1. idontknow

    Equation, method

    Is it true ? Given equation f(x)=x with solution x_0=x. Then \dfrac{d}{dt}[f(tx)]=\dfrac{d}{dt}[tx] has at least one solution x=x_0.
  2. E

    Logarithmic algebra, why doesn't this method work?

    Problem is as follows: Solve the equation 2^2x=5 The book tells me to solve it by changing both sides to an exponentiation with the base 10. Logically, I tried to the following (Method 1): (10^2)^2x=10^5 10^4x=10^5 \log10^4x=\log10^5 4x=5 x=5/4 However, somehow, that isn't correct. The actual...
  3. idontknow

    Need to check the method (DE)

    Equation : y’’=y. Add both sides +y’ then substitution as y’+y=t. t’=t. Is this way correct?
  4. S

    Mathematician needed for proof of method

    I have developed over 14 yrs of study a method to do what was once thought impossible. I only ask that the person or persons I choose to co-author and eventually publish. A contract of confidentiality will have to be agreed upon. The complete method would also be taught and executed...
  5. E

    Finding volume of solid formation using disck method

    find the volume of the solid figure generated by rotating the area of the region bounded y=1/x the x axis x=1 and x=3 about y_axis How to solve this question using ring methode? I've added my way of solving the question but I am not sure if its true if it's not can you please say where I did...
  6. Z

    Sir anyone who can fill this blank with complete method for me?

    3/5 of a decade = ________________ days
  7. Chemist116

    What method can be used to work with embedded functions as shown in this problem?

    The problem states the following: $\textrm{Given:}$ $$\phi\left( 2x+1\right)=6x-10$$ $$\phi\left(f\left(x\right)-3\right)=3x-4$$ $\textrm{Find:}$ $f\left(-\frac{1}{6}\right)$ The problem lies in the fact that the function $f\left(x\right)$ is embedded into $\phi$ (nested) and...
  8. G

    Why first method answer didn't match second method?

    On a circular track of length 100m. A and B start running clockwise from the same point with speeds of 5m/sec and 7m/sec respectively. After how much time will they meet for the first time while running? First method: Track = 100m → SA/SB = 5/7 A does 5 rounds B does 7 rounds Difference...
  9. Chemist116

    Is the method to solve this single variable equation used correctly?

    The problem is as follows: A king decides to split an award between his three best archers after organizing an accuracy contest in his court. The first one gets $\frac{2}{5}$ parts of the total minus $\frac{1}{5}$ of a pound, the second gets $\frac{2}{5}$ of the rest minus $\frac{1}{5}$ of a...
  10. Chikis

    matrix method for simultaneous equations

    I have used matrix method of solving simultaneous equation on these x + y + z = 5 2x - y + 3z = 16 3x + 2y - z = 3. All the results I get when substituted into the original equation does not tarry with what is on ground, until I used the old traditional method and got x = -9, y = 2, z = 12...
  11. K

    Beam Deflection Macaulay’s Method

    Please could someone show me how to do the following questions using Macaulays Method?
  12. L

    Newton's method vs. limit definition

    Can Newton's method be effective in defining limits with an epsilon-delta form? Or, is it relatively intractable for intricate, yet linear curves upon approaching the infinitesimal level -- more than the traditional definition?
  13. S

    Is there a method to solve these types of questions?

    With questions such as: Find all values of n such that both expressions are integers n and n+16/n+1 2n and 7/n etc... Is there a method in which this can be solved without trial and error? Thanks
  14. C

    good/bad of simplex method and big M method

    hi. may i know which method is the best method for solving common linear programming problem? and i want to know the reason for simplex algortihm/big M method why u'd choose it as the best one. u may put more than one reason. thanks
  15. Chemist116

    Is there a quick method to find the right weight in this problem other than guessing?

    This is a problem I often see in exams, it involves calculating the least number of weighing operations needed to get the weight asked. It states this: Allison has a bag of rice which weighs more than 17 ounces and she has a two pan balance and 4 different weights being 3 oz, 4 oz, 7 oz...
  16. B

    Multidimensional secand method

    How extend Secant method to multi-dim? Similar is Broyden's method but need derivatives at first step.
  17. Chemist116

    Is there a better method for solving this problem of projectile motion?

    The problem states the following: A soccer player $\textrm{20.0 m}$ from the goal stands ready to score. In the way stands a goalkeeper, $\textrm{1.70 m}$ tall and $\textrm{5.0 m}$ out from the goal, whose crossbar is at $\textrm{2.44 m}$ high. The stricker kicks the ball toward the goal at...
  18. N

    (HELP!) Gauss-Jordan Method Word Problem

    Don't even know where to start with this one - I think I have to take the given information and create a system, but I don't even understand how with the way it is worded. I'm supposed to be using the Gauss-Jordan Method. Here's all of the information. Question: You are charged with the...
  19. M

    Can you solve this question? Please include method

    Can someone solve this question? A fish merchant bought a container of fish for $36000. He sold 1/2 of the fish at a profit of 20% and 1/6 of the fish at a loss of 10%. At what price must he sell the remaining fish in order to make a profit of 15% on the whole?
  20. A

    Graphical method versus Transition State

    Hi there; Currently I am working in finding the mechanism and reaction order for CO Oxidation reaction on metal alloy surface. I used the graphical method to find the reaction order and with that value, I predict the possible mechanism. Since I have the reaction order value from the...