W_{n+1} &W_{n}\\ W_{n+1}...
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    I am stuck with how to get the third simultaneous equation in Problem 3 (b)
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    Minors order 2 in a square matrix

    How many minors of order 2 can I extract from a generic square matrix?
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    Please Help

    Hi All, What's delta R and how to get it?
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    Transition matrix problem

    I have the following problem that asks me what is the transition matrix from B to B'.In the second image you can view the answer but I don't understand how that answer appeared. Can someone explain me the steps to solve this problem? I am also confused because the answer is a 3x3 matrix and...
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    A function out of the matrix?

    Hi everyone. I have a table of relations between various foods (each with each). Maybe that could be defined as a matrix. Here is a small 4 x 4 example: Rice Soup Ice cream Salad Rice 0 1 2 1 Soup 1 0 2 2 Ice cream 2 2 0 2 Salad 1 2 2 0 (The higher the...
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    determinant of symmetric matrix of size (n+1)(n+1)

    Let for j = 0,. . . n aj = a0 + jd, where a0, d are fixed real numbers. Calculate the determinant of the matrix A of size (n + 1) × (n + 1)
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    Calculate the determinant of the matrix

    Let for j = 0,. . ., n aj = a0 + jd, where a0 and d are fixed real numbers. Calculate the determinant of the matrix A of size (n + 1) × (n + 1). Matrix A is below

    Rotation matrix

    is rotation about OX by A° followed by rotation about OY by B° followed by rotation about OZ by C° equivalent to rotation about OX by A° followed by rotation about OY' by B° followed by rotation about OZ'' by C° ?
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    Finding square root of matrix without eigenvector

    A is a 2x2 matrix. (0 -2) (2 0) Find the square root of this matrix. I managed to find one of the square root, because I know A is a 90-degree anti-clockwise rotation stretched by a factor of 2. So I just have to "half" that operation and I get (1 -1) (1 1) However, there...
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    Mathematical notation of matrix

    Hi, I would like to know how is the mathematical notation to describe the selection of a part of a Matrix, eg. in Matlab B=A(1:3,1:2) I appreciate your help
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    Matrix operations for RBF solver

    Hi All! This is my first post, I hope it is the right session. I will be describing the goal first, then the mathematical step of the current implementation I was given and then ask my question. GOAL: I got from someone the python code for an RBF solver. The solver stores 9...
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    Transformation matrix of permutation

    I need help with the following: Let \sigma \in S_n be a permutation of numbers 1, \dots, n and f:K^n \rightarrow K^n, \begin{pmatrix} x^1 \\ \vdots \\ x^n \end{pmatrix} \mapsto \begin{pmatrix} x^{\sigma(1)} \\ \vdots \\ x^{\sigma(n)} \end{pmatrix} a linear mapping. (i) Calculate the linear...
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    Can somebody see whether my intuition re diagonalizability is correct?

    Hi guys, can anybody see whether my intuition is correct? True or False? Let A and B be matrices of n x n. 1. If A and B are diagonalizable and they have the same characteristic polynomial, then A and B are similar. 2. If A and B are row equivalent and A is diagonalizable, then B is...
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    Hi all, can someone please tell me how they got this equation from this matrix. I seem to get two products with X2 instead of one. Please see attachment. Thank you!
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    Solving this Matrix quickly in an Exam

    Hi all, Does anyone know the best way to answer this maths question quickly? Get from the determinant 1 to the quadratic equation 2. Preferably on a casio calculator, Please see the attachments. Thank you!
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    Finding Convexivity or Convavity With 3X3 matrix

    Question: Can u help me pls? :)
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    Matrix Problem

    A is 2 x 3 B is x x 4 C is y x z Find the values of x,y, and z such that: i)The matrix operation ABC is a square matrix. ii)The operation AB + C is possible.
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    Matrix in relation to solution subspace

    Hi guys, I am having serious trouble analysing the following question: I have been thinking about it for an hour, but I am not progressing… Can anybody help out? Let A be a matrix over R of order 4x4, with rank 2. Suppose that the vectors u=(2,1,2,0) v=(1,-1,2,4) w=(1,0,2,-1) are...
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    Proving a matrix invertible

    given that AB^2 - A is invertible (A,B square matrices of the same size) prove BA - A is invertible been thinking about it for hours. could anybody please help?