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    What does this function mathematically do?

    On the website: There is the following explanation: wherein classes are automatically weighted inversely proportional to how frequently they appear in the data. Specifically $w_j =...
  2. A

    Understanding the rigorous meaning of fluid.

    I'm taking my first course on Fluid Mechanics. My book (my books means the book which I'm reading not the one I have written:) ) says that the definitions of fluids like Fluid is something that flows or Anything apart form solid is a fluid are somewhat vague and therefore the rigorous...
  3. G

    What is the meaning of " it takes thrice.......current"?

    A boat goes 6 kmph in still water, it takes thrice as much time in going the same distance against the current comparison to the direction of the current. Find the speed of the current. A) Speed of boat in still water = 6 kmph Speed of stream = X What is the meaning of " it takes thrice as...
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    mathematical#not sure what the meaning of the third question,anyone can give a hand?

    Andrew works in the railway industry as an engineer for a wage rate equal to Wt. He consumes part of his wealth and invests the rest in the financial market for a constant gross return equal to R > 1. Consumption is denoted by Ct and total investment by It. In every period t, Andrew places a...
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    What is the meaning of : A is helped by B & C every 3 rd day?

    A can do a job in 20 days, B in 30 days and C in 60 days. If A is helped by B & C every 3rd day, how long will it take for them to complete the job? What is the meaning of: A is helped by B & C every 3rd day?
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    Row reduced echelon form and its meaning

    Hey. I have the following question to solve: * Given a matrix A that is size m x n and m>n. Let R be the RREF that we get by Gaussian elimination of A. Prove that the system equation Ax=0 has only one solution iff in every column of R there is a leading element. I have some answer...
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    Transformation of Equations - What is the deeper thing?

    Hi, If you have an ordinary differential equation (or equations), you can transform them under some conditions (integral, linear operator, ...) to algebraic equations. If you have a partial differential equation you may transform it to an ODE. This can be shown "easily" by doing Fourier...
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    What is the meaning of "Centrisigmal measure"?

    Centrisigmal measure Here are the details of the measures: Full revolution = $900^0$ Right angle = $100^0$ 1g = 100’ 10’ = 100’’ What is the correct spelling of "Centrisigmal measure"?
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    what is the meaning of this sentence?

    x contains mixture of wine and water in A:B and y contains of wine and water C : D. How many liters of the former must be mixed with Z liters of the latter so that resultant mixture contains equal quantities of wine and water? My doubt is: what is the meaning of this sentence: "How many...
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    What is the meaning of 'question drama'?

    In a certain code language, reserve formation user damage - goitamro9 svrese7 ves4 ggama6 custom stake force program - tkat5 dotsu6 qargor7 gcro5 policy and click mask - dcil5 bn3 qcilo6 nsa4 double logical basic end - fn3 macigo7 elbuo6 cica5 What is the meaning of 'question...
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    What is the meaning of "every choice we pick"?

    In how many ways, can you distribute 3 pencils to 8 people? In this case the order we pick people don’t matter. If I give a pencil first to A, then to B and then to C, it’s same as giving it to C first, followed by A and B. So, if we have 3 pencils to distribute, there are 3! or 6...
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    Numerical Levels & Meaning

    Finite Relatives, Reality (Relative Meaningfulness) Infinite Boundlessness, Hyperness (Same Thingness) gamma/zeta Infinity level 1 starts at end of finite relatives All infinite boundlessness is all more and moreness of infinityness Super Numbers, Opposite Potential (Definition Of...
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    Meaning of a symbol?

    What is the meaning of the following symbol: ≍ I searched some information around the net, but it did not help me.... Every opinion will be highly appreciated....
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    Infinite limit meaning?

    What does the phrase "infinite limit" mean? How do I recognize this limit?
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    What is the basic concept (intuitive meaning) of a limit?

    What is the basic concept of a limit?
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    meaning of some maths

    hi, can anyone tell me what P({m}) means in this context : probabilistic number theory - I'm asking here because I'm getting no reply to my last post on
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    How can you remember the meaning of variable symbols in mathematics texts?

    When reading mathematics texts, I often need to record the meanings of symbols representing variables on a "cheat sheet" and constantly refer to the sheet. Is there any way to know the meanings of variables without doing this? For example, I make "cheat sheets" like this: N: Set of...
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    Meaning of the integral of f' in relation to f

    So I have my AP Calc exam this Tuesday, and have been cruising through studying for a bit, but I am stumped by this problem: Let f be a function defined on the interval −3≤x≤3 and let f(−3)=4. The graph of f′, the derivative of f, consists of two line segments and a semi-circle, as...
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    factorial meaning

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is a good Critical thinking question but here goes What is the mathematical meaning of factorial? (besides its mathematical definition, n! = nx(n-1)x(n-2)....x2x1) Thanks,
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    meaning of growth angle

    Hi, I've been looking into Fibonacci numbers in relation to pinecones. Here's a photo I took and edited in Paint Shop Pro ...