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    Conducting Orchestras. Art of Conducting Orchestras - Masterpiece. Can there be more than one Conductor conducting Orchestra? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    any one having music system

    hello any one having music system for computer
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    Music theory, is there something like Laplace equation harmonic function?

    Hello everyone, the Laplace equation harmonic function makes a harmonic series. I was wandering if there's something similar for a divergent series? I would Google it but I don't know if it exists, or if it does, its name. Also I may just be seeing things but I didn't see a Maths Music...
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    Music is finite!

    Mindblowing video about the possibilities in music: For our limited intellect, memory and lifetimes the number of possibilities is too large to exhaust, so it's indistinguishable from infinity but... ...I guess future cyborg humans the only way...
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    Can speech be turned into music notes?

    A B C D E F G Sharp, flat, neutral Beat 8 4 1 half quarter eighth ... Vocal chords Three different hertz variances Vowels can be extended for ever
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    Academic Guidance Music in Math. Is it really beneficial?

    Hello I'm a future math teacher and I was wondering if the use of songs in teaching math will help the students to learn the concepts better? Will they really have a grasp on the concepts or is it just pure memorization?
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    Beautiful music is supported by beautiful mathematics

    “Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.” -Leibniz I am myself a musician and been stunned by the interconnectedness between music and mathematics (or science of patterns). I present here some interesting facts of the deep...
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    Let's talk music.

    So what was the last thing you guys downloaded?? video related I recently found madeon :D Currently digging this song too ... re=related Btw tell me if this board isn't like an off-topic board… I...
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    anybody a classical music fan? or a musician?

    Who among you guys is a classical music addict? (by classical I mean baroque and romantic periods as well) I listen to it everyday, especially Bach and Mozart, but my favorite is beethoven (nothing so full of energy like the first movement of the 3rd synphony - Eroica - was ever written!!). I...
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    Music and mathematics

    Hi! I just just about to sleep and this question came to my head: how many rock/punk/in-general musicians of any band do you know that has had any mathematical background? I once heard Slipknot drummer, Joy Jordison has it, and I know that the best skateboarder ever, Rodney Mullen, has it since...
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    algebraic structures in music theory?

    Hi, I've been thinking about music theory and I've noticed that there are a lot of "isometric/isomorphic?" (cannot properly call it that without enough information, but it is at least something similar) structures in different concepts. is there literature out there connecting algebra and music...
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    Proportion in music...

    Hi there! This right here is something, I posted in the Ableton forum ( Ableton is the company, manufacturing the music-software Live...) ... I was wondering weather you guys could maybe tell me something about it? I find the idea...
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    Physics of music

    Does anybody here studies physics behind music? I've always wanted to learn this topic.
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    Math and Music

    Hey, I have been doing a little work on finding mathematical structures that represent musical structures. I have started a lot of promising things using groups and group transformations. If you have any ideas on some things I could look into that would be great. Also, if you would like to see...