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    Gödel’s 1st theorem is meaningless

    Gödel’s 1st theorem is meaningless Gödel’s 1st theorem a) “Any effectively generated theory capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete. In particular, for any consistent...
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    The Real Numbers are Countable is Meaningless.

    1) An irrational number doesn't exist as a binary (decimal) number, only as a limit of binary (decimal) numbers. For Example, lim 1/n =0 but for no n is 1/n=0. 2) The only way to specify an irrational number is with a sequence, all members of which are in a list of binary numbers and...
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    Is this expression meaningful or meaningless?

    ABS(a)(b·c? I have checked the answer, it's meaningless. But in my opinion the absolute value of a is a scalar while the dot product of b and c is a scalar. So shouldn't the product of two scalars is a scalar? What's the matter with my method? Thank you.
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    What is considered a useless or meaningless fraction?

    I have been given the task of making an online fraction calculator using VBscript. I would like to add in an element of functionality to reduce the size of fractions in order to make them more meaningful. I was wondering if any experienced people who deal with mathematical equations could...
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    Maths dont know what a number is-maths ends in meaningless

    Mathematicians dont know what a number is-thus maths ends in meaninglessness all maths can say is a number is a number-thus the notion of a number is meaningless- as we dont know what a number is ... tradiction Mathematicians cannot define a number with...
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    "The present king of France is bald"..False or Meaningless?

    France is presently a republic, and has no king. That is, 'There is no present king of France' is true. If 'a present king of France' or 'the present king of France' is meaningless, then, we cannot say "There is no present king of France, is true". D1. G(the x: Fx) =df Ey(Ax(x=y <-> Fx) & Gy)...