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    neat prime observation

    start with an even number E. between 1 and 2*E there will be a number such that both it and it+E are prime. after this, there will be a number such that, the low number from the previous pair + the high number from the previous pair, between that range, there will be another number such that it...
  2. M

    On Step Functions - neat typeups of ideas

    Hello all, For a few weeks I've been working on this neat copy of my own attempt to prove some things about step functions. The image links below take you to snapshots of what is around two pages worth of lemmas and one small theorem at the end. I've included the links in order from top to...
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    Kinda trivial, but kinda neat!

    While gazing at and admiring the j-prime [1,2,2,3,5], I noticed that it was a very near miss to the fibonacci sequence 1,1,2,3,5 and that the sum of the first 4 members are the next fibonacci number 8 and the sum of all five is 13, the next one yet. This led me to conjecture that the sum of the...