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    Using the spectrum to calculate edges and triangles

    So I found out that $\sigma(K_6)=\{[-1]^5,[5]\}.$ However how would I use this to calculate the number of edges and triangles in K6?
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    What's the best way Mathematically to find the lowest amount of roads in km needed to connect all places? Refer to the diagram. I got 60+53+196+227+180+243+222+224= 1405km
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    Chain code and neural networks

    I'm reading Tariq Rashid's book "Make Your Own Neural Network". It is a brilliant introduction to NNs (rare to see a technical book so engaging to all ranges of abilities)...but I think there is a typo which is not in the online errata for the book. See the attached image. I don't think...
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    Cells Geometrical shapes design in Wireless Cellular Networks.

    Reference : Other than Square & Hexagon, any other polygon or any other Geometrical shapes can be considered for Cell Geometrical design & construction? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    Forex trading from engineer with good background in mathematics and neural networks

    Hi all. I am engineer with a good mathematical and neural networks background: In Mathematics I know very well all the aspects of Mathematical Analysis (including Lebesgue Measure and Integration), Numerical Analysis (including numerical methods of Differential Equations), Linear and non...
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    Transmission losses in electricity distribution networks

    Need some help with an electricity query... The formula for power losses in a wire is P_L = I^2 R where I is the current passing through the wire and R is the resistance. If the power transmitted along the cable is P and the voltage level is V, then the losses can be written as P_L =...
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    Topology and networks

    Hello, I wonder whether you could help me with this very basic question How can we describe the difference between a network space and a topological space using set theory, open sets, on the one hand, and differential topology and geometry on the other? Thank you so Much! Koko
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    Bayesian Networks

    consider the following Bayesian network with boolean variables [attachment=1:3cjso9xo]bayez1.PNG[/attachment:3cjso9xo] question is [attachment=0:3cjso9xo]q.PNG[/attachment:3cjso9xo] the answer is as follows [attachment=2:3cjso9xo]beyz2.PNG[/attachment:3cjso9xo] but I have never seen...
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    Bayesian Networks

    Please I just got here.I am finding problems with conditional probability....i hope i find help here with understanding the whole theory
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    Neural networks - backpropagation

    Hi, I am trying to learn neural networks and I am reading a book called: Machine Learning: An Algorithmic Perspective. This book can be found from google books. Hopefully this link works: ( I am not able to follow what happens in formula 3.48...
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    Bayesian Networks: Probability exercise help needed.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum and after pulling my hair for a few hours I hope to find some help here for an exercise I have to hand in on Monday for an Uncertainty class. The problem should be solvable by applying the definition of conditional probabilities and using...
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    Neural networks

    Hello, I'd like to learn more about the math behind neural networks I am a neophyte as far as maths go. I am not a student I can study whatever I want. I don't have much much education past calculus II . Taughts? Recommendations? What is the best way to reach my goals?
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    Academic Guidance Studying complexity and networks...?

    I want to study complexity and emergence, but I am not sure what degree I should get. I am a second year college biology student, but I feel like biology lacks the math needed to understand a lot of these concepts. I am now veering towards a math degree, but I have not taken enough math to know...
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    Question about queuing networks. Please help me.

    Hello to everyone. First of all, sorry for my English. I have a question concerning Queuing Theory and in particular Queueing Networks. I need to evaluate the steady-state behavior of queueing networks featuring finite buffers between nodes and "blocking after service" policy (such networks...
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    graph theory - social networks and reverting the graph

    Hello, I'd like to implement algorithm of Newman-Girvan but I've got some difficulties. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary of my problem: As far as I know, Newman-Girvan algorithm requires changing graph with nodes and...